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SME Opportunities in Myanmar

Case Study: Canning & Diary Factory in Myanmar

Independent Study
According to Abe.M and Dutta.M.K (2014), Myanmar is developing from eras of seclusion with recuperated
and mounting sustenance from worldwide societies. Myanmar is now developed in all aspect of areas
especially at SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Since last few years, SME plays a significant role in the
country economic, social and political development and also creating job opportunities for local populations.
Sato.Y also accepted that SMEs are seemed as having momentous position to subsidize the provincial
growth through contribution in intercontinental invention networks. According to (2014),
SME means a business that preserves the returns and hold a number of workforces which are below a certain
The country, Myanmar, have a high potential for rapid development comprising with rich natural resources,
high labor forces and strategic location between the regions two economic giants; China and India. Not only
have Myanmar had so many resources as raw materials, but also because of the economic sanction,
Myanmar doesnt have their own natural products. So, regarding with our natural resources, SMEs can start
establish their own factory as local products. Myanmar can start with canning factory as an establishment. Io
order to do canning factory, the researchers country will need to have animal husbandry, and plotting of
farms. Regarding with Abe.M and Dutta.M.K (2014) his country has two economic giants around them
which are China and India. So, they can sell them to get revenue back as Made in Myanmar products. As
if the country want to make a meat canning industry, they need to have slathering for Halal food, then the
country can have market penetration to Middle East countries which comprises 51 countries; approximately
1.2 billion of population. As the country have enrich with resources, they can not only build meat canning
but also beans canning and diary canning factory. So, the country can have market penetration to economic
and population giant, India. As for the firm, the country will need to have Grass firm. By doing animal
husbandry, the country will get milk from the cows, goat. So, the country can sell it to EU countries which
permit tax free for 144 products. By the animals feces, the country can also have organic firms to make
canning. By plotting the beans at grass firms, the farmers can have not only the beans to sell but also the
food for animals at the firms. As for the grass firms and animal husbandry, the country can have it at
southern shan state. As for canning factory, they need to do at Mandalay which can have more powerful
energy to make it.

Research Methodology
The researcher will do quantitative method for methodology. The researcher will go to many supermarkets
and 3 factories. The researcher will do surveys about canned food at Mandalay supermarkets. Target group
will be the age group not less than 22, online users. Researcher will post some survey on and some will do on roadshow.
Significant of the study
By doing this research, researcher can point out the SME opportunities in Myanmar especially in canning
and diary factory. He will also strategically penetrate the market of Middle East and Asia. So, he can prove
that there are many opportunities for SMEs to upgrade the GDP level of Myanmar.
Organization of the study
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Literature Review
Chapter 3 Research Methodology
Chapter 4 Data Finding
Chapter 5 Analysis and Recommendation
Chapter 6 Conclusion
Research Questions

What is the position of SMEs in Myanmar?

What are the opportunities to improve GDP level of Myanmar?
How the resource are useful for canning and diary factory?