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Heavy Suppor FORCES OF ME BARK ANGELS. PRODUCED BY GAMES WORKSHOP aMwagye au INTRODUCTION a roe it Fo ey Jo i Di Ad ee en ote ns Cee een eee Jelcome Brother Marine to Codex: Dark Angels, a book dedicated to the most zealous of the Space Marine Chapters. Within these pages you will learn some (but not alll) of the secrets of collecting, painting and gaming with Space Marines of the Dark Angels. Chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 battle game. Guard these secrets well, and reveal them at your peri. THE DARK ANGELS The origins of the Dark Angels Chapter are shrouded in mystery. Thore are no records of its boginnings nor any mention ofits part in the Emperor's Great Crusade. Any reference in the Imperial histories to its deeds during the accursed times of the Horus Heresy has been expunged. But yet a legend persists that at one point the Dark Angels teetered on the very brink of Chaos and that an act of the most terrible betrayal dishonoured all of the Chapter’s feats of valour, leaving an enduring stain on the Chapter’s honour. Such is their shame, that from that time on they have borne the mark of the Unforgiven and must strive for absolution from the sins of millennia past ‘Their terrible secret is that during the Horus Heresy some of their brethren were converted to the side of Chaos. The renegades were defeated in a battle that destroyed the Dark Angels’ home world, Caliban, but many of the traitor Dark Angels survived to be cast through space and time by the Chaos gods. These ‘survivors are known to the Dark Angels as "The Fallen’ In the eyes of the Chapter’s leaders, there is only one way thai the Chapter can ever atone for their shame, restering their honour and trust within the Emperors eyes. That is if all the Fallen are found and either ‘made to repent or are slain. This story of treachery and betrayal is the Dark Angel hidden shame and their secret mission to destroy all of the Fallen is now their only hope of salvation. None know of this other than the Dark Angels, their Successor Chapters and, perhaps, the Emperor on his Golden Throne. ‘The Chapter has been shaped by its dark past and is, secretive and monastic in nature, with much time given ‘over to worship and prayer. There are many different levels within the Chapter which individuals may gradually rise through. On attaining each new level, they find out a little more about the truth behind the Dark Angels’ origins, but it is only the highest ranking members of the Chapter that know the terrible, shameful secret of what happened ten thousand years ago. WHAT’S IN THIS BOOK? Codex: Dark Angels is split into three main sections, each of which describes a different area of creating your ‘own Dark Angels army and getting it into action on the tabletop battlefield. Note that in order to use this Codex you will also need a copy of Codex: Space Marines, The Army List. The Dark Angels army list is supplemental to the main Space Marine army list in Codex: Space Marines. It details the unique troops and squads available to a Dark Angels commander and the specialised wargear they carry into battle. The Painting and Collecting Guide. This section covers everything you need to know in order to start collecting and gaming with a Dark Angels army. There are pages of painting guides and colour scheme ideas, as well as tactics, ideas on organising your army and lots of other useful information. The Dark Angels. The final section includes background information about the sinister Dark Angels, and also includes a special scenario based on a battle fought by the Dark Angels against the combined forces of to Ork Warlords. There are also special characters from the Dark Angels Chapter that you can use in your battles if you wish. DARK ANGELS ARMY LIST , . ae Sp asso at foe sou ptt tn spel ies and an army list allowing you to field a Dark Angels. Space Marine army in games of Warhammer 49,000. The list is designed to be compatible with the scenarios Included in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, but it also provides the information you will need if you wish to use Dark Angels in scenarios that you have devised yourself, or that form part of a campaign. Important Note: Throughout this book we refer to a Dark Angels army. However, it is possible to use this army list to build an army based on one of the Unforgiven Successor Chapters of the Dark Angels, such as the Angels of Absolution or Angels of Redemption. Alternatively you can use the list for a Chapter of your own devising. This will allow you to create your own colour scheme, Chapter history, special characters and other details, yet still play with a non: Codex army if you want to, USING THE ARMY LISTS ‘The Dark Angels army list is different from other army lists you may have already seen. Instead of being an Independent army list, itis used in conjunction with the standard army list in Codex: Space Marines. A Dark ‘Angels army is chosen in exactly the same way as any other Space Marines army, except where noted on the following pages. Although the Dark Angels and the Unforgiven vary somewhat from a ‘Codex’ Space Marine army, there are still more similarities than differences. For this reason, and in order to avoid any unnecessary repetition, the following pages detail only the different organisation and army list opiions that are available to the Dark Angels. Full entries for the other troops cpank ANGELS ARMY available to a Dark Angels Commander can be found in Codex: Space Marines. Unloss noted in thie volume, all of tho rulos, options and limitations that apply to a Space Marine army also apply toa Dark Angels army. CHOOSING YOUR ARMY When you are choosing your army, you may make choices from Codex: Dark Angels, within the normal limitations of the Force Organisation chart being used, points values of the battle, etc. Some of the entries that follow refer you to an entry or option from the Codex ‘Space Marines list. If this is the case, you use the entry cr option from Codex: Space Marines, with the special rules presented here. For example, Dark Ange's Tactical squads are chosen from the Tactical squad entry in Codex: Space Marines, but use the special rules that apply to Dark Angels printed in this Codex. Dark Angels Armoury A Dark Angels army has access to all of the weapons and wargear from the Space Marine Armoury in Codex: ‘Space Marines. In addition, there are a number of special items of wargear which are only available to a Dark Angels army and cannot be taken by an army representing a different Chapter. Important Note: Dark Angels Masters, Grand Masters, Librariens, Interrogator Chaplains and some Veteran Sergeants are members of the Deathwing and therefore have Terminator honours. The +1 Attack bonus has already been included in their characteristics and may not be taken again. For the same reason, they do not receive the +1 altack bonus if given Terminator armour. DARK ANGELS ARMY LIST Wergear Inedbtton tothe wargoar induded in Cod: Space Marines he Dak Angols may alse pick tems as nccated from the list below. Theso toms aro al unique and may not be pleated. Note that Dark Angels do not have access to Holy Roles or Sacred Standards, whieh are replased with the equivalent toms fom this ist Lion Helm (Grand Masters cy) ‘Snord of Secots (Grand mesters only) ‘Bonk of Salvation (Libarans only) 35 pis 40 pts 40 pts DARK ANGELS ARMOURY Each Dark Angels character may pick up to two single-handed weapons, or one single-harded and one two-handed ‘weapon, plus up to 100 points of wargear, either from the Space Marne Armoury or the Dark Angels Wargear below. Note that Dark Angels Masters, Grand Masters, Librarians, Terminator honours and may not take them again CChaplans and some Veteran Sergeants already have Dados of Reason (Chaplains ony Cup of Retrbution (Independent Charactors onl) Standard of Devastation (Standard Boarer only) Standard of Fortitude (Standard Bearer ony) Standard of Rtibution (Standard Bearer only) 40 pts 235 ps 20 pis 40 pis Dark Angels Vehicle Upgrades Dark Angais use tho Space Marne Armoury when chocsing vehicle upgrades. RAVENWING & DEATHWING ARMIES The Dark Angels include two Companies that have @ unique structure and organisation. The Chapter’s 1st Company Is. known as the Deathwing and is made up exclusively of Space Marine Terminators, while the 2nd Company is known as the Ravenwing and is made up exclusively of Space Marines ‘mounted on bikes, attack bikes and Land Speeders. Normally squads from the Deathwing or Ravenuing will fight alongside squads from the other companies in the Chapter, but ‘sometimes they willbe fielded as detachments drawn enly from their own Company. The following special rules can be used to representa ‘pure’ Deathwing or Ravenwing army. Deathwing Army A Deathwing army must include the Master of the Deathwing as fone of its HO choices. It may include Interrogator-Chaplains and Librarians as additional HO choices, but may not have any ‘othr typo of character. na Deathwing aemy, only the Mastar of the Deathwing may be accompanied by a Command squad. ‘Aside from characters, the only units allowed in a Deathwing army are Deathwing Terminatcr squads, Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders. Deathwing Terminator squads may be chosen as Elites, Troops, Fast Attack or Heavy Support ‘choices for the purposes of the Force Ravenwing Army ‘A Ravenwing army must incude the Master of the Ravenwing fas one of ils HO choices. It may also include Interrogator Chaplains and Librarians as additional HO choices, but may not have any other type of character. Chaplains or Librarians must bbe given a bike as an additional item of wergear. In a Ravenwing army, only the Master of the Ravening may be ‘accompanied by a Command squad. ‘Aside trom characters, the only other units allowed in the army fare Ravenwing bike squadrons, Ravenwing attack bikes and Raverwing Land Speeders. When you are fielding a Ravenuing army, bikes count as Troops units ang Attack Bike squadrons count as Heavy Support units, instead of Fast Attack choices as would normally be the case. Land Speeder ssquadions sill count as Fast Attack choices. These changes are summarised on the table below. [om EL Bike Squadron Fast Attack Treops ‘Attack Bike Squadron” Fast Attack Heavy Support LandSpeeder Squadion FastAttack Fast attack Organisation chart being used for the mission being played. Note what category (€9, Troops, Elites, ete) each squad you take Counts against, in case the scenario to be played requires some types to be held in reserve. Dreadnoughts are taken as Elites choices as normal and Land Raiders mey be taken either as Heavy Suppor, or as atransport for TTerminato: squads and Command squads that consist of no more than five models (the Unit has to be able to fit inside its transport vohicie!). Land Raiders taken as a transport vehicle stil cost 250 points, bu! don't count 2 one of the army's Heavy Suppor choices. Terminaters that have a Land Raider oun pron sonor(coneonly cosets by ern) transport vehicle may not deep strike into battle “a4 ace SE leans eetemomiod een pom) ait I IL M20 ant iv pat _ RAVENWING PATTERN LAND SPEEDER 96 DARK ANGELS ARMY LIST ‘And They Shall Know no Fear’ & Drop Pods These special rules are included in Codex: Space Marines: and also apply to all Dark Angels Space Marines. Allies ‘The Dark Angels refuse to fight alongside nonhumans except under the most dire of circumstances. Because of this, unless you are playing a special scenario or game that is partof a campaign, then the Dark Angels will not fight as part ofan army containing detachments that include any of the folowing troops: Ogryns, Ratlings, any nor-human race. In addition, a Dark Angels army may not include any lies fom the Heroes of the Imperium list unless you are playing a special scenario, though in this case itis because they don't want the outsiders ‘sticking their noses’ into the Dark Angels’ private business Stubborn ‘Stubborn resistance against impossible odds by members of the Deathwing is legendary. Models that are noted as stubbom in the army lists automaticaly pass any Morale checks they have to take, even if faced by a situation or ‘opponent that would normally cause them to automatically fall. However, such is their stubborness that they will keep (on fighting even when discretion may prove the better part of valeur and so they may not voluntarily fall back from close combat (see the optional ruil in the Designers’ Not at the back of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook). Note that stubborn models still have to test for pinning as normal Characters that are stubborn confer the abilty onto any unit that they lead, as long as the characteris part of the uit Intractable Dark Angels are very tenacious, but sometimes this will overcome their better judgement and they will stubbornly refuse o move whien i might be in their Detter interests 10 do so. To represent this, rol a D6 for each Dark Angels character, unit or vehicle atthe stat of the turn if there is an enemy mode! within 24", in sight and within range of at least one weapon in the unit. On a roll of 2-6 the unit can move normally, but on a roll of 1 the Dark Angels will stubbornly refuse to move ard must remain stationary. Dark Angels units that refuse to move may not move in the moverment phase or the assault phase, but can choot ae ‘normal. In addition, they count as being stubborn for the remainder of that turn and al of the following enemy tur, even ifthey are not usually classed as stubborn, Important Exception: Ths rule does not aoply to Ravenwing units and characters. ‘The Ravenwing Dark Angels of the Ravenwing practise and train ‘continuously in the use of the vehicles they ride. They may re-roll he dice if they fail a Dificult Terrain test. In aditio, they are trained to ‘ink’ their vehicles from side to side, This allows them a 6+ invulnerable save against any enemy shooting attacks as long as they moved in their previous ‘movement phase. This save may be taken instead oftheir ‘normal armour save, not in addition to it. Land Speeders: and attack bikes are allowed to take this special saving throw, oven though Land Speeders are vehicles and therefore do not normally gat a save. DARK ANGELS SPECIAL RULES Hunting the Fallen In the eyes of the Dark Angels, the only way that they can tid themselves totaly of their secret shame and restore their honour and trust within he Emperor's eyes isif all the Fallen Dark Angels aro found and made to repert or are. slain. However, since the Fallon were cast through the warp to all comers of space and time, this is no mean task for the Dark Angels. Unlike the Inquisitors and Grey Knights of the imperium, whose role its to root out the agents of Chaos at work within the galaxy, the Dark Angels are only concerned with finding the Fellen oftheir Chapter. Although the Chapter willbe called upon for many different missions for the Imperium, the search for their Fallen comrades is a Constant quest that they can never relinquish Dark Angels will aways attempt to follow up every rumour and clue concerning the Fallen, To represent this, roll a D6 at the start of any mission, unless you are playing against Tyranids of Necrons. On a roll of 6 the Dark Angels have heard that one of the characiers in the opposing army has information that may lead tham to one of the Fallen, This can be any character, including characters teken as Upgrades for a unit, such as e Veteran Sergeant. Randomly determine who this characteris. If the character is slain in close combat by a Dark Angel, itis assumed that he has been subdued and captured nstead of being killed (though he counts as being killed for all game purposes). Capturing him eams the Dark Angels 08x10 extra victory pons in a scenario that uses victory points to determine the winner. In any other scenario, capturing the character allows the Dark Angels player to claim a moral victory no matter what the ‘outcome of the actual gam. If the Dark Angels fal to ‘capture the character, then their opponent receives the victory points (and the bragging rights!) Cypher: If the opposing army includes Cypher and his Fallen Angels unit then the rue above Is not used, instead, ‘each Fallen Angel that is captured is worth D6xt0 victory ppoints. For uncaptured Fallen Angels, the victory paints are ‘awarded to the Dark Angels’ opponent. In order to capture Cypherhe must be slain in close combat and fail his special final saving throw. (The full rules for Cypher are included in Codex: Chaos Space Marines.) yeerae’ emery omen’ feed erent never forgive. A ingots Heroes: Leaders, slrs or Grand tee, Leaders represent Dark Angels Space Marines fromthe Sr tothe 40th Company who have not ‘yet beon initicted into tho Inner Circle, Masters anc Grand Masters represent high-ranking members of the (Chapter and sre part of the Inner Cire, Librarians Like all Space Marine Ubrarians, Dark Angels Librarians are able to ‘make a special psychic attack aganst enemy ‘models. The rules for using psychic powers ‘can be found on page 74.of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. v Al brains [othe Darcangels\ > Chapter are inducted into the | Deathoring as soon a8 they join the Chasten they assist tho Chapters Imerrogatorchepiain® | tno they interrogate te Fallen. : DARK ANGELS HERO Points| WS BS S T W 1 A Id Sv Leader 50 4.4 4 A 4 8.9 oF Master 65 Ce eer) ates eee Grand Master 80 55) 4 Aeeh S410 Se ‘Options: The Hero may be gWven any equipment allowed from the Dark Angels Armoury. Master of the Deathwing: One Master or Grand Master can be made Master of the Deathwing. He ‘must be equipped with Terminator armour and may be given any additional equipment allowed from the Dark Angels Armoury Il accompanied by a Command squad than it must be upgraded o a Deathwing ‘Command squac (see the Command squad entry opposite), Master of the Ravenwing: One Master or Grand Master may be made Master ofthe Ravenwing. See the ‘Master ofthe Ravenwing' special character on page 19, SPECIAL RULES Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Command squad, a Dark Anges Hero is an independent character and follows the Independent Character spacial ules as given in he Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. ‘Command Squad: The Dark Angels Heo may be accompanied by a Command squad, ‘entry opposite, Note that a Dark Angels Hero and Command squis count as a single H Stubborn: Dark Angels Heroes are members ofthe Deathwing ard are theretorestubbom|fer dtals soe the special rules atte start ofthis army i). n: The Master ofthe Ravenwing is not treated as boing stubborn. Although a member ofthe ng, he knows that fs his duty to Surve and report back on what he sees and Uacovers DARK ANGELS LIBRARIAN Points| WS BS _S T W 1 A Id Sv Librarian 85 a ee Options: The Librarian may be given any equipment allowed from the Dark Angels Armoury. ‘SPECIAL RULES Indopendont Character: Unless accompanied by a. Command squad, a Dark Angols Librarian is an Independent character and follows the Independent Character special ules as given inte Warhammer 40,000 reboot. Peyehie Power ~ Weaken Resolve: The Librarian may attempt to use the Weaken Fssoive psychic potier when an enemy unt with a mode within 12° of the Librarian has to take a Morale check. It the Uiprarian passos nis Psyetve tot then teeny Unit must ake fe Morale chock on 38 added together, rather than on 206 as Is normally tho case. The power may only bo used once per payer tum (i, the Librarian can vse his power once Inthe Dark Angels turn an once in he enemy’ um), ‘Command Squad: The Librarian may bs accompanied by a Command squad, see the special enity that follows. Note that a Dark Angels Librarian and Command squad count as a single HO chee, Stubborn: Librarians are members of the Deathwing and are therfore stubbom (for details see the special rules atthe start ofthis army is The Liles ines of Lion Boston INTERROGATOR-CHAPLAIN Points | ws BS_$ T W 1 A Ld sv Intereogator-chapiain | 99 | 5 5 4 4 2 5 4 9 3+ Weapons: Crozius arcanum and rosaris, Options: The Chaplain may be glen any equipment allowed from the Dark Angels Armoury. ‘SPECIAL RULES Independent Character: Unioss accompanied by @ Command squad, an Interogator-Chaplain is an Seperate cn clon he ides 30 iver ‘Command Squad: The Interogater- Chaplain may be accompanied by a Command squad, see the entry below Note that an Inerrogator-Chaplain and Command squad count as a single HO choice. Stubborn: IntrrogaterChaplans are members of the Deathwing and are theretore stubborn (or details 00 the special rules al th start ol this army i) DARK ANGELS COMMAND SQUAD ‘See squads below for details on profiles and points cost. ‘Squad: The squad is chosen at an addtional points cost from the Dark Angels army lst. The squad consists o between four and nine models, one of whom may be a Sergeant \Weapone & Options: The stancard weapons and options avalable to the squad type chosen are avaliable tthe Command squad Characters: The standard characters available to the squad type chosen are avaliable to the Command squad. in addition, one model may be upgraded to an Apothecary, one model may be upgraded to a Techmarine and one model may be upgraded to a Standard Bearer. Any of these characters may take equipment from the Dark Angols Armoury. ‘Transport Vehicle: Any vehicles normally available to the squad type chosen are available to the Commans squad. Chaplains, fortis t sacred duly t attempt to ‘ake those ofthe Fallen who fare captured repent thelr past. The Cheplain js allowed + to add a sing black pearl to hie rosarius for ‘are often accompanied by ‘a Command squad, The ‘squad chosen depends ‘on the moc leaing i: ‘Master of the Deathwing: Deathwing Terminator squad. Master of tho Ravonwing: Ravenwing Bike or Ravenwing Land ‘Speeder squatton. Any other model: Dark ‘Angels Tactical squad. Points/Nodel 52 aa 42 oe Terminator ‘Squad: The squad consists of one Deathwing Terminator Sergeant and between four and nine Deathwing Terminators. The Teminator armours 2+ save and +1 Attack bonus have already been included i the characteristics above. ‘Weapons: The Deathwing Terminator Sergeant is equiped with a power sword and storm bolter. Deathwing Terminators are armed with @ power lst and storm pote. Options: Any model may replace its power fist with a chainfistat +5 pts, or its power fist and storm bolle with either a pair of lightning claws or a thunder hammer and storm shield at no addtional cost. Up to two models may be armed withthe following weapons: an assault cannon at +20 pis; a heavy flamer at +10 pis; a Cyclone missile launcher at +20 pts. The Cyclone replaces the models power fist {and the oer weapons replace the modat's storm botte. Character: The Sergeant may have additional equipmert from the Dark Angels Armoury. SPECIAL RULES Deep Strike: Dark Angels modes with Terminator armout may degp strke, See the Terminator Armour ‘ules inthe Wargear section ‘Stubbom: Members of a Deathwing Terminator equad ate stubborn (for details see the special rules at the sta ofthis army is), DARK ANGELS DREADNOUGHT- SEE CODEX: SPACE MARINES Points ee. Transport: DARK ANGELS RHINO. a Front Aemoue i. Si ee oe ee end TRANSPORTING TROOPS Certain Space Marino squads (as indeated Side Armour In their army st onty) can use Rhinos and Rear Amour 8S Rhino 50 " Razorbacks 0 move rapidy across 2 us bated. Neither vehicle counts as pat of ioe Transport: DARK ANGELS RAZORBACK {| 4 squad or uses up any chotces onthe Force Organisation chart cits | Frost Ammour Side Armour Rese Amour ‘ak es ines nd racks Points | Fortémour Sige Armour Rear Armour 88 “ollow al ofthe rules and options given Razorback || 70 n n a9 a for the same vehiales in Codex: Space Macnee aes OM company of “Angels Chaplet ‘specialised for ing ane Points/Model|Ws BS ST W 1 A Ld sv Ravenwing Biker 45 a4 eae eed) 41 8 ak Veteran Sergeant 15 Oe seeaeae) cl 4.2, 9 3 Attack Bike +75: Geese) 4 28 ‘Squad: The squadron consists of a Ravenwing Sergeant and between two and four Ravenwing Dark Angels riding Space Marine bikes. Weapons: Each bike i fited with twinJinked bolters. Each Ravenwing rider is arrned with a bolt pistol or a close combat weapon, Options: Up to wo Dark Angels in the squad may be armed with the folowing weapons: flamer at +3 pts, meltagun at +10 pts, plasma gun at +6 pts. Character: The Sergeant may be upgraded to @ Veteran Sergeant at an addlional cost of +15 pts. Votoran Sergeants may be gven extra equipment rom the Dark Angels Armoury. Attack Bike: The bike squadron may include one attack bke at an additional cast of +75 pts. The attack bike is armed with twin-linked bolters and a pinte-mounted mult-melta, SPECIAL RULES Ravenwing: Special rules apply to Ravenwing models. S2e the special rules athe start of the army list for details. ASSAULT SQUAD - SEE CODEX: SPACE MARINES era eens RAVENWING LAND SPEEDER ects PointsiModel | Fron Armour Side Armour_Rear Armour 60 10 10 10 4 Land Speedor ‘Squadron: Land Speeders are flolded in squadrons of between one and three vehicles. Type: Fast, Skimmer. Note that as the crew of a Land Speeder are wearing power armour, the Land Speeder does not count as being open-topped. Crow: Dark Angels. ‘Weapons: Heavy bolter. Options: The Land Speeder may be fitted with an assaut cannon in addition tots heavy botler at an additional cost of +25 pts. SPECIAL RULES Ravenwing: Special rules apply to Ravenwiing models. See the special rules at the start of the army list for details, RAVENWING ATTACK uo Eee Pontatiede BSS. Ld_Sv ‘Attack Bike 2a A) 1 ‘Squad: The squadron consists of between one and three Dark Angels attack bikes. ‘Weapons: Each bike is fited with twin-linked bolters and a pinlle-mounted mut-metta, Each Dark Angels rider is armed with a bolt pistol SPECIAL RULES Ravenwing: Special rules apply to Ravenwing models. See the special rules at the start of the army list for details. if Speeders ar fted M ith fairy ile ee stand off and the at tho enemy while the Company's bike and at ie ‘squadrons p the attack. “J ised to destroy the heavily route targets tat the weapons ited the "Companys bos and Land Spentes cart camags, They © sometimes fielded in. ‘separate squadrons ifthe ‘enomy i oxperted to field a large number of armoured vehicles. RIND kee VETERAN SERGEANTS ‘Some Space Marine ‘squads nlude an option forbeing edby a Veteran ‘Sorgeant All Veteran ‘Sergeants have Terminator Dronoure andimay choose ‘extra equipmant tom the ‘Spaco Marine & Dark ‘Angols Armeuries. Note that the +1 Atack bonus fochaving Terminator honours has already been Inluded in he Veteran ‘Sergeant's characteristics. Important Note: Dark ‘Anges Veteran Sergeants ‘may have been inducted Into the Deatwing and ‘can be stubborn at an ‘adaional coat of +5 ps ‘hoy will confer tis ability. ‘on any squad they are lacing for as long as they DARK:ANGELS ARMIES _ FORCES OF THE DARK ANGELS ELITES © DARK ANGELS CHARACTERS All Dutk Angels chaacers ae members of the Destlwing. which makes them stabbora snd immune to Fill Bick ters. They confer this ability on ay unit they join, making the squad subbora 2s well This cio be very useful bot member i ko steps you choosing to fll Lack when you wt to! Like Space Mirine Terminsbre the Destwing ae ype ll-1eed oops, thoogh few in number, even vheo fielded in a pare Dathwing army, They ‘woth ext in dense ternin whee the enemy cist vse As superior avmbers, sd) here the Denvings stubborness can make them sey dilicolt to shift. DEATHWING TERMINATORS RAVENWING BIKE SQUADRON ayenwng Bike squidioas make superb hit-and-run troops, D speed, you an use them to attack the thks aad rar of strategic positions which, with thee speed. they are capable of reaching aly ‘Alterstvly. Roveowing bikes mike an effective mobile reserve that Gn be ‘st 30 fvach couerr-atacks once the enemy ins comunintd itsel. Riven Iikes also bent fem being able to reroll failed Terrain tests, messing tht they cn rsk moving through tein other bles would aoroully avi RAVENWING LAND SPEEDER SQUADRON | Raveitg Lied Speci provide exces midile-rged ite soppor ta} the sat of your atmy. Coocntiate their fice on cacy troops and igh amped veils a thee wesons fick the stcgth to hive much elt on vellarmouied trgets Dont forget to tke tei ik’ ving throw apt say fetcntig hits thy suf Land Specders ace ast skinmer, which mes that hey can be Goicly ‘epontioned 6 del wih om vaexpected coemy that. Although they sao be sed to Sze an objective they ae very vulnerable to enemy fie, 0d os te oy lly sited 0 this typeof mse v ae DARK ANGELS ARMIES 5 _- COLLECTING A DARK ANGELS ARMY nd HO squad) SPECI TROOPS x2 (Tactical squad & Scout squad) | THE EMPEROR’S WRATH (Land Speeder, Bike squadron & Assault squad) _ ELITES: 3 in eo a) FAST ATTACK x3 HEAVY SUPPORT x2 (Devastator squad & Razorback) he Dark Angels offer a wide range of choices in terms of collecting an army. On this page we've featured two fairly ‘standard’ Dark Angels armies, one by Games Workshop miniatures designer Mark Bedford, and another force taken from the huge army of Dark Angels fanatic Kendall Kinrade. Mark started collecting his army quite recently. He started out with the compulsory units (HQ_& two Troops), then added in some Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support units to provide some flexibility. The result is a good, well-balanced army, thet can be expanded at leisure. Note how Mark has used the same painting technique and basing methods on all his models to give the army a coherent appearance. Ha x2 ELITES x2 = ‘TROOPS, (Scout squad) ‘TROOPS (Tactical squad) FORCE DEO eEEo poses & ate To ce Kendall has been collecting Dark Angels for over a decade. His full army is larger than the force shown here, and includes a number of quite old models (check out the Assault squad for examples of what Assault Marines used 10 look like!) ‘The army includes a number of great conversions, such as the two Rhinos shown above. Kendall can either use them as a Rhino and a Razorback, or if his opponent agrees, he ‘can use his own home-grown rules tor them. The result is a highly individual army with its own unique character. have been extensively converted, and are painted in a neutral camouflage scheme. Only the troop hatches retain the Dark Angels’ ‘normal green colours. Marks Wiirwind isa |__converteé Rhino, with -Imutplemissie launchers ‘made from hunterKller Inissiles taken trom lots of plastic Warhanmer 40,000 Vehicle Accessory sprues. oa SUPPORT (Whirtvind) TROOPS CFactical squae) HEAVY DARK ANGELS ARMIES Dark Angel "Marines no theit Chapter badge on their left she rpad © ‘and sometimes have @ ‘squad badge on their right shoulder pad. The Chapter badge ts white fon. greon fel, while. ‘squad badges have red ‘symbols on a green “field, with the squad ‘RumBor writen ta wie ‘over the top. nga Instead of the normal a Chapter badge, 4 Deathwing Terminators | wear @red broken : sword symbol over a ‘white fleld on ther ight Shoulder pads. The left shoulder pad, as with Terminators ofany other Spece Marine Chapter, bears the © sacred Grux Terminatus. cil | >| aie et a ‘SQUAD BADGES: The Da Arg Sr. Canpares ar each ied ito en squads. The St and Sth Comprise teoken doe no sical suas, wo Fssaut suas are etry ate up of Taal quads. The Gh Copy cutis jst Assault suas, ar hae at Deas squads, BRBBEREBDA an be apaied D2 fracts 222 roiatvay cosy to paint. All you need to do is undercoat the models with black spray, then spray them again with Dark Angels Green. Pick out details in appropriate colours (eye lenses - Blood Red, bolter Boltgun Metal, etc). Finally, paint the bases and apply a Chapter badge transfer to the left shoulder pad. It you wish you can apply a black ink wash to the Dark Angels Green armour. The ink will flow into the recesses, giving the effect of shadow. Lastly, give the model a coat of spray varnish once its dry. If you have a bit more time and patience you can try a method sometimes referred to as black-lining, which gives models a more ‘3D’ appearance. Start by undercoating the models black, then paint (don’t spray) Dark Angels Green ‘onto the armour, leaving areas of the black undercoat showing through in the gaps between the joints of armour. You can add some highlights if you like, by mixing some Putrid Green and Dark Angels Green and painting a thin line around the edges of armour segments. ‘The Ravenwing and Deathwing are also both quite straightforward to paint. For the Ravenwing all you have to do is paint the models black! For exira detail you can highlight the edges of Ravenwing vehicles with Codex Grey. It's best to undercoat Deathwing models in Bubonic Brown (now available in spray cans) and then paint the armour with Bleached Devastrsuats, sh HOW TO PAINT DARK ANGELS Z| A finished Dark Angel painted using the black ink wash ‘mattod. AS. an asiso, you ‘may tind sometimes that inks don't paint al that w on top of spray pain. tty adding a small crop of washing-up liquid 0 he ink ‘This wil allow the ink 10 Spread more easily over spray paint, and cover roth and oventy Bone, using the black-lining method described opposite. If you have the time, highlight raised edges with Skull White paint. This technique can also be used to paint the ceremonial robes worn by certain Dark Angels Space Marines. Dark Angels recruit from many different planets with varied climates and settlement histories, and Dark Angels Space Marines are therefore likely to have some natural variety of skin tone. There are several flesh colours in the Citadel Colours paint range. You can choose any of these colours it you wish, either to provide the base colour, highlights or shades. For example, dark skin tones can be represented by painting with Dwarf Flesh and applying a Chestnut wash, or alternatively use Dark Flesh and highlight raised areas such as the nose and cheekbones with Bestial Brown. Virtually any skin tone can be achieved with a litle bit of thought. "DARK ANGELS BADGES AND MARKINGS ‘worn by Dark Angels Space Maries. Hoviever. during a prolonaod campaign units oftah Nave tO be reoranisbd so. badges wil ofen be painted over with he Chapter's basie arrour colour or replaced with simplified alternative markings, COMPANY BADGES ¥ €@ Deathwing Raverwing Sd Co n bln. The hand 7h Conpanes are Tactical Sa ARMY BADGES: The sesoncfanemybscpesstachfonaré ‘geomet shape wha epee. Toy anomaly e fh eae (he par of tole armour ustbelo okra). Aw uF Deathwing army badges Ohad = sample army badges Assault Squads Devastator Sa cee BADGES OF OFFICE: Sunda Sexes, MM osc. omee Apchecares and Chapin bar spadal smbost oo squastadgs or hoe rg tou pas. ‘Suediceane paerny Chaplin DARK ANGELS ARMIES DARK ANGELS ARMIES The Dark Angels Legion was the first and greatest of the ‘original Space’Marine Legions. Over time, lke ail the other original Legions, it was broken Up to form much ‘smaller Space Marine Chapters, becoming the Dark Angels Chapter known today. Dark Angels gene-seed has since been used to creat other ‘Successor’ Chapters, ‘most famously the Angels of Vengeance, Absolution and Redemption. Along with the Dark Angels Se eed Sala De Mae aE ee hptrs ar ANS cones ons fb AR collectively known as 2 p a Fi -ANGEIS of VENGEANCE INGHLS of ABSOLUTION "ANGELS a REDENETION, the Unforgiven, Most of IML ot io eine tok as const ott fl ot tno elo tte Ook © the Untosiven tollow iat Sek Tomine Mote oan Angels Alor Sanson ihe anole the sane orgatatorat- sou o"som' byte lsu at aan new fg sono: be ant hat eon BS es ai Inner Circle are also black. ‘also painted in this scheme, ana tm inno Crte) and meanee[l acim fl = eA Fleer ottnatgand,_ anion ‘te oe itis Cradietng every fst reo the Fallon DARK ANGELS STANDARDS AND BANNERS THE SACRED STANDARDS The Dark Angols have thes ancient standards which date back othe tine ofthe Great Crusade. tis the custom for only ane fo be used at ‘ary lime, the remaining tho standards are kept in he Great Hall on tho Rock. Thay aro the Standards of Forttude, Devastaen and COMPANY STANDARDS ach Company has ts ovn unique standard ‘Semetimes Sergeants cary a squad banner, fich is @ simplifed version of the company landard showing the squed number ‘Standard of. Standard of ‘Standard of Segeants Baer Deathwing Dark Angels Fortitude Devastation Retribution GréSauaé) Chaplain. Librarian Company Standard Chapter Standard hy HOW TO PAINT RAVENWING LAND SPEEDERS a he step by step example below is a straghttonward way of painting black vehicles. We've used a Tomado Land Speeder, but the method can be applied to any kind of Ravenwing vehicle ~ including bikes and attack bikes. Fist, gv the Land Speeder an unceroat wi black spray, Its wll wort investing in somocans o spray paint ue going tobe painting ale of vehicles, as akes Jt longer fo undercoat than wha paint bush (nd fs also a sure way of qucky runing your uses). Unite painting with 2 brush, you shout need fo apply more than a angle coat of pray pant, a long a8 you ako ore th opr reaches int every nook and cranny ofthe model To emphasise the contours ofthe Land Speedo, we've pained the edges ofthe amour plating wih (Codex ray. To do Bis, lead your bush with some paint, then wipe mos of of on some tue. Now, ising th flat of tho Brush. got cag along the eds ofthe amour tn. This tage completly ‘optonal~ you may decd thal he smo need o highlight your vehicles, or at you simpy dont have the tie. Dont wory about it~ whether you hghight er not, yo sl end up with perfec goed painted Vehicles tat ook great on the ableton. Also at ths stage, pat metal areas wih Eatgun Metal ‘Now pit the whol ofthe Lana Seoder (ven metals) wih awash of blacknk thinned down with water AS you appy the nk, yout find setes ino all te litle nooks and cranes of the mode \eepering exisig shadows and naking the wel model leek mere 3D. The Black ink wash wil also havo tned down the Codex Grey ghights you applied dn stage 2 you decd youd rater keep thom at vidas thay were belor you apoled the black ik, hn by gong back over afew with Ghost {Grey Ts wil gve you some muted Codex Grey mis‘ones, axd same vivant Ghesty Gey hgh. The fil stage so pan al the metal areas wih Mal Sve ofghen the metal colour sgan ater ho ack nk wash, You ean a0 aad aterside wanses fo ou! Land Spoode! once youve sted painting it— Ganes Workshop Mall Order sl Ravenning transfer sheets. Last, 1o seal and protec the mode its a geod idea to gv ita coat of nator gloss vamish, also arate om Games Workstop. Modeling ‘amish an bo painted or sprayed on. Obvious using sprayvamishf quicker an pairing it on and v8 a smoother fish You find that the Land Speeders crew are best painted before you glue them into the Land ‘Speeder Because neither erew member has a bae ofits own which you can ‘old onto wit painting thm ifs a 900d idea to mount the crew te something ik a small fying bas0, 80 thal your lingors ‘went inthe way whist youre painting Raverwing Land, ‘Speeder with its ‘rewin place. The Ea ae SHOWCASE Dark Angols 2nd Tactical squad trom the 3rd Company, painted Above: Dark Angele ‘Scout painted by Bon seterson. Cam Green, Dark Argols Green, Bleached Bone ‘and Chaos Black were ‘sod to paint to ‘Seouts camouaged ‘leak ight Ezekiel, Grand Master of Libraians, = - ‘osignod by les Lott: Brothor Bothor, Bearer ofthe Sacred ‘Standard, designed by ‘Above: Dark “Angels Livarian, Gosigned by Jes Goodin, ‘Above: Commander Azrael, Supreme Grand Master ofthe Dark ‘Angels, accompanied by fis Helmet Bearer — one of the ‘enigmatic Watchers inthe Dark. Both gures wore designed by sles Goodin. The models’ robes (along wid those of Characters such as Brother Bathor and Ezekiel) aro painiod with a baso coat of Bastia! Brown. Raised {olds of robes aro then highlighted, fist with Bubonic ‘Broun, ten Blesched Bone, and nally Skull Who ght: Dark Angols Vindicator tank, cesigned by Jes Goodwin, Miko Mevoy ‘and Norman Swales, and pained by ‘Mark Jones. The seratened ‘paintwork wes achioved by frst paining small patenos 0} Chaos Black, and then going over those aroas with Botigur Meta. ‘THE DARK ANGELS. Od? eyetevina pases of Coser: Dak Angels you wind We haw alto compled a sores of repos and conmeniies Ja collection of extra information on the Dark Angels which shed extra light on the arcane history and organisation of Chapter. This includes rules for special items of wargear noted the Dark Angels Chapter. We hope that these provide an in the Dark Angels Armoury section, details of a selection of interesting read as well as being of some assistance to players named Daik Angels characters and a special Dark Angels _creating their own Dark Angels Successor Chapter or who are mission — Death by Moonlight. running campaigns. DARK ANGELS WARGEAR The rules below describe how al ofthe specialised equipment used by the Dark Angels works inthe game. Any items not listed here Blades of Reason: The Blades of Reason are ancient, horsfic devices that look Ike knives with many sharply: honed and polished blades. Etched info the blades are humerous. extremely fine neural wires. which inflict ‘agonising pain on any nene fibres they cut through. With fan expert using this device, all but the most resiiont of prisoners will very quickly divulge any informaton they have. To represent this, as lng as the holder ofthe Blades ‘of Roason is alive at the end ofthe bale, the: Dark Angels player ros a D6 for each eremy model that was slain; on a oll 9f a6, they do not die and are instead captured by the Dark Angels. Each captured prisoner adds +D6 victory poirta to the Dark Angala otal in scenarios where victory Boirts are being used. The Blades of Reason may no! be Used against Necrons or Tyran. Book of Salvation: This weighty tome lists the names ofall the Fallen who have been captured by the Dark Angels during their great crusade. I is of vast cultural significance to the Dark Angels and they will ever willingly let fll into tenemy hands. It is eated as a holy role forthe Chapter and all the rules that apply to holy relic apply to it (see ‘Gooox: Space Marines, paye 34). In aduion I the holder Ig sain, then do not remove his body. Simply piace the ‘mosel on its side and leaveiton the tabletop. The frst Dark ‘Angel to reach the body wil etriave the book but may do ‘thing else that tum. If there are any Dark Angels within 6° ‘ofthe Book, one of them must move to pickit up. Unt thas ‘been picked up, all Dark Angels become stubbom, it not already all may ignore the ‘niractable' special rule, and al ‘add +1 to thoir Weapon Stil. However, ifthe Dark Angels have flied to retrieve the book by the end ofthe bette then they lose the game. Cup of Retribution: The Cup of Retribution is used in the Dark Angels ritual known as the Feast of Malecicton. It is said to be the original vessel from which the Emperor drank When the Chapter was founded. Te cup follows the usual rules for @ holy relic. Any model Bearing a holy relic may reveal it ance per battle. This may be done at any time, as Tong as the mode! with the relia does not move during the ‘samo turn its revealed, Or the turn the relics revealed all ‘Spece Marines within 206' get a +1 Attack bonus for the ‘est ofthat turn, Note thatthe rele may be revealed in an ‘opposing player's tur if you wish, Lion Helm: This potent protective artefact is said to have ‘been wom by Lion EI Jonson himsel. takes the form of a winged Space Marine helmet and is cartied by a Helmet Bearer wo is ono of a sange race of creatures which funcion exact as deseredin the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook or the Codex: Space Marines wargear descriptions. inhabit the Flock and are known simply as the Wateher in the Dark Whenever the characier moves, simply place the Helmet Bearer within 2° of his final location, even if the fextraordnary means, The Watener has a unique, powertl payehic talent protecting it fromall forms of attack, so itcan ever be harmed in any way, under any circumstances. However it cannot atack in any way ether. Ifthe character is kiled or removed from battla, the Helmet Bearer is also ‘removed, but will reappear ifthe character lator returns Built into the helmet is a device that can be used to create fa protecive force field. Tis has the effect of providing any ‘model (liend of fos) within 3" ofthe Helmet Bearer wi a 44 invulnerable save against any shooting attacks. Note that the helmet does not need to be worn in order to be Used, ard also note that the save may be taken instead of ‘another save, not as well as i ‘Standard of Devastation: This standard follows the seme rules as a Sacred Standard (see Codex: Space Marines). In Aadcition, once per battle the besrer can call onthe power of the Standard. This is done in the opponent's assault phase, aller they have deciared any charges but before they have ‘moved. ft allows one Dark Angels unit with a model within 6° ofthe bearer to shoot, as ifit were the unit's shocting ‘Dhase. The unit counis as moving for the purposes of using ‘weapons, even if they were stasonary in thelr last tur. ‘Standard of Fortitude: This standard follows the same. rules asa Sacred Standard (see Codex Space Marines). In ‘addition, once per battle the beerer can cal on the power of the Standard. Ths is done in your own movement phase. It allows one Dark Angels unit wih a modal within 6° ofthe ‘Slandare bearer to move in the movement phase, but stl Use any rapid fre weapons inthe shooting phase, just asi the unit had been stationary Standard of Retribution: This standard follows the samo rules as.a Sacred Standard (soe Codex Space Marines). In Adaition, once per battle the bearer can call onthe power of the Stardard. This is done in an assault phase. It alows. fone Dark Angels unit with a model within 6" of the standard bearer to re-ol any flied To Ht rls. ‘Sword of Secrets: Tho Sword of Secrets is cut from a. single Bock of jet black obsidian. The blade is incredibly wellcrated and has not chipped or lost its razor-sharp ledge over the millennia. In game terms itis treated as a power woapon that also allows the wialder to siike as if they had Strength 6 in close combat COMMANDER AZRAEL, SUPREME GRAND MASTER OF THE DARK ANGELS 6 Noh so we come to Commindes Arne, the tat. sone would: ay HE iets, Soc, Gad Mister of the Dark Anges OF all the Spe Mirise Chapters the Disk Ams ate the mos sce, oo there is ch that i sao about Asnel, his rusted the om cic inthe Chapter fom among the wld est-honting tribesmen ‘of Kimmers, bot ifs, Be shows none of is forebears! eee, oan ge fe forsvore i ar do al sew indies ito the Dirk Angee iad he quickly proved hime » ost sole aad Giliges tember ofthe Chapter He soi pily through the asks, disigsshing bimsell-especlly Aoriog. the scouring of Tavs IK tod the crashing of th tchto-evivist pring oe V. For sey’ decades after this hi actives become impose 0 trace. bot be must be provide pret sence 1 the Chapter lor when ee next her of i fe isa repected member of the Denhwiay Company ‘ofthe Chapter sed Cspuis of the kd Company. Arne ‘tincd to ising net econng, Midi of the Desthwing in 7MAL When tke fst Grnd Miser id in PML it ws 20 cl supe that Arr was His chow sce As the sew Graed Mises he ws ies the honorific te of Keeper ofthe Trot and mae Presets with the Lion Helm ind the Sword of ‘Secrets cach of which ate potest ons for the Dirk Toe Since then he has proves 2 most able lader of bie ‘Chapter ed th reputation ofthe Darke Angel hs bee ely eauaced by this itease wctura wir I oly ope ha hs contnsed presence will lp tigae the sertilow rmoars tat pert of some sin on the onour of this provd Chpter™ “Leaders of he Adepas Acarce A Most Sere Report” (Compiled for His Most Sopeeme Excleney, the Parasol Ean. by ir Buse scat, str Maiows Pliny z TITTLE Ponts |WS BSS T W 1 A td Sv ‘Azrael ms [s 5 4 4 4 5 4 10 % ‘A Dark Angels army of over 2,000 points may be led by Azrael. If you decide to take him then he counts as an HO choice for the army, He must be used exactly as described below and may not be given extia equipment. In adtion, he may only be used in a battle where both players have agreed to the use of special characters. Wargear: Sword cf Secrets, Lion Helm, combi-weapon incorporating & boter and plasma gun, frag grenades and krak grenades. SPECIAL RULES No Retreat: if Azrael is included in a Dark Angels army then all of the Dark Angels count as being stubbor, including members of the Ravenwing, as long as he is on the tabe. No Surrender: Azrael never gives up and always goes that ‘extra yard’ In any scerario that has a variable turn limit, you may re-roll the dice if the mission ends, it you want to. Deathwing: Commander Azrael is a member of the Deathwing and is therefore stubborn (for details see the special rules al the start of the army list). Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Command squad, ‘Azrael is an independent character and follows all the Independent Character spacia rules as given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, Command Squad: Azrael may be accompanied by a Command squad, see the special entry in the army lst. As the Grand Master of pler, Azrael may choose any ofthe different squad types to be his Command squad (le, Deathwing, Ravenwing or Tactical squads). Spe Sa : MASTER OF THE RAVENWING (REG ead Points [Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS Land Speeder | 255 10 10 10 5 ‘The Master of the Ravenwing’s Land Speeder is unique, and was hand-crafted during the Horus Heresy using techniques that have lng sina been forgites, A numberof special rles apply 1 “Type: Fest, skimmer. Nota tha, atthe crew ofthe Land Speeder are wearing powe! amour, the vohicle does not count as open topped (Crew: Grand Master and gunner SPECIAL RULES RRavenwing: Special rules applyto all Ravenwing models. Soothe special rules atthe start of the army it or dotals, ‘Special Character: The Mastrof he Ravenwing must betaken as an HO unit for aRavenwing ‘amy (2e the notes on Ravenving armies inthe Invodusion and on taking a Mastor of tho Favenning inthe Dark Anges Hovoos entry athe army Ish). He may also be Used ina standard Dare Angels amy as an HO unit ulin ths cage he may ely be used where both players have fgreec to the use of special characters. Note thal he has no separate Profle, since he always {ses hs special Land Speader. “The Raven Sword: The Masterof the Ravenwing receives the Raven Sword as Ns badge of tee Grafted from the same meteonte as the Sword of Sweets, allows tho Mast to make @ ‘Special atack the moves win 2" of an enemy model intho movement phase. He may make 2rsinge ror to nit ao lhe were making a Goss combat atack on the enemy toda wilh & ‘Weapon Skil 018. The enemy may nol stike back I theattack hits i eausos a Shit wth no farmou save allowed, Tho Masiov may only make one atack withthe Raven Sword por tun, ‘tacking with ths weapon does not slop the Land Speeds shooting in the shooting hase LAND SPEEDER SPECIAL RULES. Shield of Night: Incorporated into the Master of the Ravenwings Land ‘Speeder is a device proaucing a protective energy tield arcund the Wehisle, giving ine Land Speeder a 4+ Inyunerabe save agalnst any glancing ‘f panctraing hits. This replaces the 6+ save Ravenwing vehicles normally receive fr linking. AllSeeing Eye: The Masto’s Land ‘Spesder includes very. sopisticated Inteligence gathering devices. When the Maser 15 aboard, he i iterally hhooled ino tis device, giving im @ huge aray of data with whieh he can onto and direct the operation ofthe Favenwing units undor his command. In bate, this allows him to maxims the ie of the Havenwnng unts taking pan, represented by allowing the Ravenving player to rol allo the To Hits fora single Ravenwing unt of his choice in each shooting phase, as Tongs the Master ofthe Ravenving is onthe table. Alternatively in any: Imission using the Night Fighing ules the Ravenwing player may double the distance one unit may see. ‘Wespons: The Mastors Lano Speeder ig armed with a twindinked heavy bolts, and @ twinlinked assault VETERAN SERGEANT NAAMAN Naaman, Tooth Company Sergeant {823-997 Mal] ——__| roins | I oe ws BS ST Rooks te Ld wool A ta sv eres api, Wher eon oe On foes wr sol he Om ee ce ge ea [ci con oc rae peleee ieee | ge sled othe srodig erin tt ‘grenades, molabombs, auspex, telepor homer. Naaman may be taken as a Veteran Sergeant for any Scout squad inthe Dark Angels amy (and therefore counts as a Troops choos) He replaces tho Sergeant nthe squad that he leads. He must be used exacly as deserved below and may not be given extra equipment. In adson, he may only be used in abate where both players have agreed tothe use special characters Wargear: Mastercralted bot pistol ard master-crated chainsword (close combat weapon), Hag “second sting foe to pentane the bcc aed Ten the srs nner in sich hey wee seding scaforcncls to Posie | V, Name snes yal deals te our ine about the teportine. dice SPECIAL RULES Evade Detection: Naaman is adopt at avoiding the attention f enemy skimmishers and guards ‘Tereprecert is, as ong a Naamanand his uni dd’ re ine previous tun, any unt wanting to shoot at him or his unt must chock to soe If they can spot him fst using the rules fer Night Fighting as given inte Warhammer 4,000 rulebook If Naaman or any of his men are sight He Osteo ee elle ete Heer cas sees eee “pore pono hae Ais ily fogh it at Or seks 10 cre the le ol an coy cy bythe Dating eae we Gly sen culled te a lng rk Drang ric om te Litt Howoram Angle Cpe. resolve the enemy un hormal spating dita fire. normal I tho Dato actualy tang piace a night then the is halved (ater ithas boon mulled by 3 a8 normal Silent Death: Neaman and his men ae equipped with ‘slenca’pstols. Using them does not raise tne alm ina mission using the Sentry rules. In addon, a sentry kiled by Naaman or Ns ‘man in ose combat wl only raise the alarm on a rll of 6, rather than a rol of 4+ as norma Brush Aside Blow: Naaman is an socomplshed close comb specials, well versed in ll of the arts of hand-to-hand fighting, Naaman may ignore thelist ithe sufrs in any round close ‘combat count asa miss instead Deathwing: Sergeant Naaman is a member ofthe Deathwing and is therefore stubborn (or ovale seeine special utes athe Sato the ety Us). ASMODAI, INTERROGATOR-! SHAPLAIN Dee Nr esas come PCO os ares ‘A Dark Angels army may be joined by ‘Asmodal. If you decide to lake him then he counts as an HO choice for the army. He must be used exactly as described below and may notbe given extra. equipment. In addition, he may only be used in a battle where both players have agreed to the use of ‘2pecial characters Wargear: Power sword, Blades of Reason. ASMODAI, INTERROGATOR-CHAPLAIN Asmodsi SPECIAL RULES Master Interrogator: Asmodaiis arguably the best Interrogator-Chaplain there has fever been and itis rare for arybody to be able to resist hie evil erat. Bacauzo of this, rol 208 for the number of victory points Asmodai earns for each captured prisoner when using the Blades of Reason, Fearful Reputation: Enemy warriors have leamed that itis better to die than to be captured and fall nfo Asmodai’s hands. To represent this, any enemy unt with a ‘mode! within 16" of Asmodai suffers a -1 modifier on any Morale checks that they make Deathwing: Asmodal is a menber of the Deathwing and is therefore stubborn (for olails se0 tho special rules at the start of the army i) Independent Character: Asrrodal is an independent character and follows all the Independent Character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, \ EZEKIEL, GRAND MASTER OF LIBRARIANS, KEEPER OF THE BOOK OF SALVATION i ws ps ST W 1 A id sv seem Earns eseuientor Ezekiel [A Dark Angels army may be joined by Ezekiel. you decide to take him then he counts as ‘an HQ cheice for the army. He must be used xaclly as described below and may not be Given extra equipment. In adeition, he may only be used in battle where both players have greed to te use of special characters. Wargear: The Book of Salvation, force sword, psychie hood, bionies, bolt pistol, frag grenades and krak grenades, ‘SPECIAL RULES: Know Thine Enemy: Ezokiel has an uncanny ability to get into the mind of an enemy and predict what they wil do rext. Therefore, if an amy includes Ezekiel, the Dark ‘Angels payer may, fhe chooses, demand that his opponent set up D6 units belore any ofthe Dark Angels deploy. The Dark Angels player may pick which D6 units are affected, ‘even if units must normaly be deployed in a special orcer during the mission set-up. Peychie Power - Weaken Resolve: Ezekiel may attempt to use the Weaken Resolve 'sychic power when an enemy unit with a model within 12" ofthe Librarian has to take {@ Morala check I the Librarian passes his Psychic tes then the enemy uni ust take its Morale check on 806 added togothe, rather than on 206 as is normaly the case, The power may only be used once per player tum (ie, the Lbrarian can use his power once In the Dark Angels' tun and onco in his opponent's tur, Deathwing: Ezekiel is a member ofthe Deathwing and's therefore stubborn (fer details see the special rues atthe stat of the army lit) Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Command squad, Ezekiel is an independent character and folows all he Independent Character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, ‘Command Squad: Ezekiel may be accompanied by a Command squad (see the special fetry in the army list) ie Beet the Keys. A great miny of the ‘our Order are Known ime. Our secrets ate laid bare before It is T and I lone who can grat passage to on most janer citcle, who an judge the wesk from the stroag, pric tetoe Bleteed Tal bear the Book of Salvation, the sacred dof ovr unforgiven past and of ortuous road we have trodden to absol Talone know the tames of all those who have Filen from the Emperors grace and been sone har these burdens, for on my ‘of the Dark Angels Legion and 1 cannot rest while they still remain to stuin. ovr honour GS *haripaallied i her uae selegaeg eetoba nee of the cavernous cell Rather thin sounding like one man, the echoes crated the Ce enc ee ee eT Lee eee cee The Chiphin paced across the stove floor before the sstsined Disk Ange. The glow of falogen limps reflected off the polished blick sure of his armour while with one hand he toyed with the rosivs around his neck Asmodsi had served the Chapter for over 3 ren Sn t ee ees een ea es ‘The Chaplin stopped in toat of his prisoner and tured to face the broken watioe. Cold, rs i cen een ees See ae ‘The Fille shut his eyes tight in am atempr to svoid the Interogsor's piecing gaze. “Repeat sow and your death will be swift and relatively putes,” Asmodai suted cooly. “Continue to refuse to admit your guilt and you will dic in agony, the like of which you will only fave imagined in your worst nightmares The savagery of the daemons of the warp pee ee ea eg DS ee eo eee ee ee ee vniorgiving walls of the glomy chimber held no eacourgement, The imposing figure of ‘the Interrogator-Chaphin glowered buck him. ‘The constant drip of water from the damp walls of the dungeon filled the captured Space Marie's ears. He closed his eyes. tying to shut out the sound of the water. The dripping ee re ot cere ee eet oes paar) ‘Stadows flickered aad wrthed across the fissured rock and the darkest shadow in the cll moved close. Siren nen eer ete er Sees Se ee eens Sete ere Pe ee eee as or es ey eee het een eed ae eee ea Pern Seer aterm Dee ee eed eee ee ee ee ae ee eee ae eT eee eee] ee eer ee Re eee ee Per ar Cone eee onions Core Perea a ee eee eee ee ae eerie rere kere ree eee eee a ee ee ee esr rr ts eee ees oe ee ee en es eee pe eee ea ee ee ae Oke en kor eee ees ee et ser ek ne Te sscond assault on KothFdgo asthe last major bate ofthe sci IV campaign. Ock Warlords Ghazghkll Taka and Nazereg Ug Urdgrub joinad forces to attack the planet, only to find it held by the Dark Angels. They were able first(o halt the rk attack and then disable the tellyporta device the Orks were using to get reinforcements to the planet. (As an aside, it was during the batte to disable the telyportas thal Sergeant Naaman lost his lie). The Orks were left with one chance to rescue theit position: if they could repair the eneray conduit to the powerplant in Kadilus Harbour, they could reactivate the telyporta and bring in some really heavy reinforcements. To do so, they'dhave to break through the defenders on Koth Ridge. Under cover of darkness they started to move into positon to launch a final, dasperate,altack, The only problem was thai the ridge was held by the most ‘stubborn and intractablo tops in the galaxy — the Dark Angels! {| or Eldar, and the Orks with Chaos Space Marines or Tyranids. aa SS ES E 5 ea ee SCENARIO OUTLINE Ie A NOTE ON LARGE GAMES This scenario is based onthe batle fought along Keth Ridge. The Orks |_| The assault on Koth Ridge was a huge batl, great must launch a quick assault to dear a cordor over the ridge. The Dark |_| for use as a special BFG (which | understand rom ‘Angels must stop them achieving this objective before dawn rises. | | tends stands for vig fun game’). Just gather as |_| “Death by Moonlight” is a re-un of a pantcular bate rather than a |_| Many players as you can and set aside at east a day | | Teer ees youlshould dacidsiedvanca lyon antonio for the battle! If you go this, its worth noting that in the | actual battle Imperia! Guard troops defended much of the ridge against the Orks, and if you wish you can Use them to help defend it on this occasion as well by | allowing the Dark Angels player to field a detachment || of Imperial Guard (See the rules for big games on age 131 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook). it can't be generated from the scenario charts in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. In the notes below | assume that you'll be using Dark Angels and Orks in the battle, but itis easy to change the troops if you ‘wish, for example replacing the Dark Angels with other Space Marines: a SET-UP Dark Angels deployment: The Oark Angels | ‘sot up iirst and may deploy their forces oe anywhere within 6° of the certre ling, along Koth Ridge. Ork deployment: The Orks set up second. rks on foot may be deployed anywhare trom their own table edge to a ine 206+6°" from the 206+6" contre line of the table (le, 648" from the D, onto). Any Ork vehicles, Dreadnoughts, | warbikes, Boar Boyz and support weapons & \ tenteron ne Ors fst un. They may enter at Se . Any point along the Orks table edge, Dut tho | tnty point mustbe atleast 12"irom the sides. 2 — Sey a FORCE ORGANISATION RECON REPORT Use the ‘Breakthrough’ Force Organisation chats. The Orks are attacking and the Dark |_| This game really needs a large Angels ar defending table (Sx is proty much the Dark Angels commander: At the time of the attack, Mastor Boil was encamped around |_| misimum), As you can see rom the Ok nding te, He was replaced by Interrogator Chaplain Sarpedon as commander af | | tHe map he Dak Anges cccupy | the Space Marines on Kot ye. The Dark Ar may not, therefore, include a Master or ing ben: datonnive postion, . i IMEI TP ern ee le ae ee ee eee namely the hills of Koth Ridge | § || soross the middie ofthe table. | rk spesial characters: The Ork attack was masterminded by Nazdreg and he may be | | The°saise, te teen ns aay | included in the Ork army ifthe Ork player has a copy of his Special Character rules. ae (rk vehicles: The Ox telyporas could not anspot anything larger than a warvukkto the |_| outerops, low Pile, and ruined |_| planet. Bacause ofthis, Ork vehicles are limited to Oreadnoughs, Buggies and Trukks. in |_| bulngs. le Addition, ected imperial vehicles may not be used | 4 SPECIAL RULES | | GAME LENGTH ci Epona ese hol oonng ero cis eatin Ger MMe ecriooee CONGTIONE tats at any oh deere paced in we ope enntas beng | WEOPYContns: To vn, th Ora mus bie to NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER 4 Weirephacnedresktarignartier acorn otter cater ee i eee eee eer Se ec ae ee ee er ee ce er eee reer ni eerie aie to shreds by the wall of fire Paying no heed to thir loses, the living tide swept on snd Se ee oe a een ee eens ee eee ee ee ee oe ee ee ee ee con the prey before them. Once more the boltrs of the Dark Angels spat hated and death, seything through even more of the Ty Cee ees | femained nov, thei eyes scanning the eaclsieg walls for some route of escape. But there was Cr ae a ec enn eee Larger shapes moved between the shtered gates sow, so tll they hid to duck beneath the ‘rumbling archway The stench of the Warriors was easly picked up by the senses of the eee nt eee ee ee ne Ce ee ee er ne eee ery sudden reese of pressre 1 squad of Deathwing Temisatorssppered, moments surounded by the arcing nds of teleporter energy. Joined by their most revered batle-broters, the Datk Cee ee ee at Sct ae ences Se a ek oe ee the despicable alins. Their fire was sue and steady, even as the Space Marines stepped though the mounds of bodies of the fallen aliens. Their hey boots crushed bones underfoot and slipped in slicks of gore. but asthe dirkly armoured warns splished through the ee oe eae ieee eee eee ‘The walls echoed 2 constant steam of fring now, as more asd more Tyranids poured through Cee oe ce aa at ee nea eae ea step. the Duk Angels advanced, throving back the Tyrnids with the force of their counter attic. Soon the Dexthwing squad hal reached the gate and stod between the two butions ee eee ener ect nent eee enn enn nt a ee ey broken by the odd clisk of piles of spent holter cases being disturbed or the ead of Se oe ea need Ce en ee ees