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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mr Ducan Lewis
The Director-General
ASIO Central Office
GPO Box 2176

Attention: This Mail Private Confidential and For

The Director only to read.
Dear Director
Greetings, Joy, Peace, Happiness and
Good Health to you and yours I hope this letter will
greet you with.
I hereby challenge you to a game of cards, if you
win, then I will go away and be a good little slave to
The New World Order, which ASIO and the
politicians both sides of Parliament have sold
Australia and the Australian people out to the
Bankers and Corporations.
But if I win the game of cards, then my reward I ask
is ASIO goes after some of these corrupt politicians
both sides of politics and prosecute them for
Treason for selling the Australian people and
Australia out to the New World Order and the
Bankers & Corporations and the Rothchild Family
who control all the World Central Banks, money

Before you throw this letter into the garbage bin,

may I remind you of the said ASIO Act which as an
employee of ASIO you have sword an Oath to
uphold and defend?

Politically Motivated Violence

2.2 "Politically Motivated Violence" means:

(a) Acts or threats of violence or unlawful harm that

are intended or likely to achieve a political
objective, whether in Australia or elsewhere,
including acts or threats carried on for the purpose
of influencing the policy or acts of a government,
whether in Australia or elsewhere
(b) Acts that -

(i) Involve violence or are intended or are likely to

involve or lead to violence (whether by the persons
who carry on those acts or by other persons); and
(ii) Are directed to overthrowing or destroying, or
assisting in the overthrow or destruction of, the
government or the constitutional system of
government of the Commonwealth or of a State or

The ASIO Act or Law I claim these

people broke
(ii) Are directed to overthrowing or destroying, or assisting
in the overthrow or destruction of, the government or the
constitutional system of government of the
Commonwealth or of a State or Territory

More will be revealed after our game of cards and I

win, so you can go after these people and prosecute
them before the Australian people.
The Game Of Cards I hereby challenge you to is
The Illumanti Card Game put out in the
***** Your playing for the corrupt sell out
politicians, Bankers, Corporations and the
Rothchild Family.
***** I am playing for Australia, the Australian
People and the Human Race.
May the best man win agreed?
If so now lets take a walk step up the ladder onto
The World Chess Board Game for control of the
planet and human race.
The New World Order, you who your playing for
claim to control the present, I agree you control
the Worlds Resources, Central Banks and
Media, for which we the human race concede
Because you control the present, you also
control the past, which we concede and you
have been going back into history and wiping
history and re- writing it to suit your agenda of
the present and for the future of what the
human race will be taught and to our kids.

But here is the BUT, You are also claiming to

control the future for all of us, And World War
111 hasnt even been started and won, and
your claiming you control the future?
On behalf of Australia, The Australian people and
the Human race I hereby Trump your Future
Card with The Eternity Card that is the Top
Card in the pack which makes me the winner for
The Future Card only covers our short time on
earth as human beings.
But The Eternity Card not only covers our time
on earth as human beings, but our time after death
when we die, The Eternity Card goes on and on
Question Mr Director as I claim my prize of winning
the game with the top card in the pack.
Do the politicians control and own us after
Does the Greedy Bankers and Corporations
control and own us after death
Does the Greedy Rothchild Family control and
own us after death

Now if I am not mistaken by me claiming the Top

Trump Card in the pack, that puts me on behalf of
Australia, All Australians and the Human race at
the Top of the Pyramid and puts us back in control
of the World and Human Race.
Which means I hereby claim back ASIO which
politicians have corrupted and direct ASIO to now
start working for WE The People of which your
one of the We The People.
But at the end of the day, the choice is yours and
your fellow staff members, we havent got much
time to turn this all about and start correcting the
past and put a stop to the future what is planned,
with that said I will now give you more information
to the above to work with.
***** In 1983 those two Treasonous blokes Bob
Hawke and Paul Keating went outside of whole
Constitutional System of Government, and
registered Australia as a Corporation on the
American Securities and Exchange Commission
with the Deeds of Trust handed over to The Federal
Reserve Bank as best as we can find out.
***** They also changed the Whole Patent System,
without consent from the Queen.
***** They also registered all State Police Forces
ABN with American Securities and Exchange
There is the first nail in Australias coffin at selling
out Australia

Then Under Rudd and Gillard they went out and

got us in Debt to The Reserve Bank in America for
$350 Billion dollars which will take 30 years to
repay, and if we default on payment the Reserve
Bank will forclose with the Deed Of Trust they hold
over Australia, which Bob Hawke & Paul Keating
signed away gave them, there is our second nail in
our coffin.
Tony Abbott and his Government is now, in power
they are negotiating a TPP Treaty which is all being
done in secret, even after they sign it nobody is
allowed for 3 years to know whats in that
agreement, virtually they are signing Governance
over to the Corporations, which means the
Corporations will control our Government, there is
the third and final nail in Australias coffin
Its all over Red Rover as far as Australia is
concerned the Corporations and Bankers will own
us lock stock and barrel, I want that to sink in for a
In ending Mr Director your our Obie One, youre the
only person in power and with the power to turn
this all about and I respectfully ask you and ASIO
to start investigations and prosecutions against
some of these politicians mentioned within.
Yours truly
Lloyd T Vance

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