The Myth of Gangstalking [Revised: 2/9/2010 2:27 AM

By Bob Levin © 2010

To those targeted individuals wishing to link with me through Facebook. Targeted Individuals [TIs] are defeated by the Myth of Gangstalking and I am not doing the TI Community any favor by linking with those of you who continue to embrace the “gangstalking” myth and knowingly will no longer link with any other TI who continues to flirt with that Anti-TI Activist rhetoric. Please understand that although many Targeted Individuals [TIs] possess a belief concerning "gangstalking", which has nothing to do with the legal definition of "stalking", the agenda of AntiTI Activists is to offer you this chew-bait distraction that herds TIs in the opposite direction of a winning legal strategy. Anti-TI Activists, COINTELPRO informants and operators continually mask themselves to prevent their exposure as criminal actors while subverting public awareness of the ongoing illegal fractionalizing practices of COINTELPRO operations that have continued since the program’s conception in 1956. TIs who adopt the gangstalking agenda are being lead away from a winning legal strategy that was first offered by Bob S. and has since been supported by me. That winning legal strategy includes: The reopening of a 3rd COINTELPRO investigation with the appointment of a special independent counsel possessing subpoena powers for obtaining classified government documents that show a specific harm to a specific person by a specific federal agent. With this real evidence, the affected TI has laminated a winnable lawsuit that should harvest a meritorious restorative settlement. Otherwise you will remain in a static position until you either leave this world to hopefully be reincarnated in a better life or FFCHS empties your pockets of another reported $37,000.00 in fraudulent legal fees for a lawsuit they never filed and have not refund the money for plus interest to their client victims. These same FFCHS actors will continue to string TIs along by requesting special fees, financial support, and emergency funding while extorting TIs with the false promises of cultist con-artists operating a continuing criminal enterprise that serves the COINTELPRO model. To any human being who is a targeted individual please recognize this compare and contrast as a true depiction of what COINTELPRO operations actually are verses the fantasy of the gangstalking myth. Imagine yourself on the HMS Titanic while sinking beneath the freezing ocean water after striking an iceberg. The condition producing the icebergs mirrors the ongoing COINTELPRO operations that produce the repeated frequency of occurrences known to torture targeted individuals. The Titanic is the Targeted Individual. When targeted individuals adopt the mythical gangstalking agenda, it equals that of Titanic’s ill-fated passengers remaining seated in the third class dining room filling with frigid seawater and blaming the color of the tablecloths for sinking the ship. Deluded by denial they fail to recognize the submerging vessel continuing rapidly towards oblivion on the seafloor while dementedly casting adrift the final lifeboat for salvation that is the reopening of a 3rd COINTELPRO investigation as stated above. Targeted individuals must understand that the human brain chemistry is programmable and the nervous system subject to change when exposed to a frequency of repeat occurrences or stimuli; i.e., mind-control and brainwashing tactics applied in therapy or the applied methods for affecting Stockholm Syndrome for complacency and manipulation by COINTELPRO operators and their jackals. Therefore adopting the myth of gangstalking recognizes that the targeted individual has successfully affected the primary earmark of CIA Torture Programs, which is to cause self-inflicted harm. In this way the TI becomes both the torture victim and the torturer; a self-encapsulated or cocooned virtual death camp environment – a wave need not die on the beach to know its water. In this instance the resulting harm caused by the targeted individual, self-perpetuates their own paranoia as an applied technique for affecting brainwashing and mind-control through an

escalation of self-induced fear tactics that produce panic and often irrational behaviors triggering a fight or flight response while causing the targeted individual to appear as the odd-cog-out in a crowd of relatively oblivious and non-targeted strangers. Again this psyops programming will inevitably changes the brain chemistry in humans and further cause increased paranoid and delusional behavior while continuing to increase exponentially in the life of a targeted individual. In simpler terms, targeted individuals implant the virtual seeds of mythical gangstalking within the erosive soil of their own paranoid and delusional minds to perpetually germinate poisonous trees producing toxic fruit that both feeds and consumes the arborists planting the orchards of their own oblivion; i.e., self-inflicted harm in the micro through the loss of the individual sense of self-identity and in the macro systemic genocide for negative eugenics when nationally and globally expanded en masse. This condition is a reverse of the motto that I once included in my earlier writings over ten years ago, “Eat Life before Life Eats You.” Most of you as targeted individuals do not come with my background in counterintelligence and find it difficult to function through the layers of reverse techniques that are applied against specific and randomly targeted individuals; so you grab onto the gangstalking myth like a life-ring on the open seas, but it’s not a life preserver or preserver of life, it is a veiled killer disguised as a weighted anchor that will take the targeted individual straight to the bottom while systemically torturing you to death within this unseen TI Holocaust. End PS: Presently three primary websites secondary websites. Additionally there demonstrate the historical waypoints of targeted individual sanctioned in political are under construction. Online currently are a few are dated websites that are and being left online to recognizing myself as a government whistleblower and retribution by an ongoing COINTELPRO operation.

This results following two initial events. First my discovery of the ongoing commission of crimes by known federal, state and other culpable actors within the corporate sector and the syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex. Secondly my reverse validation by the Bush White House’s telephonic statement, “Bob you have people in very high places afraid to death that you are going to destroy their projects [blackops]…and they said if you publish your black file report that the government will “invent” a criminal charge against you.” My invitation for the Bush oligarchy to go pound salt up their asses was not well received. Bob Levin for Congress 2010 Facebook AllVoices Scribd