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Malaysia is a melting pot of culture. Justify.

Malaysia, is a country that is located in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three
federal territories. Divided by South China Sea, Malaysia is separated into two parts,Peninsular Malaysia
and Malaysian Borneo. The name of Malaysia, has been used to refer the whole Malay Archipelago.
Malaysia is a democratic country having Yang di-Pertuan Agong as the head of country and the Prime
Minister as the head of government. The Prime Minister was being elected during General Election of
Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong was chosen from the rulers of 9 Malay states,taking
turn in rotation. Malaysia is a unique country because it is multi -ethnic, multi -lingual and multi-cultural
country. Malays, Chineses, Indians, Ibans and several other ethnic groups had made the population of
Malaysia. Each groups have their own characteristics. That is the uniqueness of Malaysia. For examples,
the Malays will have have their Hari Raya Puasa, the Chineses have their Chinese New Year and the
Indians have their Deepavali for their grand festival. In addition, each ethnic group have their own
special cuisines and foods. If the Egyptians have basbussah and hadramaut, the Malaysians also have their
own special cuisines. Ketupat, rendang, yong tau fu and capati, are some types of Malaysian's cuisines
that are not only delicious but also famous around the world. The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa
Malaysia although other languages are also widely used such as English and Mandarin . Petronas Twin
Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower are some examples of monuments that located in Malaysia. Petronas
Twin Towers is one of the highest buildings in the world with 451 metres in height. Furthermore,
Malaysia have many beautiful and attr attractive tourism destinations. Every year, millions of people
came to Malaysia for their holiday. Malaysia-Truly Asia.
Malaysia certainly has many colors which make it appear lively and vibrant, each time you take a
look. Perhaps it is the only place in the world with numerous religious holidays on its calendar. For the
maximum religious festivals, it observes an open-door policy in which people invite friends and relatives
regardless of their faith. The multi-ethnic and multi-religious facets of the country are best seen in the
celebration of various festivals that are observed with whole-hearted festivities. For example, Hari Raya
Puasa or also known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a joyous and important Muslim holiday that is celebrated
throughout the Muslim world. It is the end of a month of fasting and each day is started with children
asking their parents forgiveness for anything they have done wrong, before they go to prayers. Next,
Chinese New Year which is a very festive time for Malaysian Chinese and is observed on the first day of
the first moon on the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated with a traditional dinner on New Year's Eve and
subsequently continues with visits to family, friends and the honoring of the elderly. Besides, there is also
a festival known as Deepavali which is an important Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of good
over evil, particularly that of Lord Krishna over a demon king (mythological). It is observed with prayers
in the morning, followed with visits to friends and relatives with delicacies served. Wesak Day, which is
in May, is Buddha's Birthday and is considered to be the most important day of the year for Buddhists.
This day is celebrated with prayers and incense at the temples with the main celebration being a lantern
procession at night. Lastly, Christmas celebrated by the Christians in Malaysia usually with the
attendance of a church service on Christmas Eve. There are also carolers who sing at various places such
children's homes, retirement homes and hotels to bring the Christmas joy. The exchange of gifts is
practiced as well in celebration of Christ's birth.
The richness and diversity of Malaysian traditional costume can be seen throughout the length
and breadth of Malaysia.There is a great variety of beautiful costumes which differ in style and design
and from state to state.The birth of modern Malaysia in 1963 continues to add more of the amazing
collection of traditional costumes.Malaysian costumes include Sabah nad Sarawak which are also rich in
tradition and culture from its many ethnic and indigenous people further contributed to the fashion
heritage of Malaysia.Today we are most fortunate to witness the rich legacy of traditional costumes of

various ethnic group and communitiesin Malaysia as our very own cultural identity that we can proud
of.The beauty of the costume are so unique for instance baju melayu is the malay traditional mans
attire whereas baju kurung is worn by the woman.Baju melayu is a loose tunic which worn over
trousers and usually accompanied with a sampin,which is wrapped around mans hip and a songkok
on their head. Normally,it is worn on the occasions of such as wedding,festivals and even to the office.It
is not only worn by the malays but all the races in Malaysia.The Malaysian traditional costumes became a
kaleidoscope of colours.It is a visual delight to one and all.
ARTISTS. Music and dance are almost inseparable in the Malaysian culture. Where there is one, the
other is not far behind. True to Malaysia's heritage, dances vary widely and are, if not imports direct from
the source nation, heavily influenced by one or more of Malaysia's cultural components. Much of
Malaysian music and dance has evolved from more basic needs into the mesmerizing, complex art forms
they are today. Traditional music is centered around the gamelan, a stringed instrument from Indonesia
with an otherworldly, muffled sound. The lilting, hypnotic beats of Malaysian drums accompany the song
of the gamelan; these are often the background for court dances. The rebana ubi are now used primarily as
ceremonial instruments. The Giant Drum Festival is held in Kelantan either in May or June.Similarly,
silat, an elegant Malaysian dance form, originated as a deadly martial art. The weaponless form of selfdefense stripped fighting to a bare minimum.The candle dance is one of Malaysia's most breathtakingly
beautiful performance arts.Candles on small plates are held in each hand as the dancer performs. As the
performer's body describes graceful curves and arcs, the delicate candle flames become hypnotic
traces.The Joget, Malaysia's most popular traditional dance, is a lively dance with an upbeat tempo.
Performed by couples who combine fast, graceful movements with rollicking good humor, the Joget has
its origins in the Portuguese folk dance, which was introduced to Malacca during the era of the spice
trade.Among the many different traditional theatres of the Malays, which combine dance, drama, and
music, no other dance drama has a more captivating appeal than Mak Yong. This ancient classic court
entertainment combines romantic stories, operatic singing and humor.The Datun Julud is a popular dance
of Sarawak, and illustrates the age-old tradition of storytelling in dance. The Datun Jalud tells of the
happiness of a prince when blessed with a grandson. The Sape, a musical instrument, renders the dance
beats, which are often helped along by singing and clapping of hands.Although Malaysia's cultural
heritage is rich and varied almost beyond belief, it would be a mistake to assume that heritage to be
wholly traditional. Malaysia has joined the recent world music trend by updating many of its beautiful
traditional sounds. Modern synthesizers accompany the gamelan and the drums for a danceable, hypnotic
sound you won't soon forget.
Malaysia is a mixture of three races which are Malaysa, Chinese and Indians. Malaysia is known
as a multi confessional country. Many different ethnicities currently exist in Malaysia have their own
unique and distinctive cultural with some crossovers. Diversity of races, religions and cultural is a
significant characteristic of our nation. The official religion of Malaysia is islam and it is practiced by the
majority of Malays and there are also a portion of the chinese and the indian community. Under the
constituition other races are free to practice any religion in our atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance.
The other main religion are Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity. There are many fascinating
observances to this culturally, rich land of different cultures and religious backgrounds. These religions
are far more different than each other. Islam is a predominant religion of the country and is recognized as

the states official religion. Due to islam being the state religion, many mosque and other religious
services are supported by the government.
Malaysia is also well-known as being the food paradise in this part of world,due to its varied
and tasty cuisine.In fact,there is a standing joke that,the British conquered half the world in search of a
good meal and they found it in this land.The liberal use of curries in some Malay dishes is testimony of
the influence that the Indians had on the culture of the Malays.In addition,Indians bread like Roti Canai
is now a common breakfast dish for most Malaysians regardless of race and creed.It doesnt take and
adventurous travelor or food enthuasiat to appreciate Malaysin food.There are just so much to choose
whether traditional or modern cuisines ,seem to satisfy the choosiest tastes buds.The stapl food in
Malaysia is rice,just like the other Asean countries.Chinese food and Indian food has been assimilated
with local cuisines.In Malaysia,Cantanese food makes the most presence with its stir fry and steaming
method.Chinese dishes such as dim sum,sweet and sour,sweet barbecued pork,bak kut teh(herbal soup)
are a few popular dishes.Steamboat is also widely available and can be a great experience.Thus,there is a
no denial,Malaysia is a food heaven.
Finally, Malaysia is a very nice place to visit. It is a land for fascinating places. Touristcan learn more about others
cultures, including their food, custome, art dan believes. VisitMalaysia means visit Asia. It is worthy to spend time and money
at Malaysia as the expenditureis affordable. Tourist can get new interesting experiences and challenge theirselves with ecotourism activity. If you are looking a place for a great vacation, Malaysia is among the ideal one.

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