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4 March 2011
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Expanded Work Breakdown Structure
Weight Classification Guidance
Revision Letter
Prepared by
Government - Industry Workshop
Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
All SAWE technical reports, including standards applied and practices recommended, are advisory only.
Their use by anyone engaged in industry or trade is entirely voluntary. There is no agreement to adhere to
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technical report. In formulating and approving technical reports, the SAWE will not investigate or consider
patents that apply to the subject matter. Prospective users of the report are responsible for protecting
themselves against liability for infringement of patents. Notwithstanding the above, if this recommended
practice is incorporated into a contract, it shall be binding to the extent specified in the contract.
is incorporated into a contract, it shall be binding to the extent specified in the contract.


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

Change Record

Issue No.



Entered by


1 4/20/2010

Original Draft



2 3/4/2010

Second Draft




SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

Table of Contents

1 Scope


2 Purpose


3 Associated Documents


4 Definitions, Abbreviations, Acronyms


5 Weight Classification Guidance


5.1 Integrated Power System (IPS)


5.2 Dual Band Radar (DBR)


5.3 Electronic Module Enclosures (EME), Rafts, and Skids


5.3.1 EME


5.3.2 Rafts


5.3.3 Skids


5.4 Fiber Optics


5.5 Total Ship Computing Environmental Infrastructure (TSCEI)


6 Three Digit Weight Classification System














6.7 700 ARMAMENT




A. Appendix Group 100 Drawings


B. Appendix Group 200 Drawings


C. Appendix Group 300 Drawings


D. Appendix Group 400 Drawings


E. Appendix Group 500 Drawings





SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

1 Scope

This recommended practice provides clarification and guidance for implementing the Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS) weight classification system. This guidance provides a common weight system that transcends all ship classes. The recommended practice will provide a static classification system based on the original 1985 ESWBS document and the current dynamic database. This document does not replace ESWBS for historical weight keeping. The purpose of this document is to incorporate weight classification changes due to changing technology, construction practices, and other issues as they arise.

2 Purpose

There is a need for guidance on the use of the current weight classification processes and practice. Currently there resides a different weight classification system for different ship classes based off of the 1985 ESWBS document. The current database for weight classification is available only online and does not contain detailed descriptions for weight classification. Additionally, certain new technologies do not have a home in the current weight classification system. The purpose of this document is to provide clarification for using the ESWBS weight classification system in a static form that includes details.

To correctly catalog new technologies additional weight classification is need in order to ensure commonality between ship classes. Some technology can be classified under the current structure, requiring only additional definitions to be added to the current system. Additional groups are necessary to accommodate other technologies. To accommodate new technologies, this guidance has re-titled groups, created groups, and added detailed definitions to groups. As new technology becomes available additional guidance will be included to ensure commonality in weight classification.

3 Associated Documents

This optional section should show complementary or other associated documents used with this RP. This is not a bibliography of citations used within this document; that is found at the end of the document.

This recommended practice shall be used in conjunction with the following publications. When the following specifications are superseded by an approved revision, the revision shall apply.


Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure (ESWBS 1985)


NAVSEALOGCEN Electronic ESWBS Database.




Marine Vehicle Weight Engineering


Society of Allied Weight Engineers ESWBS Workshop October 2010.


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

4 Definitions, Abbreviations, Acronyms

Table 1






Dual Band Radar


Continuous structure that extends fore and aft from shell to






Electronic Module Enclosures



Expanded Ship Work Breakdown Structure



Integrated Propulsion System



Intermediate deck that extends one or less stations



Intermediate deck that extends multiple stations but does not extend the length and breadth of the ship




common foundation that primarily houses equipment for a

single function and/or system




common foundation that houses equipment for multiple

functions and/or systems


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

5 Weight Classification Guidance

This weight classification guidance is to be used for applying weight group classification to weight line items in a ship weight database. The following section gives specific

guidance on classifying different weight items and systems. All weight items not specifically described are to be placed in the three digit weight group as dictated by their

function or system they sustain.

cards. Section 5 provides guidance on select systems for clarification purposes.

The 1 st and 2 nd digit levels are typically reserved for title

5.1 Integrated Power System (IPS)

The IPS employs the same power generation for both propulsion and ship power. IPS is a methodology change from previous ships that have separate systems for propulsion power and ship service power. Most of the IPS consists of existing technology and parts. IPS components will be placed in groups based on their function. Historical databases may need to be adjusted when comparing a non-IPS ship with an IPS ship. The most notable change will be weight moving from group 2 to group 3 as some of the propulsion systems will now be combined propulsion and ship service power generation systems. Dedicated propulsion generators will remain in group 235 as they remain a dedicated system.

5.2 Dual Band Radar (DBR)

DBR uses one array for two different radar search modes. DBR is considered a multi- function radar and is included in group 456 Multi-Function Radar Systems.

5.3 Electronic Module Enclosures (EME), Rafts, and Skids

5.3.1 EME

Electronic Module Enclosures (EMEs) are designed to be installed as a unit with self contained environmental and power considerations. EMEs are designed to serve one functional group. EME and all of its internal equipment shall be placed in the group that best describes its intended function. The EME Foundation belongs in group 188 Common Foundations.

5.3.2 Rafts

Rafts are defined as a common foundation that is houses equipment that serves a single designated function. The weight of the Raft shall be placed with the group to which its function is best aligned. If a Raft houses more than one function but one single function remains primary, the weight of the raft will be placed with the group to which its primary function is best aligned. If a raft serves as a foundation for multiple groups with no single primary function the weight of the raft and its foundation belong in group 188 Common Foundations. The foundation for a raft belongs in group 188 Common foundations.

5.3.3 Skids

Skids are defined as a common foundation which is used to mount multiple pieces of equipment for multiple functions or systems. Skids are used for ease of production and equipment mounting requirements. The equipment mounted on the skids may have individual foundation and dampers that are not part of the weight of the skid. Individual equipment foundations mounted on the skid shall be placed in the group appropriate to


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

the equipment. The weight of the skid and skid foundation belong in group 188 Common Foundations.

5.4 Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is broken down into two separate weight classifications. The fiber optic cable is treated as cable based on its function. For example; fiber optics cable used for lighting will be in group 331 Lighting Distribution. The second weight classification is Fiber Optic Cable Plants which includes fiber optic interconnection boxes, trunk cables and their associated connectors and splices. Fiber Optic Cable Plants belong in group 416 Fiber Optic Cable Plants.

5.5 Total Ship Computing Environmental Infrastructure (TSCEI)

TSCEI is a computer infrastructure that contains different systems on the ship. There is no specific weight group for TSCEI equipment. The equipment for TSCEI belongs in the group of the system to which they are associated.


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include

6 Three Digit Weight Classification System

The ESWBS Classification system is designed to be used to the 5 digit level. This document only displays the first three digits. At the three digit

level this document gives some guidance on what to include and not include. This is not a comprehensive list of items.

things at the 1 and 2 digit level followed by zeros. These groups are not weight holding groups and are used as title cards.

This document includes




General Arrangement - Structural Drawings


Shell Plating, Surface Ship & Submarine Pressure Hull

Access plates, Bottom and side to strength or flight deck, bulwarks that are continuation of shell, butt straps coamings conning tower (submarine), doubler, insert, chafing, face plates, elliptical and hemispherical heads, flat keel, hard patches, hull closure plate, insert, liners, metal or wood belting, molding, overboard discharge collars, patches, plates, plating, shell, pressure hull penetrations, pressure plate fenders, protective wood planking fixed to shell, riveting and backing strips, shell plating, sonar sphere (submarine) split pipe fenders, stiffening, submarine pressure hull, transom

Appendages (114), Ballistic Plating (164) Casting or Weldments (161) Deck house sides flush with shell (150), hatches(167), sponsons(166) sonar dome(165 strut, 460 non-struct), submarine non- pressure hull(112)


Shell Plating, Submarine Non-Pressure Hull

Shell submarine non-pressure hull

Structure within ballast tanks(118-0), superstructure (150-1) bow sonar dome(165-1), Zincs(633-1


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


113 Inner Bottom

114 Shell Appendages

115 Stanchions

116 Longitudinal Framing, Surface Ship & Submarine Pressure Hull

117 Transverse Framing, Surface Ship & Submarine Pressure Hull


Beam knees, beams, brackets and clips to shell, built-in wells, butt and seam straps, doubler plates, inner bottom framing not covered in 116, inserts, intercostal stiffening, margin plates, plating inner bottom, stringers, sub tanks, tank tops landing on floors or beams

Appendages shell, bilge keels, brackets, fender, filler, framing, plating, shaft fairwaters, skegs, welding strips

Brackets, built-up plates, end plates, gussets, pipe, shapes stanchions

Blister framing, bottom and side longitudinals, breast hooks, center vertical keel, chocks, collars, deep frames, docking brackets, docking keel, floors, framing long, inserts, intercostals, keel straps liners, reverse frames, rider plate, secondary stiffeners, side frames, side keelsons, sole plates, straps, stringer angles, stringer, tee frames, truss framing, welding strips

Includes items similar to 116 for transverse framing, closure bulkhead ring, framing transverse, ring framing, web frames


Does not include

Primary framing(116-117),

controls surfaces (subs 560), shaft struts (161)

Cofferdam stiffeners(120) deck stiffeners with deck, gunwale angles with deck, inner bottom stiffeners(113), sonar dome (165 structure, 460 non- structure), waterway box structure with deck

Long of transverse bulkheads, bulkhead


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Longitudinal & Transverse Submarine Non-Pressure

Includes items similar to 116 and 117, framing, long transverse submarine non-pressure hull

plating welded to both pressure hull and outer hull, Long and transverse bulkheads, bulkhead stiffeners




Lift System Flexible Skirts & Seals

Lift system flexible skirts and seals, lift system retraction equipment, seals, flexi, seals long, seals, semi-flex, seals stability, seals transverse, skirts, flex, valves air bag

Landing pads, fixed and moveable(161), lift system engines(230), lift system fans(248), lift system rigid sidewalls(111 thru 117)


Longitudinal Structural Bulkheads

Arch coamings and frames, brackets used in forming or attaching bulkhead, built-in tank sides, bulkheads long structure, centerline bulkheads, cofferdams, compartmentation bulkheads, headers, inserts, liners, margin and cover plates, pipe tunnels complete, shaft alley sides and tops, stiffeners, structural plate, venturing and baffle plates for anti- roll tank system

Closures (167), non-structure bulkheads(621), torpedo bulkheads (124)


Transverse Structural Bulkheads

Includes items similar to 121, bent legs of aircraft carriers, bulkheads transverse structural, submarines all structural bulkheads internal to the pressure hull and associated fasteners and closing devices

Platting welded to both pressure hull and outer hull


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Trunks & Enclosures

Access trunks for: ammunition, cargo, conveyor, counterweight, elevators, escape, ran room, fire control , nuclear, periscope, personnel, pressure proof sonar sphere, retractable mast well, small ejector, uptakes, ventilation, wiring, tank built-in, trunk built-in

Trunks in deckhouse(150), uptakes(259), built-in tanks submarines (125, 126 &127)


Bulkheads in Torpedo Protection System

bulkheads torpedo protection


Submarine Hard Tanks

tank: ends, floors, framing, panel stiffening, sides, tops, hard

piping connected to tank, pressure hull framing (116,117), pressure hull plating (111)


Submarine Soft Tanks

tanks: ends, flood hole baffles, framing, gages, level indicators, sides, tops, trycock, trycock manifolds, soft, intermediate

Integral pressure hull framing used as tank boundaries (123), Non built in tanks, pressure hull plating (111), pressure hull framing (116, 117)


Main Deck



2nd Deck



3rd Deck



4th Deck



5th Deck & Decks Below

deck and decks below


01 Hull Deck (Forecastle & Poop Decks)

deck forecastle and poop decks


02 Hull Deck



03 Hull Deck



SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


04 Hull Deck & Hull Decks Above

deck 04 lvl and above


1st Platform

Platform, for submarines all internal platforms and flats are included here


2nd Platform



3rd Platform



4th Platform



5th Platform






Deckhouse Structure to First Level

Deckhouse structure to first level


1st Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure first level


2nd Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure second level


3rd Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure third level


4th Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure fourth level


5th Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure fifth level


6th Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure sixth level


7th Deckhouse Level

Deckhouse structure seventh level


8th Deckhouse Level & Above

Deckhouse structure eighth level and above


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


161 Structural Castings, Forgings, & Equivalent Weldments

162 Stacks & Macks (Combined Stack & Mast)

163 Sea Chests


Anchor stowage flange, bellmouths, bitter end pin, bitter end shackle, boring, cast skeg, castings structure, chain pipe and stiffeners, counter casting, forgings structure, hawse pipe, inner shell recesses, landing pads lift system (fixed and moveable), machinery, rudder bearing trunk, shaft struts, shell bolster, spectable frame ,stem bars, stem castings, stern frame, stern or shaft tubes (barrel, fairwater, outboard and inboard braces, plugs, upper and lower arms, upper and lower fillets), stern post, structure castings, forgings or equivalent weldments used in connection with assembly and installation of:

fairwater, rudder, shafting, stem, stern. Weldment, weldments structure.

Coverings, forgings, gaskets, gratings, guys, ladders, mack outer casing, plating, rails hand and foot, shapes, stack covers, stack outer casing supports

Castings or weldments, condenser injection scoop and overboard discharge, inserts, liners, protectors, sea chests, steaming out connections, strainers


Does not include

Injection scoop(163), overboard discharge (163), propeller guard (611), rudder (562)

Insulation (200), other smoke pipes, propulsion plant uptakes (259)

Free flooding liquids contained in sea chests (198)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


164 Ballistic Plating

165 Sonar Domes

166 Sponsons

167 Hull Structural Closures

168 Deckhouse Structural Closures


Armor grating, Barbette connections and supports, barbette deck wedges, conning tower and fire control tubes, plating ballistic, side belt plates, splinter plating, tapered steel wedges, Kevlar Armor

Box girders, bulkheads, fittings, floors, framing, shell plating below connection of dome to hull, sonar domes stiffening

Brackets, face plates, flight deck walkways, flight deck wing supports, framing, fueling and replenishment at sea sponsons, gun and missile sponsons, mooring sponsons, plating, sponsons for support of hydrofoil struts for support of retracting or swinging propulsion units, stanchions, stiffeners

Airport cover plates, closing devices, hull closures, dogs, ballistic doors, non-ballistic doors, fittings, frames, hatches, locking rings, manholes, operating gear, scuttles, wedges

Deckhouse closures


Does not include

High tensile structural steel uses not designated as ballistic plating

non-structural domes(460), pressure proof sphere for submarines(111&117), water in dome (198)

ejection pump sea chest door (751), expanded metal doors (624), joiner doors (624), missile tube doors or hatches (721), torpedo tube muzzle and breech doors (751)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Special Purpose Closures & Structures

Bomb elevator doors and hatch covers, bow doors, cargo hatch covers and beams, special purpose closures, deck edge elevator doors, flame seal doors, gates, hangar division doors, hangar doors(rolling and sliding), missile blast doors, ramps, secure fittings, tracks, turntables, water barrier, weapons strike down hatch covers, special purpose decks and structures, break waters

mechanical operating system(570&580)


Masts, Towers, Tetrapods

Fittings, ladders or ladder rungs, masts, pipes, plates, shapes, tetrapods, towers, wedges, yardarms


Kingposts & Support Frames

fittings permanently attached, kingposts, ladders or ladder rungs, pipes, plates, shapes, wedges

combined stacks and masts(162), masts, towers, or tetrapods(171), snorkel masts (342)


Service Platforms

Brackets, foot rails, gratings, handrails, pipes, plate, service platforms, shapes


Hull Structure Foundations


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


182 Propulsion Plant


183 Electric Plant Foundations

184 Command & Surveillance Foundations


Foundations for: boilers, condensate pumps, condensers, ejectors, electric motors, engines, feed and transfer pumps, forced draft blowers, fuel oil service pumps, installed tanks, line shaft couplings and clutches, line shaft steady and thrust bearings, line shafts, lube oil service pumps, main generators, nuclear power controls and instrumentation, nuclear steam generators, radiation shielding ( primary and secondary), reactor coolant service system, reactor coolant system, reactor plant auxiliary system, reactors reduction gears, storage batteries, structure supporting shielding

Foundations for: generator service system components, generator set components, power conversion system components, power distribution system components switchboards, IPS power generators

Foundations for: Antennas, countermeasures sys components, data processing system and peripheral equipment, electrical and electronic navigation aids, electronic components, gyrocompass, inertial navigation system components, mine warfare system components, navigational periscopes, transducers


Does not include

Cable or pipe hangars or straps, vendor supplied mounting brackets for light fixtures (332)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Auxiliary Systems Foundations

Foundations for: environmental control equipment, material handling system, mechanical handling system, piping system, ship control system


Outfit & Furnishings Foundations

Foundations for: built in furniture, commissary equipment, floor plates and gratings, galley equipment, hull fittings, medical equipment, mooring and towing fittings, sanitary facilities, shop and office equipment, stowage or cargo space equipment


Armament Foundations

Foundations for: armament handling equipment, depth charge launching devices, gun mounts, mine launching devices, missile and rocket launchers, torpedo tubes


Common Foundations

Foundations for Skids, Rafts, EME's, foundations with equipment contained in multiple groups.

Individual equipment foundations, individual equipment shock structure


Ballast, Fixed or Fluid, & Buoyancy Units

Ballast identified by fixed or variable lead drawings, ballast stored in inaccessible locations, general ballast, locked-in liquid ballast, filler material for hull voids, flotation material

Filler material for: diving planes(566), rudders(562) and shell l appendages (114), Fluids classified as loads


Compartment Testing

Compartment testing


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


195 Erection of Sub Sections (Progress Report Only)

196 Weld tolerance

197 Material Tolerance

198 Free Flooding Liquids


Alignment on the ways of hull sub-sections and prefabricated system contained therein such as piping, cabling, ductwork. Bolting progress reporting, riveting progress reporting, welding progress reporting

Welding tolerance from all groups.

Allowance for plates, shapes, and forms.

Liquids in: condenser injection scoops, overboard ditch, rudder wells, sea chests, shaft recesses, shaft tubes, and free flooding liquids

199 Hull Repair Parts & Special Tools

Hull repair parts and tools


Does not include

weight in SWBS groups 161,167,168, (169 on case by case basis), 172

Liquids in water jet propulsion system(298), locked- in ballast(191),sonar dome water (498), submarine residual water or water seal for main and fuel ballast tanks (load)


General Arrangement - Propulsion Drawings


Machinery Plant Central Control Systems

Control system, machinery plant central, general

Control station equipment(252), Control station furniture and fixtures (662), nuclear power plant control systems (217)


Nuclear Steam Generator

Nuclear steam generators





SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Reactor Coolant System

Reactor coolant systems


Reactor Coolant Service System

Reactor coolant service system


Reactor Plant Auxiliary Systems

Reactor plant auxiliary systems


Nuclear Power Control & Instrumentation

Nuclear Instrumentation, nuclear power control


Radiation Shielding (Primary)

Primary radiation shielding


Radiation Shielding (Secondary)

Secondary radiation shielding


Propulsion Boilers

Access doors, air preheaters, automatic boiler controls such as: piping, wiring, feed water control combustion control, and burner management system. Boiler casings, main boilers, burners, casing extensions, drains, drums (steam), economizers, external fittings, feed stop valves, furnace lighting tube fittings, inner and outer burner plate fronts, inspection hole fittings, internal desuperheaters, operating gear, panels, safety valves soot blowers, super heaters, valve easing gear, vents


Gas Generators

Gas generators


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Main Propulsion Batteries

Main propulsion batteries, submarine emergency propulsion batteries, battery agitation, battery cell lifting equipment, battery coolers, battery handling gear in compartment, battery shunt, battery voltmeter system, battery walking flats, battery water tanks, battery well plenums, battery well recirculation fans, battery wells, buss caps buss work or cabling to circuit breakers or other isolation devices, cribbing electrolyte system h2 detectors and transmitters, jumpers, liners, main storage battery, meters, quick disconnects, temperature monitoring system


Main Propulsion Fuel Cells

Main propulsion fuel cells

Auxiliary fuel cell (313)


Propulsion Steam Turbines

Bedplates, flexible connections between turbine and condenser, hull fasteners, inlet steam strainers, lifting gear, machinery guards, main turbines, operating gear, over speed trip device, permanent lifting padeyes, piping integral with propulsion

Ship service turbo generator sets(311), secondary propulsion(238), distant reading instrumentation, wiring, and indicator panels (436&437),clutch control system (266), reduction gears(241), turning gear attached to reduction gears(241), turbine shaft


units, remote throttle control system, resilient mounts, rotors, speed limiter, sub-bases, turbine components, turbine girders, steam propulsion turbines, turning gear separate from red



Propulsion Steam Engines

Propulsion engine sub bases, same as element 231 except for steam engines


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


233 Propulsion Internal Combustion Engines

234 Propulsion Gas Turbines

235 Electric Propulsion

236 Self-Contained Propulsion Systems

237 Auxiliary Propulsion Devices


Diesel engines, propulsion engines internal combustion, gasoline engines, integral support equipment, sub-base

Integral support equipment, sub-base, propulsion gas turbine engine, turbine girders

Exciters, propulsion dedicated generator, hull fasteners, integral components, thrust bearings integral components, lifting gear, machinery guards, propulsion motors, permanent lifting padeyes, propulsion cables, propulsion motors, sub-bases, terminals, propulsion motor, propulsion transformer, propulsion syncro converter, propulsion harmonic filter, propulsion dynamic breaking resister, propulsion rectifiers

air motors, hydraulic motors, outboard motors, self- contained propulsion systems

Auxiliary propulsion motors: electric disc brake, magnetic controllers, position indicators, retracting motors, training motors, loitering motors


Does not include

Control and monitoring equipment(252), diesel generator sets(311), distant reading instrumentation (436 & 437), propeller and shafting behind after face of thrust bearing flange(243), secondary propulsion(238), ship service turbo generator


podded propulsors (249)

Propulsion reduction gears (241-1), Propulsion shafting(243-1), Propellers and propulsors (245-1), Water Jet-Hullborne propulsors(247-1), water jet- foilborne propulsors(247-2), bow thrusters (568), stern thrusters (568)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Secondary Propulsion (Submarines)

Controllers, Foundations necessary for equipment mentioned within hull fasteners, hull insets and fairing plates, hydraulic hoist cylinders, hydraulic motors, indicators and wiring, limit switches, retractable shaft, secondary propulsion unit, stuffing box for retractable shaft, training and driving motors, wiring to main power protective devices

Circuit breakers (324-1),hydraulic piping to hoist cylinder(556), hydraulic piping to motor(556-1)


Emergency Propulsion (Submarines)

Electrical terminals on motor, emergency electric propulsion motor, emergency propulsion (subs), gages, indicators, lifting padeyes, support or auxiliary integral components, thermocouples

Clutch control system(266), diesel generator sets(311), distant reading instrumentation(436 &437), secondary propulsion(237), ship service turbo generator set(311)


Propulsion Reduction Gears

Auxiliary integral components, distance pieces, lifting gear, lifting padeyes, liners, machinery guards, oil pans, operating gear, reduction gear ventilation, reduction gears, turning gear including turning gear for turbines working through reduction gears, vapor pipes

Clutch control system (252), Distant reading instrumentation (436 &437), Propulsion shaft turning gear and locking gear where not integral with or attached directly to the main gear(243)


Propulsion Clutches & Couplings

Auxiliary integral components, propulsion clutches, propulsion couplings, flexible couplings, heat exchangers, integral control equipment, lifting gear, operating gear, piping integral with propulsion clutches, shaft clutch (including integral flanges)

Clutch control system(252), Distant reading instrumentation (436 &437), Propeller and shafting behind after face of the thrust bearing flange(243), secondary propulsion(238)


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


243 Propulsion Shafting

244 Propulsion Shaft Bearings

245 Propulsors

246 Propulsor Shrouds & Ducts

247 Water Jet Propulsors

248 Lift System Fans & Ducting

249 Podded Propulsors


Bulkhead and stern tube stuffing boxes, composition and rubber sleeves, coupling, inflatable seals, intermediate and propeller (tail) shafting, lifting pads, line shaft, mechanical shaft seals, propulsion shaft brakes and control equipment, propulsion shaft locking gear, sand in shafting, shaft bearing glands, propulsion shafting, stern tube shafting

Angle drive, shaft bearings, integral components, lifting gear, line shaft bearings, machinery guards, operating gear, stern tube and strut bearings and bushings, strut bearings and bushings, thrust bearings (separately mounted)

Cycloidal propellers, propeller fairing nut, propeller nuts and caps, air propellers, water propellers, propulsors

Propulsor ducts, nozzles, pump jets, propulsor shrouds

Inlet ducting, nozzles, outlet ducting, water jet propulsors, water jet pumps

Distribution ducting, inlet ducting, outlet ducting, lift system fans

Podded Propulsors


Does not include

Bulkhead rings(117), non-rotating propeller shroud(117), piping and valves for stern tube flushing water (524), propulsion shaft turning gear(241), resonance changers with operating piping and equipment(244), rope guards(161), service air piping to inflatable seal(551), shaft struts(161), strut fairwaters(161), propulsion shaft turning gear(241), thrust bearing(244)

Clutch control system (252), Distant reading instrumentation (436 &437)

Bow and stern thrusters(568)

Propulsor struts(161), propulsors(245)

Flexible skirts and seals(119), lift system


Does not include Bow thrusters (568), stern thrusters (568)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


251 Combustion Air System

252 Propulsion Control System

253 Main Steam Piping System


Air filters, air shutters, combustion air sys, expansion joints, forced air induced draft blowers:

driving units, light off blowers, port use blowers. Intake and discharge duct assemblies, Louvers, piping control equipment, plenums, screens, silencers, splitter plates, superchargers, trunk and air ducts (non-structural), water separators

Control consoles: Auxiliary, cargo fuel, damage control, electrical, propulsion, Data Acquisition Units DAU, Remote Terminal Units RTU

Back pressure regulators, bearing plates, bulkhead expansion joints, flexible connections, main steam piping system, spacer bars, steam generator bypass valves, steam generator cutouts, strainers, trap manifolds, traps, yokes


Does not include

Snorkel system(342)

Control station furniture and fixtures (662), Control system components, control systems requirements (202), nuclear power plant control stations (217), Cavitation sensors

Flow nozzles(252), main condensers(254), pressure and differential pressure transmitters with their associated piping (252), soot blowers(221), sstg turbine strainers(311), steam dump connection on main condenser(254), steam propulsion control panel (252), steam valve indicators(436)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


254 Condensers & Air Ejectors

255 Feed & Condensate System


Air ejectors( main, sstg and gland exhaust), cocks, gland exhaust condensers, main and sstg condensers(, exhaust fan motors, exhaust fans, liners, motor controllers( when not mounted on group control switchboard), separator tanks, sound mounts, vacuum pump motors, vacuum pump seal water cooler, vacuum pumps, main or sstg vent or air ejector condensers, wiring to main protective device

Booster feed pumps, castings, condensate coolers, condensate system, deairating feed tanks, demineralizers, dissolved oxygen indicators, feed system, feed water heaters, main condensate pumps, main feed pumps, manifolds, mechanical tank liquid level indicators, oil separators, operating gear, overpressure trips, oxygen and boiler water sample test equipment, regulators, salinity indicator cells, sludge chambers, solenoid valve actuators, sound mounts, strainers


Does not include

Integral sstg condensers(311)

Air ejector condensers (254), distant reading instrumentation(436&437), electrical tank level indicators(437), Main and sstg condenser (254), motors and controllers in group control switchboard (322) ship integral tanks(1)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Circulating & Cooling Sea Water System

Branch line to air ejector condenser, circulating sea water system, continuous drains, continuous vents, cooling sea water system, emergency bilge suction, expansion pieces, expansion tanks, hand pumps, injection and discharge piping, system for engines

Auxiliary fresh water cooling(536), Condenser injection scoop of overboard discharge (163), Distant reading instrumentation(436&437), Heat exchangers, hydraulic piping to actuators(556) thrust and line shaft stern tube bearings cooling


and motors, system for main and sstg condensers



Piping/Accessories, Reserve Feed & Transfer System


HP Steam Drain System

Expansion joints, flexible connections, high pressure drain piping from the main steam system low pints up to and including the high pressure drain main, strainers, trap manifolds, traps


Uptakes (Inner Casing)

Access plates, diesel engine uptakes, eductors, expansion joints, gas turbine uptakes, grab rods, mufflers, rain gutters, silencers, uptake covers, uptakes, flapper valves


Fuel Service System

coolers, fuel tanks (when not built into hull structure), heaters, port use equipment, pressure regulators, purifiers, fuel service system, strainers


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


262 Main Propulsion Lube Oil System

263 Shaft Lube Oil System (Submarines)


Accumulators, after bearing drain tank, coolers, cycling switches, deairators, electrostatic precipitators, filters, float switches, flow tubes, heaters, instrumentation, main propulsion lube oil system, mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, piping to and from electrostatic precipitators, pressure switches, pulse traps, purification piping from sump tank to first valve, purifiers, reducers, sight flow glasses, strainers, sump tanks, tank sounding rods, thermometers, thermostatic switches

Accumulators, actuators, after bearing sump tank (only non-built-in tanks), clutch control pump coolers, cycling switches, electrostatic precipitators, filters, flex hoses, float switches, flow tubes, gage boards, hand pumps, hull fasteners, instrumentation, Shaft lube oil system, mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, pressure switches, purification piping from sump tank to first valve, shaft lube oil pumps, sight flow gages, sight glasses, solenoid valves, strainers, sump tank heaters, sump tanks, thermostatic switches, transfer piping, wiring to main power protective device


Does not include

Alarm and indicating circuits with I.C. designation(436&437), Built-in main lube oil tanks(1) electrical tank level indicators or indicator system (437), propulsion units (230)

Built-in shaft lube oil tanks(1), clutch(242), electrical tank indicating system (437),emergency propulsion motor(239), thrust bearing (247

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Lube Oil Fill, Transfer, & Purification

cycling switches, discharge sump tanks ( not built- in), drip pans, electric heaters, filters, flex hoses, float switches, flow tubes, hand pumps, instrumentation, lube oil fill connection, transfer and purification lube oil fill, lube oil purifiers, lube oil stowage tanks (not built-in), mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, purifier supply tanks (not built-in) sampling connections, sampling trays, settling tanks (not built-in) sampling connections, sampling trays, settling tanks ( not built-in), sight glasses, sludge tanks (not built-in), steam heaters inside tanks, thermostatic switches, transfer pumps, wiring to main power protective device, propulsion support systems (fuel and lube oil), lube oil fill, transfer, and purification

Built-in tanks(1), electrical tan indicating system (437) potable water piping to lube oil purifier (533)


Propulsion Plant Operating Fluids

Propulsion operating fluids, water jet propulsion water within system


Propulsion Plant Repair Parts & Special Tools

Propulsion repair parts, special purpose tools, training devices




General Arrangement - Electrical Drawings


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Motors & Associated Equipment


Protective Devices


Electric Cables


Electrical Designating & Marking


Electric Power Generation

Controls equipment transformers, electric starters, exciters, filed resistors, flex connections to main or ship service condensers, diesel generator sets, gas turbine generator sets, steam turbine generator sets, governors, instrumentation and mounting boards, over speed trip device, regulators, rheostats, ship

Condensate and feed pumps (255), control oil piping (257), generator sets designated solely as emergency generators(312) main propulsion batteries (235), motor generators used for power conversion (314), non-integral sstg condensers (254), portable storage batteries(313), sstg lube oil


service power generation, sstg turbine strainers (steam), sub-bases, switches, throttle control (local), vibration dampers



Emergency Generators

Emergency generators, also components listed in element 311 that are applicable to emergency generator systems

Combination ship service/emergency generator systems (311)


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Batteries & Service Facilities

Batteries and service facilities (non-main propulsion), battery charging equipment- general, battery trays and hold down devices, portable storage batteries( not installed in specific equipment or components spare batteries for mobile equipment), Aux fuel cells

batteries in specific components (E.G torpedo batteries and flood light batteries), batteries installed in mobile equipment, fixed batteries (E.G main propulsion batteries)(223),Power distribution cable and fittings serving battery chargers (320), vehicle spare batteries (599, 799)


Power Conversion Equipment

Conversion equipment, instrumentation and mounting boards, inverters or converters, line voltage regulators, motor generators, power conversion equipment, rectifiers, sub-bases, transformers

Battery charging systems(313), power supplies integral with components, cable(320)


Ship Service Power Cable

Bus tie feeders, supports and alongside cable reels, cables from distribution switchboards to pwr. Panels, cables from load center to power panels, casualty power cable (fixed and portable), emergency power cable, generator leads, main wire ways, power cable, power cable for battery charging facilities, power feeders, ship service power cable

Cable from power conversion systems to specific components, cable from power panels to specific systems, weapons control cabling, 400Hz cabling


Emergency Power Cable System

Emergency power cable systems feeder cable, reels and supports for cables

ship service power cable (321-1), casualty power cable (323-1)


Casualty Power Cable

Casualty power cable system, Cable racks, casualty

Ship service power cable(321-1),Emergency power


power risers, feeder cable, reels and supports



SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Switchgear & Panels

Aircraft elevator switchboards, alongside service switchboards, battery charging switchboards, bus transfer equipment, catapult switchboards, control bench boards, distribution switchboards, emergency switchboards, load center switchboards, motor generator control panels, panels, ship service switchboards, switchgear, switchboards, load centers, power panels, main propulsion switchboard.

Command and surveillance switchboards(4), interior communication (IC) switchboards(431), propulsion control switchboards(2), weapon control switchboards(4), dedicated system switchboards


ARC Fault Detector (AFD) Systems


Lighting Distribution

Distribution boxes, lighting distribution system, low voltage and special applications lighting distribution

Distribution systems for navigation lighting, anchor lighting, signal lighting, or search lights (4), light


including cable emergency, lighting panels, lighting transformers, ship service lighting distribution including cable



Lighting Fixtures

Fixtures for general illumination, fixtures for special illumination, illumination requirements lighting fixtures

Portable lights or electrical equip (6), signal or anchor lights running(4), searchlights(4), Aircraft (4), LCAC (4), Navigational lighting (4).


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


341 SSTG Lube Oil


Accumulators, actuators, air motors, coolers (when fresh water cooled), cycling switches, electrostatic precipitators, emergency coast down pump and air driven motor, filters, flex hoses, float switches, flow tubes, instrumentation, SSTG lube oil system, mechanical liquid level indicators, orifice plates, pressure switches sight glasses, solenoid valve, sstg lube oil pumps, sstg lube oil sump tanks (not built- in), strainers, sump tank heaters, tank sounding rods, thermostatic switches, wiring to main power protective device


Does not include

Built-in tanks(125&126), electrical tank indicators or indicator system(437), lube oil coolers when sea water cooled(524),motors installed to power specific systems, service air system isolation valves(551), steam piping(253, 534 or 535)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


342 Diesel Support Systems

343 Turbine Support Systems


Air start inlet fitting, controllers, diesel air start piping, diesel exhaust piping, diesel fuel oil service and transfer piping, diesel lube oil service and transfer piping, diesel safety piping, diesel sea water cooling piping, diesel support sys( power generation), distributor air header, FW/SW heat exchangers, hull integrity fasteners, hull valve, non- built-in tanks, pilot air tubing, portable hand pumps, pressure switches, pump motors, sea water pump (circulating or booster), service and transfer supply valve, snorkel air induction sump tank, snorkel diesel exhaust pressure proof piping, snorkel diesel exhaust valves, snorkel dip loop cabling and band assembly to cable shelf, snorkel drain lines, snorkel exhaust mast, snorkel free flood and exhaust piping, snorkel head valve, snorkel head valve electrodes, snorkel induction mast, snorkel induction valves, snorkel integral hydraulic hoist mechanism, snorkel main induction valve, snorkel mast antennas snorkel moisture separators, snorkel muffler, snorkel operating gear, snorkel service air dip loop piping to head valve, sound mounts, diesel (power generation) support system, three-way temperature regulating valve, valve solenoids, vents from heat exch., venturis, spectacle frames,

Turbine (power generation) support system


Does not include

Combined snorkel for non nuclear main propulsion(251), dedicated ventilation exhaust stack and check valve(510), dedicated ventilation exhaust inboard and outboard valves (510), fuel and compensating water system (541), hydraulic piping to actuators(556), mast indication and operation system (426), seawater pump attached

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


398 Electric Plant Operating Fluids

399 Electric Plant Repair Parts & Special Tools


Power generation operating fluids

Electric plant repair parts, special purpose tools, training devices


401 General Arrangement - Command & Surveillance

402 Security Requirements

403 Personnel Safety

404 Radio Frequency Transmission Lines

405 Antenna Requirements

406 Grounding & Bonding

407 Electromagnetic Interference Reduction (EMI)

408 System Test Requirements

409 Combat System General Requirements

Drawings, command and surveillance. General arrangement


Does not include

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


411 Data Display Group

412 Data Processing Group

413 Digital Data Switchboards (Deleted see 414)

414 Interface Equipment (Analog & Digital Switchboards)

415 Digital Data


416 Fiber-Optics Cable Plant

417 Command & Control Analog Switchboards (Deleted see 414)


Azimuth converters, communication patch panel and station, data display, digital data readouts, display consoles, pulse amplifier/symbol generators, radar distribution switchboards, video signal simulator

Beacon video processor, general purpose computers, data processing, disk drive assembly, input-output consoles, magnetic tape units, paper tape units

Analog to digital converter, central signal data converter, digital to analog converter, integrated key set, interface equipment, key set central multiplexers

Data terminals, digital data communications

Fiber Optics Interconnection Boxes (FOICBs), trunk cables and their associated connectors and splices

Command and control analog switchboards


Does not include

Telemetry for non-combatant ships(444)

Ship service power cable(321-1), Command and control intra-system testing (410-1), Radar distribution Systems (450-1),Dry air systems(551-3)

receiving and teletype portion of data link system RF transmitting (440)

Local cables and their associated components.

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


421 Non-Electrical/Non- Electronic Navigation Aids

422 Electrical Navigation Aids (includes Navigation Lights)

423 Electronic Navigation Systems

424 Electronic Navigation Systems, Acoustical

425 Periscopes and Photonics


Alidade, azimuth circle, barometer, beam compass, binnacle, chronometer, clinometer, magnetic compass, dividers, heeling and corrector magnets and holder, keel trim indicator, leadline, non electrical navigation aids, non-electronic navigation aids, pelorus and stand sextant telescopes and binoculars

Aircraft landing lights, anchor lights, control and dimmer panels, navigation lights, electrical navigation aids, navigation lights (side, running, and towing),range lights, searchlights, speed lights, steering lights, stern lights, task lights, wake lights, well deck lights, LCAC positioning lights, glide slope indicator.

Loran, radio navigation systems, omega, satnav, tacan

Depth indicators, acoustical navigation systems, Doppler sonar velocity LOG,

Air jet control, bearings, bellows assembly, blowers, castings, fairwaters that raise and lower with periscope, guards, guide rails, heaters, hull fittings, integral training gear, periscope, seals, seats, photonics


Does not include

electrical distribution system for interior communications systems (430), electronic navigation aids(423,424), signal searchlights (443), steering stand(561)

Non-integral elevating and retracting gear (585)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Electrical Navigation Systems

Bearings, dead reckoning system (including analyzer indicators, plotters, tracers), gyrocompass system ( including binnacle, control cabinets, heading indicators, power suppliers, stabilized gyrocompass set), integral lighting, electrical navigation systems, operating gear, stands, submarine depth detector system( including depth detector, depth indicators, depth converter),synchronizers amplifiers for all systems, underwater log system( including transmitter indicator, remote speed and distance indicators, sword), Ring Laser Gyro Navigator


Inertial Navigation Systems

Alignment distribution system ( including alignment junction boxes, alignment outlet boxes), inertial system (including binnacle, computer, control cabinets, multispeed repeaters, position indicators), inertial navigation systems


Navigation Control Monitoring

Chronometer transfer switches, consoles, equipment racks, monitoring and support system navigation control


Switchboards for Interior Communication Systems

Switchboards for IC systems

Alarm switchboards (436), telephone switchboards(432), weapon system



SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


432 Telephone Systems

433 Announcing Systems

434 Entertainment & Training Systems

435 Voice Tubes & Message Passing Systems

436 Alarm, Safety, & Warning Systems


Dial phones and switchboards, EM/MJ call signal stations, sound powered phones, telephone amplifiers, telephone systems

Announcing systems, intercom systems, public address

Entertainment and training systems, equipment primarily for training, recreation or entertainment, motion picture equipment, radio and television receivers, record players, signal distribution systems, studio equipment, tape recorders, television cameras

Call systems, compressed air system if used only for pneumatic tubes, message tubes and scuttles, pneumatic tubes, voice tubes

Alarm panels, alarm switchboards, alarm systems, radiac, sensors, systems that give notice of equipment derangements or hazardous conditions


Does not include

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Indication, Order, & Metering Systems

Cavitation indicators, counters, electrical mechanical order and metering system, indicating systems, level indicating circuits, metering systems, order systems, sensors, ship control circuits, system control panels, temperature indicating circuits, transmitters, underwater noise level monitors, valve control circuits

Local information systems or instruments that are integral with equipment being monitored, Data Acquisition Units DAU (252), Remote Terminal Unit RTU (252)


Consolidated Control & Display Systems

Combined instrument panels, conolog, consoles, integrated control systems, portable ship control units, depth and course control subsystem hovering control subsystem, missile compensating control subsystem, strategic weapons support systems


Recording & Television Systems

Closed circuit television systems used to monitor compartments or exterior of ship and for command briefing, recording systems, remote recording and playback devices, television systems

Entertainment systems(434), training systems(434)


Radio Systems

Central time and frequency system, message processing system, quality monitoring system, radio set controls, radio systems, satellite communication system, time and frequency standards

security equipment(446), TTY and facsimile equipment (445)


Underwater Systems

Beacon equipment, underwater communications systems


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Visual & Audible Communication Systems

Audible communication systems, bells and supports, infrared systems, optical systems, signal flags, signal horn, signal search lights, steam/air whistle, visual communication systems


Telemetry Systems

Amplifiers, computers, data handling equipment, receivers, signal conditioners, telemetry systems, transmitters

Combatant functions (410,450,441)


Teletype & Facsimile Systems

Facsimile, page printer, receiver, tape cutters, tape reader, teletype transmitting and receiving equipment, teletypewriter set

Radio equipment(441), security equipment(446),warning systems


Security Equipment Systems

Security equipment systems


Surface Surveillance Radar Systems

Surface search radar


Air Search Radar (2D)

Air search radar(2D)


Air Search Radar (3D)

Air search radar (3D)


Aircraft Control Radar Systems

Aircraft control approach radar


Identification Systems (IFF)

Identification systems


Multi-Function Radar Systems

Multiple mode/function radar, Dual Band Radar (used for surface search, air search, and navigational purposes)


Infrared Surveillance & Tracking Systems


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Automatic Detection & Tracking Systems


Space Vehicle Electronic Tracking

Space vehicle electronic tracking


Active Surveillance Sonar

Active sonar


Passive Surveillance Sonar

Passive sonar


Multiple Mode Surveillance Sonar

Multiple mode sonar


Acoustic Analysis Systems

Classification sonar


Bathythermograph Bathythermograph



Multi-Purpose Ship Equipment Systems

Acoustic systems, airborne surveillance platforms, control equipment, electronic support equipment, radio sets, signal processing equipment

Active sonar(461), Passive sonar(462),Multiple mode sonar(463), exterior communications(440), surveillance systems(450)


Surface Ship Combat Systems


Submarine Combat Systems


Active EW (includes Combination Active/Passive)

Amplifiers, antennas, coders, consoles, converters, decoders, active ECM, mechanical support systems, radar countermeasures, radio countermeasures, transducers, ,receivers, sonar countermeasures, transmitters, wave guides


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


472 Passive ECM (Electronic Countermeasures)

473 Underwater


474 Decoy Systems

475 Degaussing Systems


Amplifiers, coders, consoles, converters, decoders, Passive ECM, mechanical support systems, mission control monitor, receivers, wave guides, exterior Radar Absorbent Material (RAM)

Torpedo decoys, fanfare, nixie, saws

Decoys, decoys (other than torpedoes)

Coils, connection boxes, control equipment, degaussing, magnetic silencing


Does not include

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


476 Mine Countermeasure Systems


Acoustic minesweeping systems (automatic and manual acoustic controllers, electric power tow cables, environments survey equipment, generators, towed devices), mine countermeasures, magnetic minesweeping systems (cables, controllers, environmental survey equipment, generators, switchboards), mechanical minesweeping system (chain drags, moored sweep gear (cutters for mine mooring, depressors, floats, otters, sweep wires and misc fittings), trawl nets), mine countermeasures gear handling equipment (misc fittings, fairleads, blocks, rollers, etc. winches, cranes, cable reels and other weight( handling equipment)), minefield navigation systems (automatic steering, command and control equipment, data processing, markers, plotting, radars, sonar), mine hunting systems (mine detection, classification, location and avoidance sonar, mine neutralization ordnance, mine neutralization systems, non-sonic mine detection, classification sonar markers), pressure minesweeping systems( electronic control boxes, environmental survey equipment, high intensity lights, mooring cables, pressure transducers, surface buoys, towed devices) support equipment


Does not include

Degaussing (475)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


481 Gun Fire Control Systems

482 Missile Fire Control Systems


Air supply units, amplifiers, antenna mount, built-in power packs, computers(dedicated), consoles, directors, electrical-optical sighting systems(EOSS), bearing and range indicators elevation, error recorder, firing switch, gun fire control systems, gun order correctors, gun order system, gun sights, gyro stabilizer systems, main power switch, optical sights, pedestals, radar, range finders, ready spares cabinet, relay transmitters, television systems, train parallax correctors, laser weapon control systems, rail gun control systems, energy weapons control systems

amplifiers, built-in power packs, computers, consoles, directors, electrical-optical sighting systems (EOSS), error recorder firing switch, kinescope recording set, launcher order systems, main power switch, missile fire control systems, pedestals, radar, radio, ready spares cabinet, relay transmitters, rocket fire control systems, signal comparator, target designation transmitter, telemetry system, television system


Does not include

fire control equipment attached to mount (711), integrated fire control systems(484), separate power conversion systems (314), weapon systems


Fire control equipment attached to launcher(721), integrated fire control systems(484), separate power conversion systems(314), underwater fire control systems(483), weapon systems switchboards(489)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


483 Underwater Fire Control Systems


Amplifiers, analyzer, angle solver, attack console, audio/digital coder, bearing and range indicator, cable reel and control cable, computers, converters, countermeasure control, course indicators, drone control systems for ASW, firing panel, firing switch, launcher control systems, missile fire control systems, plotters, position keeper, radio transmitting set, relay transmitters, rocket fire control systems, torpedo control systems, underwater fire control systems weapon control consoles, weapon data converters, weapon order generator, weapon simulators


Does not include

Fire control equipment attached to launcher (720, 750), integrated fire control systems(484), missile fire control systems(482), separate power supply(314), weapon systems switchboard(489)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Integrated Fire Control Systems

Air supply units, amplifiers, analyzer, antenna mount, attack console, audio/digital coder, bearing

weapon systems switchboards(489), specific type gun, missile or underwater fire control


and range indicator, built-in power packs, cable reel and control cable, computers, consoles, converters, countermeasure control course indicators, directors, drone control systems for ASW, bearing and range indicators elevation, error decoder, firing panel firing switch, gun fire control systems, gun order correctors, gun order system gun sights, gyro stabilizer system kinescope recording set launcher control systems, launcher order systems, main power switch, missile fire control systems optical sights, pedestals, position keeper, radar, radio, range finders, ready spares cabinet, relay transmitters, rocket fire control systems, signal comparator, target designation transmitter, telemetry system, television systems, torpedo fire control systems, train parallax correctors, weapon order generator



Weapon Systems

Fire control switchboards regardless of system or

switchboards integral with mount or launcher (7)


location in the ship, weapon systems switchboards


Electronic Test Equipment (includes Calibration)

Calibrating equipment, electronic test equipment, electronic checkout, fixed test gear, monitoring systems, portable test gear


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Flight Control & Instrument Landing Systems

Flight control and instrument landing systems. Complete system with all internal parts. Lighting system, Manual operated visual (mvlas), visual aid


Automated Data Processing Systems (Non-Combat)

Data processing system, Non-combat. Monitoring system

Telemetry (444)


Meteorological Systems

Meteorological systems. Complete system with all their internal parts, local and remote control, indication, processing, transmitting and receiving equipments with all interconnecting cables

Ship service power cable (321)


Special Purpose Intelligence Systems

Tactical flag command center, ship signal exploitation space (SSES), outboard, tactical intelligence (Tactical), Naval intelligence processing system (NIPS), Tactical support center (TSC)


Command & Surveillance Operating Fluids

Command and surveillance operating fluids


Command & Surveillance Repair Parts & Special Tools

Command and surveillance repair parts, special tools and handling gear



501 General Arrangement - Auxiliary Systems Drawings

502 Auxiliary Machinery

General auxiliary machinery


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX




Does not include



General pumps


Instruments & Instrument Boards

General instruments and instrument boards


General Piping



Overflows, Air Escapes, & Sounding Tubes

General air escapes and general overflows


Machinery & Piping Designation & Marking

General machinery and piping designation and marking


Thermal Insulation for Piping & Machinery

General machinery and piping insulation


Thermal Insulation for Vent & A/C Ducts

General insulation ducts


Convection heaters, covers, duct heaters, gral

Auxiliary steam system(534), duct work(512 &


Compartment Heating System

special purpose systems furnishings, compartment heating system, special purpose system outfit, radiant heaters, regulators, shields thermostats (heaters only), unit heaters



Ventilation System

Closure, damper assemblies, duct closures, exhaust system, fan bellmouths, fans, filters, flame arrestors, hoods, louvers (natural ventilation openings only), operating gear, plenums, screens, spools, supply system, terminals, turns, ventilation system, ventilators

Air conditioning recirculation systems (514), machinery space ventilation system(513)


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


513 Machinery Space Ventilation System

514 Air Conditioning System

515 Air Revitalization Systems (Submarines)

516 Refrigeration System


Machinery space ventilation system, submarines ventilations syst. Contains items similar to those in element 512

Air conditioning sys, self contained air conditioning units, chill water sys, chillers, closure operating gear, compressors, condensers, dehydrator, duct closures, duct cooling coils, expansion tanks, fan bellmouths, fan-coil units, fans, flanges, gravity cooling coils, heat exchangers, hoods, humidistats, moisture indicator, mufflers, plenums, precipitators, receivers, refrigerant piping, screens, sea water cooling system (independent), sight flow indicator, strainers, terminals, thermometers, thermostats (cooling or cooling and heating), turns, unit coolers

Amine storage tanks, analyzers, chlorate candles, CO and H2 burners, CO2 scrubbers, O2 distribution system, O2 generation system, O2 storage

Coil supports, coils, compressors, condensers, defrosting equipment, diffusers, fans, freeze tanks, gravity cooling coils, heat exchangers, junction boxes, muffler, receivers, refrigerant piping, refrigerating plants, refrigeration controls, refrigeration distribution, regulators, strainers, thaw tanks, thermostats


Does not include

Ventilation system (512, 513)

Self contained refrigeration equipment(6), Small chilled drinking water system(533)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Auxiliary Boilers & Other Heat Sources

Boiler air intake ducts, boiler uptakes, reboilers, waste heat recovery boilers, auxiliary boilers, condensate tanks, drain tanks, feed tanks, auxiliary heat generators (all), strainers, waste heat system

auxiliary steam piping (534 and 535)


Firemain & Flushing (Sea Water) System

Applicators, firemain system, fittings, flushing system, hose racks, hoses, instruments, nozzles, shore connections, spanner wrenches, spray heads, strainers, system segregation turbines,

Fire extinguishing systems (555), fresh water flushing (533)


Sprinkler System

Automatic controls, fittings, instruments, spray heads, sprinkler system, strainers, test castings


Washdown System

Fittings, hose racks, hoses instruments, nozzles, spray heads, strainers, test castings, washdown syst.


Auxiliary Sea Water System

Auxiliary sea water syst. This element contains all sea water cooling of condensers, heat exchanges, coolers and machinery not covered by dedicated system in elements 256, 342, 514, and 521 thru 523; also thrust and line shaft stern tube bearings cooling system; also cooling of the air ejector and gland exhaust condensers when not cooled by element 256. This system supplies sea water to and from, but does not include distilling plants(531), air conditioning plants(514), diesel generators(342)

Condensers, coolers, etc. That are part of distilling plants (531), refrigerant plants(516) or air conditioning plants (514), heat exchangers (ws), sea water cooling (when supplied by or combined with firemain)(521), Sea water systems (dedicated)(WS)


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Scuppers & Deck Drains

Deck drains, scuppers, strainers. This element includes the piping from scuppers and deck drains to overboard discharge or to discharge point at the main drainage or plumbing drain systems.


Firemain Actuated Services - Other

Countermeasure piping system, firemain actuated services, fog system, spray nozzles.


Plumbing Drainage

Deodorizers, drain piping from a/c and ventilation drains (except submarine), decontamination station drains, disposal units, drinking fountains, frozen, chilled, and thawed stores drains, galley

Drainage from the bulkhead of deck within the compartment to the plumbing fixture(644), drain pump suction piping from sanitary tanks that are pumped overboard(529), scupper and deck drain


precipitator, lavatories, photo dosimeter film developing tank, shower and deck drains, sinks, trash compactor unit, urinals, washing machines, water closets. Also includes plumbing drainage, vents.



Drainage & Ballasting System

Ballasting system, bilge stripping system, damage control ballast sys, damage control flooding sys, drainage sys, tank stripping sys.

Submarine sea water trim and drain sys (564)


Distilling Plant

Air ejectors, chemical injection system, condensate coolers, condensers, Distilling plant complete, electric distilling plants, steam distilling plants, evaporators, heaters, meters, salinity indicators, sampling equipment, tank manifolds


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


532 Cooling Water

533 Potable Water

534 Auxiliary Steam & Drains Within Machinery Box


Air escapes, chilled water system when not built-in to a component or part of another system, electronic equipment fresh water cooling system, cooling water system, heat exchangers, manifolds, meters, non-built-in tanks, sounding tubes

Distilled water service, drinking water service, food preparation service, food serving service, fresh water flushing system, fresh water sanitary service, fresh water service, items such as those listed in element 532, laundry service system, potable water system from tank to fixture, scullery service.

Accumulators, auxiliary steam drain (or lp steam drain) within machinery box, Auxiliary steam system within machinery box, boiler escape and blow system, external desuperheaters, fresh water drain collecting system, gland seal regulators, turbine gland exhaust sys, turbine gland leak off system, turbine gland seal steam system, turbine shaft packing.


Does not include

Heat exchangers integral with components (ws), services in element 533

Watermist system

Auxiliary boilers(517), gland exhaust jets & condensers (254)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Auxiliary Steam & Drains Outside Machinery Box

Associated items such as those listed in element 534, atmospheric exhaust, auxiliary steam and drains outside machinery box, fresh water steam drains, high and low pressure drain system, whistle and siren steam drains

Auxiliary boilers(517), catapult accumulators (587)


Auxiliary Fresh Water Cooling

Components similar to those in element 532, auxiliary fresh cooling water, submarine battery cooling water system

Cooling water system covered in 342, 532 and group 6


Ship Fuel & Fuel Compensating System

Ship fuel system, ship compensating fuel system


Aviation & General Purpose Fuels

Aviation fuel system, general purpose fuel system


Aviation & General Purpose Lubricating Oil

General purpose lube oil system, aviation lube oil system


Liquid Cargo

Liquid cargo system


Tank Heating

Tank heating system


Auxiliary Lubrication Systems

Outboard lubrication, Inboard lubrication (maintenance purpose only)

Main propulsion lube oil system (262)


Special Fuel & Lubricants, Handling & Stowage

Special fuel handling, special fuel stowage, special lubricants handling, special lubricants stowage


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


551 Compressed Air Systems

552 Compressed Gases

553 O2 N2 System

554 Main Ballast Tank Blow & List Control System

555 Fire Extinguishing Systems


Compressed air system, dry air cooling, emergency air breathing system, prairrie masker air system

This element contains gas systems other than those contained in 551, 553, and 554

Distribution system, nitrogen generator, N2 flasks, N2 system, oxygen generators, O2 flasks, O2 system

Low pressure blow system, emergency main ballast tank blow and list control system

Accumulators, break glass boxes, carbon dioxide system (fixed or portable), card holders, chemical systems (fixed or portable), cylinders, fire extinguishing systems, foam cans, foam solution tanks, inert gas generators, interlock mechanisms, operating gear for smothering system, pressure switches, proportioners, racks


Does not include

Air piping to pneumatic tubes(435), compressor units integral with the armament system (ws), independent compressor units integral with other system (ws), other compressed gases (552), propulsion control air (252), salvage air fittings (594), wiring and indicators for temperature monitoring system(436)

Air revitalization oxygen system (515), O2/N2 solely for missile gas (225), Portable N2 flasks (ws)

Snorkel system (342), main ballast tanks (125)

Those systems that depend solely on the application of water or water fog (sub group 520)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Hydraulic Fluid System

Accumulators, coolers, desurgers, submarines external hydraulic system, hydraulic fluid system, centralized hydraulic system, submarines ship's service hydraulic system, strainers, supply and reserve tanks (non-integral)

Piping, valves, and components that are attached to or associated with separate and distinct independent hydraulic system listed in other elements (ws)


Liquid Gases, Cargo

Liquid gas syst. This element contains all dedicated sys required for storage and transfer of liquefied gases, cargo


Special Piping Systems

Air escapes, filters, fixtures, special piping system, valves. This element contains all misc piping system such as: kerosene, alcohol, cleaning fluid, hydrogen peroxide, other similar system

Any piping system which are attached to or associated with separate and distinct components listed in other elements.


Steering & Diving Control Systems

Air control system, automatic ship control system, autopilot, brakes, chains, connecting rods, crosshead tubes, crossheads, diving control system, drip pans, electrical control system, guards, hand control system, integrated ship system control hydraulic control system, hydraulic speed gears, mechanical control system, quadrant, racks, ram assembly, rapson links, rope, sheaves, sprockets, steering engine, steering gear, steering stand, stuffing tubes, tackle, tanks, telemotor piping, tiller, transmission gear and bearings

hovering system (563)


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


562 Rudder

563 Hovering & Depth Control (Submarine)

564 Trim & Drain Systems (Submarines)

565 Trim & Heel Systems (Surface Ships)


Angles, bearings, bleeder plugs, bushing gudgeons, castings, collars, cover plates, doublers, filler, forgings, internal coating, keys, lifting pads, nuts, packing pintles, plating, rings, rudder stock, stern rudder, bow rudder, dorsal rudder, seals, shapes, sleeves, stops, stuffing boxes, zinc protection plates.

This element contains the main and fuel ballast, depth control, safety and negative tank flood and vent valves. Attachments, automatic stops, ballast depth control and negative tank vent pipes, buoyancy system, depth control and negative tank mufflers, depth gages (complete system), fittings, hovering system, liners, mechanical indicators, operating gear, power control, reinforcing rings, valve seats.

This element contains the variable sea water ballast system to fill empty or transfer sea water to and from each of the variable ballast tanks. Also pyrotechnic flooding and fire hose connections are provided by this sys. Submarine trim system

Active fin system, active tank roll stabilization system, heel system, passive stabilization system, stabilizing fins, trim system


Does not include

Hull underwater body (110-1), steering System (561-1) Stabilizing Fins (565-1), Submarines diving planes and stabilizing fins and rudder (566-1), steering Control Thrusters (568-1), Hull fittings


Electrical and electronic depth detectors (437), electrical remote indicator system (437)

Bilge keels (114), roll tank structure (group 1), stabilizing fins submarines (566), trim system


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


566 Diving Planes & Stabilizing Fins (Submarines)

567 Strut & Foil Systems

568 Maneuvering Systems


This element contains the bow, midship, and stern diving planes, fixed dorsal fins, combined rudder and stern diving plane arrangements. Angles, bleeder plugs, bushings, castings, collars, cover plates, diving planes, doublers, filler, forgings, gears, housings, keys, lifting pads, packing, plating, rings, shaft tubes (integral with stabilizers), shafts, shapes, sleeves, special weldments, stabilizing fins, stops, stuffing boxes, zinc protector plates

This element contains strut and foil system for hydrofoil ships. Cables, control surfaces, controllers, controls, extrusions, foil struts, foils, forgings, gears, hydraulic actuators, hydrofoils, interlocks, motors, nacelles for angle drives, pylons, shafts, stops, special weldments, switches

This element contains steering control thrusters. Maneuvering system, air cushion vehicle maneuvering system (primary): air thrusters, drop rods, puff ports, thruster prime movers, thruster system associated components;


Does not include

Air cushion flexible skirts and seals (119), lift system engines (230), lift system fans (248), lift system landing pads (161), lift system rigid sidewalls (110)

Integrated propulsion and maneuvering units (2),waterjet thrust vector steering and reversing devices attached to and designed with the water jet nozzle (247)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


571 Replenishment-at-Sea


572 Ship Stores & Equipment Handling Systems

573 Cargo Handling Systems

574 Vertical Replenishment Systems


This element contains the complete structural, mechanical, and electrical components forming the main units of system used for transferring cargo, stores, personnel, ammunition, and fuels between ships at sea. Transfer at sea chairs, delivering and receiving stations, distance lines, fueling hose, line passing gear, replenishment at se, running rigging, station markers

This element contains complete structural, mechanical and electrical components of system and equipment used exclusively for handling stores and provision which are used aboard the ship on which stowed. Equipment handling system, ship stores handling system

This element contains the complete structural, mechanical, and electrical components of systems within the ship and loading the ship at dockside where systems are used for ship and cargo use. They shall be carried in this element. Cargo handling, containerization.

This system contains the complete structural, mechanical, and electrical components forming the main units of sys used for transferring cargo, stores, missiles, and ammunition between ships at sea by helicopter. Vertical replenishment


Does not include

Cargo handling within the ship and loading at dockside (573), cargo munitions handling within the ship (772), foundations for system (185 and 187), System and equipment used for handling items intended for use aboard ship on which items are stowed (572), vertical replenishment system (574)

Boat handling davits and associated winches (583), Escalators and personnel elevators (589), cargo handling systems (573), stowage and dunnage for stores and other loads (673)

Cargo fuel piping systems (544), vehicle handling and stowage systems (575), cargo munitions handling within the ship (772), cargo stowage and dunnage systems (673)

Aircraft handling, servicing, and stowage (588), cargo handling (573)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Vehicle Handling & Stowage Systems

Mezzanine deck handling system, portable deck handling system, bow doors, ramps between decks, bow ramps, fixed ramps, mechanical ramps, turntables, vehicle handling systems, vehicle stowage system, snaking winches

door, turntable, and ramp structure (169)


Anchor Handling & Stowage Systems

Anchor buoys, anchor handling and stowage, anchors, brakes, capstans, hawse reels, wildcats, windlasses


Mooring & Towing Systems

Capstans, mooring and towing fittings, mooring system components, mooring system controls:


electrical, hydraulic, mechanical,

Reels, tensioning

devices, towing machines, towing system components, towing system controls: electrical, hydraulic, mechanical.



Boats, Boat Handling & Stowage Systems

Blocks, boat booms, boat handling, boat stowage, boats, buoyant apparatus, chocks, davits, dinghies, floats, gripes, inflatable life boats, launches, life rafts, lifesaving equipment, rigging, securing devices, stowage, winches, Combat Rubber Raider Craft (Permanently installed on the ship)

Combat Rubber Raider Craft (installed only for specific missions)


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


584 Landing Craft Handling & Stowage Systems

585 Elevating & Retracting Gear

586 Aircraft Recovery Support Systems


Craft handling, mechanical gates, landing craft handling and stowage sys, inhaul sys, operating gear (mechanical and manual), power units, securing fittings, stern gates, stern marriage sys, water barrier operation, gear, LCAC support structure.

Complete sys for elevating and retracting structure such as periscopes, kingposts, snorkels, and antennas. Controls, elevating gear, fittings, fixtures, hydraulic units, lagging, liners, operating gear, piping, retracting gear, submarine external hydraulic sys, valves

Aircraft recovery support sys, complete arresting gear, barriers and barricades, cross deck pendants, hauldown and captures sys, operating gear, complete retrieving gear, sheaves, wire supports


Does not include

Gate and ramp structures (1) mechanical sys for vehicle handling (575)

Integral hydraulic components (ws), main hydraulic fluid sys (556), strut and foil retraction and extension sys (567)

Landing officer platform (492)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


587 Aircraft Launch Support Systems

588 Aircraft Handling, Servicing & Stowage

589 Miscellaneous Mechanical Handling Systems


Accumulators, aircraft launch support system, aircraft starting, buffers, catapult trough heating system, catapults, deck cooling panels, holdback gear, integrated catapult control station, jet blast deflectors, operating gear, panel boards, power cylinders, ramps, retracting and tensioning engine, sheaves, shuttle mounted on tracks, tension rings, towing bridle, water brake piping system, water brakes

Aircraft handling, aircraft servicing, aircraft stowage, automatic stanchions, cranes, roller and metal curtains, deck edge elevator doors, hanger division doors, hanger roller and sliding doors, aircraft elevators, engine stowage, hanger hatch covers, hanger ramps, hoists, jet engine test stand, locking gear, platforms, power units, retractable hangars, sheaves, tie down fittings, traversing system, yellow gear: CRASH CRANE, TIE DOWNS, TOW TRACTORS, TOWING BARS, TOWING BRIDLES

Handling barge, handling causeway, dumb waters, personnel elevators, escalators, handling pontoon.


Does not include

Catapult trough, (sub group 130), steam supply, exhaust, drain and blow down system (535), water brake heating/cooling system (535/536)

door structure (169)

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


591 Scientific & Ocean Engineering Systems

592 Swimmer & Diver Support & Protection Systems

593 Environmental Pollution Control Systems


In ocean work system and tools, jettisoning system, manipulators, ocean engineering system, scientific system, submersible vehicle mechanical system

Diver and swimmer cages, diver equipment stowage, diver support and protection sys, diver tools, personnel transfer capsules, swimmer support and protection systems

Air pollution abatement system: emission control devices, emission detection devices. Oil pollution abatement system: ancillary machinery controls and instrumentation dedicated to system support, ballast segregating devices, bilge and ballast oil-in-water separators, oil-in-water detectors. Sewage treatment and disposal system: collection, holding, and transfer tank, sewage treatment devices. Industrial and chemical waste disposal system: chemical waste containment and treatment equipment, silver recovery devices. Solid waste disposal systems, submarine trash disposal unit, Waste water treatment and disposal system, domestic collection, holding, and transfer tank


Does not include

Disposal unit drain piping (529), disposal unit sea water supply from trim system (564), drain piping from units to sewage treatment devices and tanks except where such piping is integral to sewage treatment devices (528), environmental controls sys. (510),garbage disposal weights (load), hydraulic piping to pollution control, Infection waste processor (652), trash compactors

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


594 Submarine Rescue, Salvage, & Survival Systems

595 Towing, Launching & Handling for Underwater Systems


Ambient caisson cage, blow line, breathing manifold, cable, charcoal filters, escape breathing air piping from service air isolation valve, escape trunk equipment, escape trunk flood and drain piping, escape trunk timer, extension pipe through hull, high salvage line, hose connection or pipe cap on deck, hydraulic system, for messenger buoys and escape hatch cover operation, low salvage strainers, manifold, master valve, messenger marker buoys, quick disconnect couplings, reel, regulator, submarine rescue system, salvage air fittings, submarine salvage system, salvage wrenches, sea pressure gage, submarine survival system trunk drain valve operator, valve operators, vents

Both local and remote control and indicating panels, interconnecting cabling, launcher tube and all attached and associated local components, piping and valve components beginning at headers, signal ejector system, three inch launcher including items such as: blow and vent manifold, breech door including interlock mechanism, ejector, integral hydraulic components, muzzle valve, tube


Does not include

Compartment air supply (551), Communication equipment for rescue (442) submarine signal ejectors (595), 3-inch launcher (595).

Impulse air flask, gage, and isolation valve (551), service air piping to blow and vent manifold (551).

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX


596 Handling Systems for Diver & Submersible Vehicles

597 Salvage Support Systems

598 Auxiliary Systems Operating Fluids

599 Auxiliary Systems Repair Parts & Tools


Diver platform handling system, personnel transfer capsule handling system, submarine rescue chamber handling system, submersible vehicle handling system

Beach gear, bow lifts, deep ocean recovery, salvage support system

Includes fluids contained in components and system listed in group 5 to make them operable. Includes fluids in closed, open and free flooding system and fluid in roll stabilization tanks.

Contains repair parts, replacement items, and tools carried aboard to service and repair the components and system in group 5. Also contains training devices to orient crew to the usages of components and system in group 5.Auxiliary system repair parts, auxiliary sys special purpose tools, vehicle spare batteries.


601 General Arrangement - Outfit & Furnishings Drawings


Does not include

Fluids in storage tanks or service tanks which belong with the items of variable load because they are reserve fluids and not operating fluids. Lube oil in non-integral sumps also belong with variable loads.

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Hull Designating & Marking

Builders nameplates, interior markings, label plates, gral hull marking and designating, ships name board


Draft Marks


Locks, Keys, & Tags


Rodent & Vermin Proofing

Gral rat proofing, screen wire and sheet metal requirements. For rat-proofing


Hull Fittings

Davits (except boat handling and minesweeping), deck chafing plates, deck fittings (regardless of method of fabrication), fenders, hull fittings, guards, jackstaff, landing signal officers and leadsmans platform, mine safety clearing guards, padeyes for lashing, propeller and hydrofoil guards, safety tracks, shell brackets for painters staging, spars, Personnel safety panels (permanent)

Fender, guard, and awning brace stowage (671), lifting padeyes for lifting diving planes (566), lifting padeyes for lifting rudder (562), lifting padeyes for pulling propeller (243), lifting padeyes for spec equip (w/ application element), mooring and towing fittings (582), permanently installed fenders or guards (114), rope guards for propellers (161).


Rails, Stanchions, & Lifelines

Awning braces, hand rails, lifelines, pipe railing, rail and awning fittings, rail and awnings stanchions, rails, safety nets, stanchions for lifelines.


SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX

SAWE Recommended Practice No. XX



Does not include


Rigging & Canvas

Awnings, canvas canopies, canvas covers, curtains, flag hoists, halyards, hoods, rigging, running and

Ammunition handling (712),boat handling (583), canvas light traps (621), cargo handling (573),



standing rigging, shrouds and stays incl


minesweeping sys (476), missile handling (722),

for misc. masts, tarpaulins, weather cloths

replenishment-at-sea (571), rigging, winches,


devices for special distinct sys (ws), stores handling


Non-Structural Bulkheads

Joiner bulkheads, non-structural bulkheads, coamings, expanded metal bulkheads, fastenings, frames, hinged shelves, light traps (include.