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How to Calculate an Astrology Chart (19 Steps) | eHow

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eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Science & Nature Astrology How to Calculate an Astrology Chart

How to Calculate an Astrology Chart

By Jay Leon
eHow Contributor




An astrology chart is a picture of the heavens for a given place and time. Each chart or
"horoscope" shows the positions of the planets and signs in 12 divisions called houses.
Computer programs now make it possible for anyone to cast a chart, even without
knowledge of astrological techniques. But familiarity with how a chart is made is just as
important as the ability to interpret it. If you know how to calculate a horoscope by
hand, you can better understand how astrology works.

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Things You'll Need

V Pencil

V Noon ephemeris

V Paper

V Tables of houses

V Birth data

V Table of Proportional

V Atlas
V Time zone map

V Calculator (optional)
V Astrology book (optional)

Calculating the Birth Time

1 Draw a circle on a blank sheet of paper. Divide it into 12 sections to make an
astrology chart. Set aside.

Get the birth time and location for the horoscope. Use an atlas to obtain the
geographic coordinates and time zone. For example,123 degrees and 6 minutes
west of Greenwich, Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Look at a time zone map to find the zone's central meridian. For Pacific Standard
Time, the meridian is 120 degrees west of Greenwich. Count the number of
degrees and minutes that the birthplace is off the meridian. In the above example, it
is 3 degrees, 6 minutes west.

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5/22/2015 3:47 PM

How to Calculate an Astrology Chart (19 Steps) | eHow

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Add 4 minutes per degree and 4 seconds per minute to the difference. The result
here is 12 minutes and 24 seconds.
Subtract the above figure from the Standard Time if the birthplace is west of the
Standard Time meridian; add the difference if it is east of the meridian. If the
standard birth time is 6:00 a.m., the result is 05:47:36 a.m. (rounded off to 05:48
a.m.), the Local Mean Time.

How to Get a Free

Astrology Birth Chart

Calculating the Houses


Find the Sidereal Time for the birth date in a noon ephemeris. For example, the
sidereal time for noon in Greenwich on January 1, 2001 is 18:44:50, according to
the "Astrolabe World Ephemeris 2001-2050."

Calculate the difference between the Local Mean Time of birth and the previous or
coming noon. For 5:47:36 a.m., the difference is 6 hours, 12 minutes and 24
seconds. Add the interval to the Noon Sidereal Time if the birth is after noon;

How to Calculate
Astrological Houses

Guide to Astrology:
Symbols, Chart &

subtract if it is before noon. 18:44:50 - 06:12:24 = 12:32:26.

Accelerate the difference. Add 10 seconds per hour, or 1 second per 6 minutes. For
this example, the total is 62 seconds. Add the result to your calculations if the birth
was after noon; subtract if it was before noon. 12:32:26 - 00:01:02 = 12:31:24.

How to Figure Your

True Zodiac Sign

Correct for longitude. Add 10 seconds per 15 degrees if west of Greenwich;

subtract if east of Greenwich. The result is the Local Sidereal Time. 12:31:24 +

00:01:22 = 12:32:46.

Find the charts latitude in an astrological tables of houses. Look up the time closest
to the Local Sidereal Time above. In the Rosicrucian "Tables of Houses," the closest
to 12:32:46 is 12:33:04.

Copy the house cusps listed there to your astrology chart. Write the degree, sign
and minute of each cusp on the outside of each house.

Calculating the Planetary Positions

1 Refer to the ephemeris for each planet's position on the birth date. Subtract this

from the next day's position if the birth is after noon. Subtract the previous day's
position from the birth date's position if it is before noon. Reverse this rule if the
planet is retrogade (i.e., temporarily appears to be moving backward).


Zbog sira 17 (ft. PCAXE)

Zato nikad ne jedete sir u klipu? Keep smiling burazi

Convert the planet's motion into a logarithm. For example, the equivalent log for 1
degree of motion is 1.3802, according to the Table of Proportional Logarithms
given in "The A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator."

5/22/2015 3:47 PM

How to Calculate an Astrology Chart (19 Steps) | eHow

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Calculate the difference between the Greenwich Mean Time for the horoscope and
the Greenwich Noon Time. A birth time of 5:48 a.m. Local Mean Time in the
example chart has an equivalent time in Greenwich of 2:00 p.m. The difference is 2

Find the logarithm for the difference. According to the Table of Proportional
Logarithms, the log for 2 hours is 1.0792.

Add the above log to the planetary motion log. For this example: 1.3802 + 1.0792 =

Convert the logarithm into motion. Look for its closest log in the Table of

Add the motion to the planet's position if the birth is after Greenwich noon;
subtract if it is before noon. (Reverse this rule if the planet is retrogade.) If the sun's
position at noon in Greenwich was 11 degrees, 08 minutes Capricorn, this gives 11
degrees, 13 minutes in the same sign.

Place the planet in your astrology chart. Use the house cusps to find its correct

Proportional Logarithms. If the nearest or exact log listed is 2.4594, the equivalent
motion is 5 minutes.

position. Repeat the above calculations for the other planets until the horoscope is
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How to Calculate an Astrology Chart (19 Steps) | eHow

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The New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator; Llewellyn George; 1981
"Tables of Houses"; The Rosicrucian Fellowship; 1949
"The Astrolabe World Ephemeris 2001-2050"; Robert Hand, Astrolabe Inc.; 1998
"Alan Oken's Complete Astrology"; Alan Oken; 1988

Astrodienst: Swiss Ephemeris for 6,000 Years and More
Zodiacal Zephyr: Free Astrological Chart Service
Rosicrucian Fellowship: The Message of the Stars
Astrology Weekly: World Atlas

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