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Strategic Plan Guiding Principles Update

A discussion of principles is included in our staff focus group sessions to gather input to help
guide the strategic planning process. The guiding principles list which is being used has been
revised based on earlier input from the Board of Library Trustees and in-depth strategic plan
working group discussions. We shortened the preliminary list of guiding principles to make it
more workable for focus group discussions. This entailed removing a few of the principles on
the earlier list because they were considered to be fundamental to DCPLs programs and
services or too internally focused. Some values we hold are not listed here but may still guide
our plan. These are concepts and are not a final list and will continue to be refined.

Guiding Principles List for Staff Focus Group Discussions as of 5/20/15

Equal Access: We strive to provide equal access to library services and programs.
(All community members can access the varied library services and programs offered across the DCPL
Community Driven: We are committed to providing community-driven services and programs. We
anticipate and respond to expressed, known and changing interests.
(We will customize our offerings based on what each community wants.)
Filling Needs: The library provides programs and services based on community needs, including
complimentary, gap-filling programs and services.
(We will work to evaluate and deliver the services and programs that are most important to improve
the community and meet its needs.)
Literacy and love of reading: We promote reading and literacy services for all ages and seek to
eliminate reading achievement gaps.
(The librarys primary programs and services are oriented around reading and literacy.)
Lifelong learning: The library is a learning destination, a center of knowledge and a curator of
information. We promote lifelong learning.
(The library is a learning, education and enrichment destination including continuing and education
programs for all ages.)
Trusted Resource: The library is a trusted source of knowledge and information and maintains
materials and content in a variety of formats including books, electronic and digital information.
(The library is a resource for community members to access a varied and rich array of information.)
Partnerships: The Library actively partners with others to expand and extend its programs and
services inside and outside its walls.
(The library forms and maintains partnerships to better serve the community.)
Community Gathering Place: The Library is a community resource and offers space for formal and
informal meetings and activities. We offer inspirational and stimulating spaces that strike all the
senses and foster curiosity and a thirst for information.
(The library is a place where people want to spend time and a community hub.)
Conveners: The library acts as a community convener and catalyst and we encourage civic
(We offer programs and services that foster community engagement.)
Innovators: We take a flexible, adaptive approach to designing our services and programs.
(We actively experiment, refine, and iterate with a goal of improving the customer experience.)
Document #9D.2
Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 27, 2015