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On one occasion I was taking 7 tons of food to Ensenada, Mexico.

Two pistons on my truck went

out just before I entered the city. We had to unload the truck where we were, and I then hired a
wrecker to pull it to a garage. While being repaired, the bolts on one of the pistons were not
tightened down enough. My next trip was 120 miles east of my home. On the return trip the cap
for the piston came off and tore a hole in the bottom of the motor. When I saw what had
happened I said, "Satan, in the name of Jesus you are to return seven times what it will cost to
replace this - including the cost of the wrecker." Within a short time the money came in to cover
the cost of the motor and the wrecker. Three weeks later someone gave my wife a check for
$10,000 which covered the other six times.

The starter was stolen during the time that the motor was being replaced. The expenses came to
about $50. Three days after I had paid for it, a man gave me $350. This gave me the seven-times

On one occasion a man broke into our car by smashing a window. He stole the radio, as well as
the computer, and cut a lot of wires. We had to pay $100.00 which was the insurance deductible,
and the insurance company paid for the rest of the damage. A man told me that I could not expect
anything more, because the insurance company had paid for the repairs. I told him that was only
part of it, because the Bible promised me seven times. A short time later the other six times came
in, which enabled us to buy two round-trip tickets to Africa. When you are operating in the will
of the Lord using divine faith, you will get what you expect, instead of what others think.

When you talk with the average Christian who has claimed the promise in Proverbs 6:30-31, they
tell you that if their faith was at that level, they received seven times. After asking them why,
they would tell you because they were claiming it. However what does the promise state? It is
telling you that you can claim that "He must restore SEVENFOLD." What is the difference
between the two? Seven times means that you can get back seven times the value of what you
lost. Sevenfold means that you can claim back one hundred twenty eight times the value of the
original item. It now comes down to, "What are you believing for" and "Does your level of faith
match what your are wanting? The next thing to find out is: What is the Lords will for you
because if you ask for and receive more than His will is for your life, you will live to regret it.
Since the Lord knows what His will is, as well as your level of faith, ask Him to direct you,
then you will not be disappointed.


When you demand things from the Lord which are out of His will, the enemy will be allowed to
fill your mind with thoughts that will become poor decisions, as seen in the following verses of
Psalm 106. If this is the case, ask the Lord to forgive you, then fill your spirit with the promises
of God.

Psalm 106:13 13. Dar au uitat curand lucrarile Lui si n-au asteptat implinirea planurilor Lui.
14. Ci i-a apucat pofta in pustiu si au ispitit pe Dumnezeu in pustietate.
15. El le-a dat ce cereau; dar a trimis o molima printre ei.

You may have faith to go to any limit set in the Bible, but is it Gods will at this time for you? He
does not want you to have temptations that you cant overcome, so he sometimes wants you to
pray for a lower limit. The higher limit may draw you away from the Lord, as seen in the follow

A number of years ago a friend of mine worked in a machine shop. This was during the time
when wages were a lot lower, and computer tape driven machines were just coming out. He
became well qualified in programing the milling machine he operated. The machine would then
perform all the required operations. The company he worked for paid him $5.00 per hour. When
another company found out what he could do, they offered him $7.50 per hour, which was a
substantial raise. He went to his boss and told him about the offer, so the company said they
would match it. In addition, they would give him a lot of overtime. He started getting large paychecks because he was working 60 hours a week at a higher rate of pay. Shortly after this he and
his wife bought a boat, but had to dock it forty miles away. After examining it more carefully,
they found they had to spend several hundred hours sanding and painting the boat. The only
spare time left was every Sunday, which caused them to completely drop out of Church. I expect
because he came home tired every day, he stopped reading his Bible, as well as spending much
time in prayer. The results of the seeming blessing - which was the additional money, became a
curse by keeping them away from Church.