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Submitted in the partial fulfillment of the Degree of masters of business





Regd. No : 10906032

Roll no. : RS1901 B35

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Department of Management Lovely Professional University Phagwara


I take this opportunity to present my votes of thanks to all

those guidepost who really acted as lightening pillars to
enlighten our way throughout this project that has led to
successful and satisfactory completion of this study.

We are really grateful to our COD Mr.Devdhar shetty for

providing us with an opportunity to undertake this project
in this university and providing us with all the facilities.
We are highly thankful to Mrs. Sukhpreet Kaur for her
active support, valuable time and advice, whole-hearted
guidance, sincere cooperation and pains-taking
involvement during the study and in completing the
assignment of preparing the said project within the time

Lastly, We are thankful to all those, particularly the

various friends , who have been instrumental in creating
proper, healthy and conductive environment and including
new and fresh innovative ideas for us during the project,
their help, it would have been extremely difficult for us to
prepare the project in a time bound framework.


Regd. No : 10906032

Roll no. : RS1901 B35

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Registration No. of Company 5786 Nominal Capital : Rs. 2,00,00,0000


Declaration of compliance with the requirements of the Companies

Act, 1956 on application for registration of a company

[Pursuant to section 33(2)]

Name of Company : Galaxy Public Limited Company

Presented by : Faraz Alam , Aditya Mohan Gupta , Mohammad Abbas ,

Sheikh Talha , Sagir Alam , Sumit Walia & Nishant Gaurav .

I, Faraz Alam of Galaxy PUBLIC LTD.

do solemnly and sincerely declare that who is engaged in the formation of
the company, or a person Named in the articles as a
director/manager/secretary of the public Limited.

And that all the requirements of the Companies Act, 1956, and the rules
thereunder in respect of matters precedent to the registration of the said
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company and incidental thereto have been complied with. And make this
solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true.

Date :

Place Signature



1. An advocate of the Supreme Court of the ...................... High Court, an

attorney or a pleader entitled to appear before the ........................... High
Court or a chartered accountant practising in India.

2. State whether director, manager / secretary /advocate/ chartered account.

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Registration No. of the Company Nominal Capital:


Notice of the situation/change of situation of registered office

[pursuant to section 146]

Name of the company : Galaxy Public Limited Company

Notice is hereby given that ----

1. (a) the registered office of the company is situated .with

2. effect from
(b) the situation of the registered office of the company of was changed
from to with effect form .

3. Situation of registered office falls under the jurisdiction of (name of the

police station).*
Dated this Day of



(In Block Capitals)


*State address of nearest police station with district and tehsil.

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Registration No. of Company ........................ Nominal Capital
Rs. ...................................


Consent to act as director of a company and/or undertaking to take and

pay for qualification shares

[pursuant to section 264(2)/266(I)(a) and 266(1)(b)(iii)]

Name of company Galaxy Public Limited

Company ..........................................

by ..................................................................................................................

To the Registrar of
Companies .......................................................................

I, the undersigned, hereby testify my consent to act as director of

the .......................... limited, ................................ pursuant to section
264(2)/266(1)(a) of the Companies Act, 1956 and certify that I have not
been disqualified to act as a director under sections 267 and/or 274 of the
Companies Act, 1956.

I, the undersigned having consented to act as director of

the .............................. Limited, also hereby undertake to take from the said
company and pay for .................... shares of Rs. ................. each, being the

number/value of the shares prescribed as the qualification shares for the

office of director of the said company.

Name and Address Occupatio Date of Nationalit Signature

surname in n birth y
full and
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1 2 3 4 5 6

Signature ..............................

Designation ...........................

Dated the ........................... day of .................... 19

Notes: (1) Delete the portion not applicable.

(2) If a director signs through his agent authorised in writing, the

authority must be produced
before the Registrar.

(3) In case of undertaking to take and pay for qualification shares, the
from should be
accompanied by the necessary stamp duty.

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A company, formed and registered under the Company Act,

is regarded by law as a single person, having specified rights
and obligations. The law confers on a company a distinct
legal personality, with perpetual succession and a common
seal. A company is an association of a number of persons,
formed for some common purpose and registered according
to the law relating to companies. Section 3(1)(i) of the
Companies Act, 1956 states that a company means, “a
company formed and registered under this Act or an existing

A company is an association of many persons who

contribute money or money’s worth to a common stock and
employ it for a common purpose. The common stock so
contributed is denoted in money and is the capital of the
company. The person who contribute it or to whom it
belongs are members. The proportion of capital to which
each member is entitled is his share”.

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The objective of this paper is to grasp, assimilate and

comprehend the application of the Corporate Business Law
being practiced and its impact on day to day operations of
the Business in respect of the Contract act. In this paper we
will discuss how to start a new Galaxy Public LTD. company
hypothetically specifying its name, registration procedure in
detail, the objectives, and legal formalities of the forming a
company. According to the nature of the business, we will
also have to make an offer and enter into different contracts
with any 2 other groups through invitation following all the
essential elements as stipulated under the contract act

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1.Registered Office Clause: Meerut Cantt.

2. Object Clause:
i) Main Object: Provide services
ii) Other Objects: Create employment
3.Area of Operation Clause: Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya,
Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, ,
Orissa, Karnataka, Kerala.

4.Liability Clause: Limited by Shares.

5.Capital Clause: Rs 2,00,00,000(Rupees Two Crore Only.)

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Objects of the Company

Pursuant to Section 2 of the Memorandum, the principal object for which we

were established is to engage in the development, manufacture,
implementation and marketing of computerized systems in general and
computerized systems for producing tags, computerized photograph
databases for the purpose of identification and for issuing various certificates
in particular; consultation in the above fields; development, manufacture,
implementation and marketing of any product based on the knowledge and
expertise of the parties; and the purchase, sale, import, export and
implementation of any action required to realize the above objectives.


Our Articles provide that the number of directors serving on the board shall
be not less than two but shall not exceed eight. Our directors, other than
external directors, are elected at the annual shareholders meeting to serve
until the next annual meeting or until their earlier death, resignation,
bankruptcy, incapacity or removal by resolution of the general shareholders
meeting. Directors may be re-elected at each annual shareholders meeting.
The board may appoint additional directors (whether to fill a vacancy or
create new directorship) to serve until the next annual shareholders meeting,
provided, however, that the board shall be entitled to act in every matter so
long as the number of its members is not less than the quorum required at
the time for meetings of the board. If the number of members of the board
decreases below said quorum, the board will not be entitled to act except in
order to fill vacant positions on the board or to call a general meeting of the
shareholders. Our officers serve at the discretion of the board.

The Board of Directors may meet and adjourn its meetings according to our
needs. A meeting of the board may be called at the request of each director.
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The quorum required for a meeting of the board consists of at least two
directors constituting a majority of directors. The adoption of a resolution by
the board requires approval by a simple majority of the directors present at a
meeting in which such resolution is proposed. In lieu of a board meeting a
resolution may be adopted in writing by all directors, and a meeting may
also be held through any communications means, provided however that all
participants may hear each other simultaneously.

Subject to the Companies law, the board may appoint a committee of the
board and delegate to such committee all or any of the powers of the board,
as it deems appropriate. The board may, at any time, amend, restate or
cancel the delegation of any of its powers to any of its committees. Under
the Companies Law the board of directors must appoint an audit committee,
comprised of at least three directors and including all of the external
directors. The function of the audit committee is to review irregularities in
the management of our business and recommend remedial measures. The
committee is also required, under the Companies Law, to approve certain
related party transactions. The Board has appointed an internal audit
committee which has three members and a remuneration committee which
has three members.

Approval of Certain Transactions

Under the Companies Law, all arrangements as to compensation of office

holders who are not directors, or controlling parties, require approval of the
board of directors. Arrangements regarding the compensation of directors
also require internal audit committee and shareholder approval.

The Companies Law requires that an office holder of the company promptly
disclose any personal interest that he or she may have and all related
material information known to him or her, in connection with any existing or
proposed transaction by the company. In addition, if the transaction is an
extraordinary transaction as defined under Israeli law, the office holder must
also disclose any personal interest held by the office holder's spouse,
siblings, parents, grandparents, descendants, spouse's descendants and the
spouses of any of the foregoing. In addition, the office holder must also
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disclose any interest held by any corporation in which the office holder is a
5% or greater shareholder, director or general manager or in which he or she
has the right to appoint at least one director or the general manager. An
extraordinary transaction is defined as a transaction other than in the
ordinary course of business, otherwise than on market terms, or that is likely
to have a material impact on the company's profitability, assets or liabilities.

In the case of a transaction which is not an extraordinary transaction, after

the office holder complies with the above disclosure requirement, only board
approval is required unless the articles of association of the company
provide otherwise. The transaction must not be adverse to the company's
interest. Furthermore, if the transaction is an extraordinary transaction, then,
in addition to any approval stipulated by the articles of association, it also
must be approved by the company's audit committee and then by the board
of directors, and, under certain circumstances, by a meeting of the
shareholders of the company. An office holder who has a personal interest in
a matter that is considered at a meeting of the board of directors or the audit
committee may not be present at the deliberations or vote on this matter. If a
majority of the directors has a personal interest in a transaction with us, such
directors may be present at the deliberations and vote in this matter, and
shareholder approval of the transaction is required.

The Companies Law applies the same disclosure requirements to a

controlling shareholder of a public company, which includes a shareholder
that holds 25% or more of the voting rights if no other shareholder owns
more than 50% of the voting rights in the company. Extraordinary
transactions with a controlling shareholder or in which a controlling
shareholder has a personal interest, and the terms of compensation of a
controlling shareholder who is an office holder, require the approval of the
audit committee, the board of directors and the shareholders of the company
by simple majority, provided that either such majority vote must include at
least one-third of the shareholders who have no personal interest in the
transaction and are present at the meeting (without taking into account the
votes of the abstaining shareholders), or that the total shareholdings of those
who have no personal interest in the transaction who vote against the
transaction represent no more than one percent of the voting rights in the

In addition, a private placement of securities that will increase the relative

holdings of a shareholder that holds five percent or more of the company's
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outstanding share capital (assuming the exercise or conversion of all
securities held by such person that are exercisable for or convertible into
shares) or voting rights or that will cause any person to become, as a result
of the issuance, a holder of more than five percent of the company's
outstanding share capital or voting rights, requires approval by the board of
directors and the shareholders of the company. However, if the receiving
party is not a director in the company, its CEO, or a controlling shareholder,
and will not become a controlling shareholder as a result of the private
placement, shareholder approval is not required if the allotted securities
amount to twenty percent or less, of the company's outstanding voting rights
before the allotment. Since our shares are traded and were offered to the
public only outside of Israel, and as long as our shares are not offered to the
public or registered for trade in Israel, we are exempted from these
limitations concerning private placements.

Under the Companies Law and as long as our Articles are not amended to
determine otherwise,, certain resolutions, such as resolutions regarding
mergers, and windings up, require approval of the holders of 75% of the
shares represented at the meeting and voting thereon.

Duties of Shareholders

Under the Companies Law, a shareholder has a duty to act in good faith and
in a customary way towards the company and other shareholders and to
refrain from abusing his or her power in the company including, among
other things, when voting in a general meeting of shareholders on the
following matters:

• any amendment to the articles of association;

• an increase of the company's authorized share capital;
a merger; or
• approval of interested party transactions which require shareholder

In addition, any controlling shareholder, any shareholder who knows that it

possesses power to determine the outcome of a shareholder vote and any
shareholder who, pursuant to the provisions of a company's articles of
association, has the power to appoint or prevent the appointment of an office
holder in the company, is under a duty to act with fairness towards the
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company. The Companies Law does not describe the substance of this duty
but provides that a breach of his or her duty is tantamount to a breach of
fiduciary duty of an officer of the company.



Exemption of Office Holders

Under the Companies Law, an Israeli company may not exempt an office
holder from liability for breach of his duty of loyalty, but may exempt in
advance an office holder from liability to the company, in whole or in part,
for a breach of his duty of care, provided the articles of association of the
company allow it to do so. Our Articles allow us to exempt our office
holders entirely and in advance from liability to any damage suffered as a
result of this breach of duty of care towards us.

Required Approvals

In addition, under the Companies Law, any exemption of, indemnification

of, or procurement of insurance coverage for, our office holders must be
approved by our audit committee and our board of directors and, if the
beneficiary is a director, an additional approval by our shareholders is

Rights of Ordinary Shares

Our Ordinary Shares confer upon our shareholders the right to receive
notices of, and to attend, shareholder meetings, the right to one vote per
Ordinary Share at all shareholders' meetings for all purposes, and to share
equally, on a per share basis, in such dividends as may be declared by our
Board of Directors; and upon liquidation or dissolution, the right to
participate in the distribution of any surplus assets of the Company legally
available for distribution to shareholders after payment of all debts and other
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liabilities of the Company. All Ordinary Shares rank pari passu in all
respects with each other. Our Board of Directors may, from time to time,
make such calls as it may think fit upon a shareholder in respect of any sum
unpaid in respect of shares held by such shareholder which is not payable at
a fixed time

A merger of the Company shall require the approval of the holders of a
majority of seventy five percent (75%) of the voting power represented at
the annual or special general meeting in person or by proxy or by written
ballot, as shall be permitted, and voting thereon in accordance with the
provisions of the Companies Law



1. Selection of a name:
We have to select, in order of preference, at least one suitable name
upto a maximum of six names, indicative of the main objects of the
company. The following are the names which we want to name our
placement services companies



We have to ensure that the name does not resemble the name of any other
already registered bank or company and also does not violate the provisions
of emblems and names (Prevention of Improper Use Act, 1950) by availing
the services of checking name availability on the portal.

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This is to certify that GALAXY Filed for

incorporation was granted on the 30th SEPTEMBER 2009.
This proved that the company has performed all the
requirements and fulfilled the legal procedures of the
incorporation of the company and all the documents were
found legal and satisfactory. From this day forward the
company is capable of undertaking its normal business

The GALAXY PUBLIC LTD. company with its authorized
capital of 2 crore Rupees, head office in Meerut cant, and
planning to operate in other cities of India especially in the
urban area not only to big cities but also upcoming and
growing cities of different states. This prospectus is an

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invitation to the public, whoever wants to invest in the
company in the forms of shares. The share of the company is
at a very reasonable price of only Rs 25.00 (twenty five
Rupees only) per share, in which everyone can easily invest .
The Company is selling its shares at a low price mainly to
inspire people to invest, and with a view to make people
more aware especially the lower income group to invest in
the shares of the company.


This is the letter offer for the MOONSTAR for the dealing of complete
advertisements for the completion of the company. The Galaxy
Public Ltd. want to an agreement with you worth Rs. 1, 00,000 If your
company agrees then please give us a letter of acceptance.

Name :

Faraz Alam

Managing Director

Galaxy Public Ltd.

Sagir Alam

Managing Director
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Moon-Star Advertisement Ltd.


This letter issues for GALAXY PUBLIC LTD. for the acceptance of the
agrrement dealing letter for the Rs.1,00,000 by MOON-STAR
Advertisement Ltd. Company.

The agreement declears to the deal in once time for

the use of all Advertisements for the completion of the Galaxy Public

Name :

Sagir Alam

Faraz Alam

Managing Director
Managing Director

Moon-Star Advertisement Ltd.

Galaxy Public Ltd.

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