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Digital Asset Management

CQ5 Digital Asset Management (CQ5 DAM) is the enterprise-grade digital asset
management platform that sets the stage for your global branding outreach.
Collaborating on your digital assets beyond the borders of your corporation and sharing
with agencies and business partners maximizes the value of your brand.
Digital assets come in many formats, such as images, documents, audio and video clips,
presentations and logos. But to own an asset doesnt necessarily mean that asset has
value for your organization unless you can find it and use it when you need it.
Using CQ5 DAM makes digital assets easy to find, share, add comments, revise and
publish, regardless of format.

From the Digital Parking Lot to the Information Highway

The hidden costs in managing digital assets are evident in operation- Challenges include:
al redundancy, recreation of graphics or duplicate versions of assets.
Protecting your brand integrity is vital in todays fast-paced business. Managing high-value intellectual property requires constant improvement of
More and more people, both inside and outside your company, are metadata accuracy, keeping audit trails and controlling inter-enterprise access.
creating content that is representing your brand.
Future-proof industry standards accelerate the reuse of digital assets in a crossplatform and cross-media landscape.
CQ5 DAM utilizes globally accessible repositories for shared, permissions-based access to digital media assets. It uses web-based shared Proliferation of large files increases storage and bandwidth expenses, putting
workspaces for workflow-based idea sharing and offers 24/7 self- pressure on IT resources, instead of being able to focus on achieving business
service of marketing materials, video and image libraries.

Join creative forces

Feature Description

Creative folks write conceptual scribbles, design and spin out ideas.
Project managers produce piles of memos and countless e-mails. Easy-to -u se an d Web -b ased
CQ5 DAM has been designed for efficient coordination of digital
Your users will love CQ5s user interface, and you will love that it is
asset production and distribution.
100% customizable to your corporate identity.
Direct cross-platform access to the central assets repositories using Windows,
Standard repository functionality leveraged by CQ5 include:
Mac OS X and Linux from anywhere in the world.
It ensures that everybody is working with the correct version of the asset.

Easy asset upload, search and organization helps to motivate asset managers

CQ5 DAM natively supports industry approved metadata formats

such as the XMP - the Extensible Metadata Platform spearheaded
by Adobe. XMP is a standard for processing and storing standardized
and proprietary metadata in digital assets. Production professionals,
for example, use the built-in XMP support within Adobes applications to pass information across multiple file formats. The CQ5 DAM
repository extracts the XMP metadata and uses it to manage the
content lifecycle and offers the ability to create automation workflows.

Correct design and branding is ensured, globally, enterprise-wide

Easy search and retrieval of content, easy content re-use
Advanced tagging and metadata support for high-quality metadata
Your assets gain value the more people are using them. This is why
weve made it easy to share assets in shared folders or lightboxes, to
add comments and discuss assets within CQ5.

Further, CQ5 DAM extracts the metadata formats Exif and ID3 often
Su ppo rted Fo r mat, Metadata
found in multi-media assets. That enables flexible search and retrieval across diverse file formats.
CQ5 DAM supports out-of-the-box a large number of different file
formats. Images uploaded to the repository can be resized, scaled,
cropped, watermarked, thumbnailed or processed in any other form,
thanks to the integrated graphics engine. On documents, CQ5 DAM
supports full-text content and meta data extraction for Microsoft
Word, Powerpoint and Excel as well as PDF files. For PDF and PowerWith CQ5 DAM you can ensure that sales teams, subsidiaries and point, individual pages or slides can be treated as autonomous assets
distributors can access the correct versions of digital media mate- for reorganization and remixing. CQ5 DAMs multimedia capabilities
rials. Increase your return on investment by reducing the efforts for include handling MP3, WAV, AVI and MOV files and can be extended
distribution, customization and operation. CQ5 DAM improves your to support custom formats.
ability to reach your market quicker.
Using Adobes Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) allows CQ5 DAM
Maintain secure and flexible global brand management, by control- to integrate out-of-the box with other standards-compliant Digital
ling the use and appearance of your assets, and how theyre present- Asset Management solutions and desktop software, such as Adobe
ed. CQ5 DAM features sophisticated tools for extracting metadata, Creative Suite CS4. All legacy metadata from Exif, ID3 or Microsoft
copyright and expiry information on your assets, to ensure that only Office is automatically translated to XMP, which can be extended to
qualified assets will be used in the production workflow. With CQ5 support customer-specific metadata schema, such as product cataDAM you can orchestrate automatic workflows that generate rendi- logs. CQ5 DAM comes complete with a dialog system that allows
standard and custom metadata to be edited on the Web, and includes
tions, thumbnails and watermarked images.
an advanced search builder that allows you to provide custom browse
and search workspaces to the users.

Brand protection inside and out

Global Brand Infrastructure

IT managers love software that saves them money, integrates well
with existing infrastructure and is 100% reliable. It allows IT to
control without constraining and, thanks to extensive standards
support, frees them from vendor lock-in. CQ5 DAM is built on the
highly scalable CRX Java Content Repository and integrates seamlessly with the Web Content Management and Social Collaboration
features of the CQ5 platform.

Searc h, Ta gg i ng AN D W or kf l o w

Enterpri se Architecture

All digital assets, metadata and content of Microsoft Office and PDF CQ5 DAM fulfills the highest requirements regarding availability and
documents are extracted and made searchable. Search allows sophis- scalability. Load balancing and clustering capabilities allow the full
ticated filtering on assets and fully respects the proper permissions. capacity of an IT infrastructure to be utilized. Asset replication allows
geographically distributed repositories to guarantee performance and
CQ5 DAM supports multiple ways of organizing content - both in service level around the globe.
a hierarchical and in an unordered, ad-hoc way. It supports both a
folder hierarchy for assets as well as multi-dimensional taxonomies. Leveraging existing LDAP directory servers and single-sign-on infraUsers can edit tags from the DAM Asset Editor which also shows sub- structure allow the centralized management of user information and
access control to the CQ5-managed digital assets. Asset-sharing
assets, renditions and meta-data.
provides external agencies access to the assets delivered over the Web.
A powerful workflow engine, combined with an easy-to-use graphical
user interface allows business users to create, maintain and control a CQ5 can be easily installed and run, either in a standalone deploymultitude of processes. These include parallel and nested workflows, ment (no requirement for additional infrastructure software) or, using
existing infrastructure such as Java EE application server. Leveraging
automation of workflow steps, rules, notifications and escalation.
the OSGi component system, software updates and enhancements
can be installed without stopping the system. Since CQ5 DAM stores
all information in the JSR 170 compliant CRX repository, the hotSh aring a nd P ubl is h in g
backup and disaster recovery functionality is at your service.
With CQ5 DAM, publishing content becomes a simple task. Whether
you want to access your digital assets inside a Desktop application
using a shared folder in a Windows network, or by using WebDAV;
Extend CQ5 D AM with O ther Day Pro ducts
whether you want to send assets via E-Mail or download a ZIP bundle
of assets; these are all available out-of-the-box with CQ5 DAM. CQ5 DAM seamlessly integrates with CQ5 Web Content Management
Running CQ5 DAM and CQ5 Web Content Management side by side and CQ5 Social Collaboration. This integration is by design and does
means that website authors can simply drag and drop assets into not require specific integration efforts. Days JCR connectors can be
used to include content from third party repositories, such as Microtheir Web pages to display them as part of their website.
soft SharePoint and OpenText Livelink.
Adapt to yo ur c o rp o rat io n
CQ5s extensible out-of-the-box component architecture makes
building a custom asset-centric application very efficient. With the
workflow-driven media handlers, you can add support for custom file
formats, custom metadata, and custom rendition plans that might
even involve human interaction or remote web services. The CQ5
widget library and the query builder framework allow the user interface to be customized to any specific requirement. The rapid-web
development framework - Apache Sling - and Eclipse-based development environment makes developers more efficient.

Globa l i z at i o n a nd L o c a l i z at i o n
Roll out digital assets on a global scale. CQ5s full Unicode text capabilities allow content in numerous languages, of all character sets.
CQ5 allows for decentralized asset production and administration in
several languages, including seven languages out-of-the-box: English,
French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and simplified Chinese.

Feature Details

Possible System Configurations

Recommended configurations, included in standard maintenance.
Additional optional configurations on request.

Su ppo rte d Fi le F o rmat s

Server Platfo r ms

Extended asset management and content life-cycle are supported

for all file formats. CQ5 DAM offers extended features for specific
file types, such as:


Microsoft Windows Server

Sun Solaris



Note: Some functionalities may differ on some platforms

metadata extraction

scaling & cropping

thumbnail generation


format transcoding

bill of material extraction

J ava Ru n time Ver sio n

full-text indexing & search

Java SE 5 (1.5)

Format Categories with extended features:

Java SE 6 (1.6)

Still Images: PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, Portable Pixmap, Photoshop
Compound formats: EPS, PDF, Quark Express

Microsoft Office documents

Audio in MP3, WAV

Archives like ZIP

Videos like MOV, AVI

J ava EE-co mplian t Applicatio n Servers

CQ5 comes packaged with an Application Server. Alternatively it can
be installed into:

Suppo rte d M e ta d ata F or m at s & S c h e m ata

Following metadata standards are out-of-the-box supported:
XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform)
ID3 Tags

Apache Tomcat

IBM WebSphere

Oracle WebLogic

Oracle Application Server

JBoss Application Server

Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server

Exif (Exchangeable image file format)

Dublin Core Schema

IPTC (Information Interchange Model) Schema

Clien t Platfo r ms
Microsoft Windows

Apple Mac OS X


Dev elo p e r E xte n s ibil it y

CQ5 DAM provides multiple extension points:
Media Handler API for adding file format support
Query Builder API for adding search predicates
Lenses API for adding search result visualizations
Actions API for adding interactivity with digital assets
Workflow API for adding workflow steps when dealing with assets

Br o wser s
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Mozilla Firefox 3