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: Filipino

Academic qualification
License no

: Civil Engineer
: 0084827


: Planner / Quantity Surveyor / Cost Engineer

Total no. of yrs. experience


: 14 years
: Sinilian Third Camiling, Tarlac


: April 11, 1975

Email Address
Mobile no.
Saudi Aramco ID
Saudi Council Engineer #


Educational Background
College (Short Courses)

: Auto Cad
Delamar Institute of Technology
Tarlac City
(1998-1999) - Graduated


0563604806 / 09082876724

: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Tarlac State University
Tarlac City
(1992-1998) Graduated

High School

: Camiling School for Home Industries

Camiling, Tarlac
(1988-1992) - Graduated


Sinilian Second Elementary School

Camiling, Tarlac
(1982-1988) - Graduated

Work Experiences :
June 2, 2012 Up to Present : Rajeh H. Al Marri & Sons Co.
PO Box 76934, Al Khobar 31952 K.S.A.
Position : Planner / Cost Engineer Project Control
Oil & Gas Company (Saudi Aramco Contractor)
Aug 2002 July 2011

: Al-Derbas Roads and Maintenance Co. Ltd.

P.O.Box 1419, Al-Khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia
Position : Quantity Surveyor / Site Engineer
Projects Undertaken:


Main & Secondary Roads in Eastern Province

(Ministry of Transport)
1. Security Building Interchange
2. Abu Baker Interchange (U-Turns)
3. Omar Bin Khatab Interchange (Underpass)
4. Prince Naif Interchange (Overpass)
5. Othman Bin Affan (Overpass)
Project Cost: 192,693,523.00 Saudi Riyals

17.50 Km Construction of Riyadh Dammam Highway

with Interchanges (including 5 bridges)
(Ministry of Transport)
Project Cost: 172,644,500.00 Saudi Riyals

96.5 Km. Rafiah-Sedawi Road

(Ministry of Transport)
Project Cost: 32,000,000.00 Saudi Riyals.

24 Km Al Noqiar Al Noqiarah Project

(Ministry of Transport)
Project Cost: 3,000,000.00 Saudi Riyals

Sect. 4 80 Km. Nairiyah-Sedawi Road

(Ministry of Transport)
Project Cost: 32,000,000.00 Saudi Riyals.

: E.M. Aragon Enterprises/AMO-JPM J.V.

SBMA, Olongapo City, Philippines
Position : Site Engineer / Quantity Surveyor
Projects Undertaken:
- Construction of North Luzon Expressway
(4 Main bridges, Bailey Bridge and 3 Utility bridges )
Project Cost: 8,000,000.00 pesos

1999 2000

: J.T.O. Construction
SBMA, Olongapo City, Philippines
Position : Site Engineer / Quantity Surveyor
Projects Undertaken:
- Construction of Appari (Electronics) Building
Project Cost: 4,000,000.00 pesos

Detailed Job Description

RHM Company:

Preparing Project Progress Measurement, S-Curve,

Cash-flow of the project.
Site progress tracking for Weekly Progress Reports to be
presented in ARAMCO meeting.
Taking actual reports from different discipline (Civil,
Communication, Mechanical and E & I)
Verifying Budgeted Amount / Budgeted Quantity of all
materials, manpower and equipment.
Prepare Cost Comparison Estimate for existing Projects
based on Schedule C / CRPO price and Subcontract price.
Review Monthly Timesheet Total Man-hours of each
project for the Monthly Earn Value Analysis.
Approval of all Advac Request (Manpower, Equipment,
Material & Subcontract). And support Procurement
Department for any cost.

Al Derbas Company:

Perform cost estimation for the project bill of quantity

and monthly invoice.
- Designing plan and profiles (Horizontal alignment and
Vertical curve datas), for road construction projects in
various land development projects that includes
preparation for all survey data's. Preparation of survey
sheet levels from embankment, subgrade, base course,
bituminous base course and bituminous wearing course.
- Quantity computations of earthworks cut & fill using
special programs EW (Earthworks) and EW XP (latest
program for Earthworks). Designing codes, templates,
side slopes, super elevations, vertical curves and up to 10
variables needed for cross sections.
- Estimates and prepare bar bending schedules for the
structural projects. Prepare designed elevations from
foundations to deck slabs of bridges and for details @
abutments and piers
- Site preparation and checking proper construction works.
As per plan and specification required for specified
- Prepare and design of electrical pipe crossings, drawpits,
cable turning drawpits, high mast foundations, pipe
culverts, collecting tanks.
- Design of highway road signage such as single pipe post,
double and triple IPE post foundations and IPE size

Computer Skills

: -

as per M.O.T. standards.

Taking actual finished grade elevation of asphalt (Bit.
Wearing Course) using a special machine (I.R.I.)
Downloading and uploading data's from survey
instrument (sokia) to computer. With special microsoft
excel programs, derived formulas.
Prepare data's for drainage such as cross section of
manholes, catch basin, reinforced concrete pipes.

Primavera P6 v 8.3
Advac System
EW XP and EW (Earthworks)
Auto Cad 2007
(Special LISP program for Designing Roads)
Microsoft Excel
(special program for Horizontal & Vertical Curve Datas)
Microsoft Word
International Roughness Index (I.R.I.)
Sokia & Leica (surveying instrument)