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May 24th, 2014 .:. Small Group Team Time

Pathways Kids Ages 6 - 12

This Weeks Scope

Bible Story: Backfired (Hamans Plot Against the Jews) Esther 3; 4:8b; 5:6-10; 6:6-11; 7:1-6, 9b-10
Bottom Line: When you lie to help yourself, you hurt yourself instead.
Memory Verse: Keep me from cheating and telling lies. Be kind and teach me your law. Psalm
119:29, NIrV
Life App: Honestychoosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do.
Basic Truth: I can trust God no matter what.

This week, were discovering:

In week four, well head to the book of Esther. Haman has just been promoted as the kings most important
advisor. But theres one man who wont bow to him: Mordecai. Haman is so angry that he vows to destroy not just
Mordecai, but all of his people, the Jews! Little does Haman know that Mordecai has family in high places. Queen
Esther risks everything to save her people. Once her plan with Mordecai is set in motion, Hamans dishonesty to
hurt others ends up hurting himself instead.
Bottom Line: When you lie to help yourself, you hurt yourself instead. Sometimes we have a tendency to lie
in order to make ourselves look good. But we cant keep the lie for long. Eventually well be found out and our lie
will only hurt ourselves.
Our Memory Verse is Psalm 119:29. Keep me from cheating and telling lies. Be kind and teach me your
law. Gods plan for our lives is better than the one we make for ourselves. Telling the truth is always a good idea.
God can help us be honest in every circumstance.

Welcome Time
What You Need: An offering container
What You Do:
Take up the offerings and ask the children questions that will get them thinking about the lesson, such
What You Say:
Sometimes we are hurt by things that we dont expect. Some examples are getting a shock off a
doorknob, or getting a friction burn from going down a slide. Have you ever done something that hurt
when you didnt expect it to?

Activity #1
Memory Verse Toss (memory verse activity)
What You Need: Beanbag
What You Do:
Sit on the floor in a circle with the kids. Say the first word of the Memory Verse as you toss the beanbag
to one of the kids. Guide him to say the next word of the verse and then toss the beanbag to another
kid. Continue tossing the beanbag around, saying the next word of the verse as the beanbag is caught.
You cant toss the beanbag to the person who tossed it to you. Be ready to prompt the kids with the
words of the verse if needed. For a challenge, you can time how long it takes to get through the verse
and see if you beat your time.
What You Say:
Haman clearly didnt listen to what God had to say about cheating and telling lies. He found out the
hard way that [Impress] when you lie to help yourself, you hurt yourself instead.
If you lead mostly older kids, consider asking these discussion questions:
What are some reasons people would lie about themselves? (To feel important, to be liked, to
be popular, to get something, for recognition)
What might be some of the consequences of those lies?
Haman thought he was doing a great job deceiving the king and Haman thought he was getting
exactly what he wanted, but that wasnt the case, was it? When we lie about ourselves, it may
seem like we are getting what we want, but what really happens when we deceive people to
make ourselves look better? (We disobey God, we sin, we arent recognizing the true gifts
God has given us, we lose trust with our friends and family, we look foolish when the truth is
revealed, etc.)

Prayer Time
What You Need: No supplies needed
What You Do:
[Make it Personal] Share with the kids about a time you lied and were hurt in the process. Share
about how the pain was not worth the prize you won by lying.
What You Say:

Today we learned that [Impress] when we lie to help ourselves, we hurt ourselves instead. When
we lie to get something or to help ourselves, we are just storing up pain that will eventually come
crashing down on us! God wants the best for us and wants to spare us from that kind of pain. [Apply]
When we tell the truth instead of lying, we can save not only ourselves but also others from
painful consequences.
Ask the kids to get into pairs or small groups. Guide the kids through this prayer with their partner or
groups.Dear Jesus, thank You for always being there for me and for having my best interests in mind.
Please help me to remember that I should never have anything that I have to lie to get, and that the
pain that I can experience from lying is never worth what I can get from deceiving others. Help me to
avoid lying to help myself, because Ill just end up hurting myself instead. Amen!



Simon Says
What You Need: No supplies needed
What You Do:
Challenge the group to play Simon Says. Use every Simon Says trick you know to fool them. But focus
on one of the best ways, which is to say one thing but do another. For example: say, Simon says put
your hands on your head, but put your hands on your shoulders or belly instead. Many kids will be
fooled by this method, especially when combined with going very fast and switching back and forth
between similar motions.
Note: Simon Says can get boring if you dont keep a good pace with the instructions. Make sure you
never pause or slow down after the words Simon says. Make sure to have plenty of ideas. It is okay
to repeat motions often and go back and forth between them. In fact, that is a tried and true way of
getting people out. Never stop talking and moving. Pausing is a definite no-no in Simon Says.
What You Say:
In this game, one of the main ways I fooled you was to say one thing but to do something else. Today
we are going to learn about some people who didnt technically lie with the words they said, but they
were lying with their actions, like I did in the game. [Transition] Lets go into Large Group and learn
more about how lies, even without words, can end up hurting us.

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