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Moore American 05/27/2015

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ing and organizing research

and then creating their own
work products using a wide
variety of publishing proFrom Page A1
grams, she said.We hope
to move away from rote
Fisher Elementary will
memorization activities and
purchase 60 iPads, two
instead offer opportunities
large charging and storfor our students to interact
age carts, iPad accessories
with new information while
such as durable kid friendly at the same time become
protective covers, licenses
more technology literate.
and VGA adapters.
Thompson said this will
We will be able to offer
be a vital skill in for the next
our students more authengeneration of workers.
tic learning experiences by
The only way we can
providing more opportuni- prepare our students for
ties to critically think and
those types of task is to put
publish original creations
the technology needed into
using multi-media tools,
their hands.We are excited
Thompson said.
about the opportunities this
Students will also use crit- grant will open up for our
ical thinking skills to plan
students, she said.
and conduct research, manTechnology already has
age projects, solve probmade a positive impact on
lems, and make informed
the Fisher learning environdecisions using appropriate ment.
digital tools and resources,
Mrs. Moiser, the librarshe said.
ian at Fisher received a
This grant will provide
donors choice grant two
training for the teachers
years ago for Kindles that
that will help them design
are used in the library. She
lessons and management
has already started teachtechniques for implementing our students how to
ing these types of engaging use websites and search
lessons into the classrooms, engines to conduct research
Thompson said.
and they have also begun
Technology plays an
organizing and placing that
enormous role in elemenresearch into presentation
tary education these days.
Traditionally, technology
As a result fifth graders
has been used as a support
at Fisher created their own
for current curriculum, an
test prep videos this year as
assessment and remediation an alternative to the traditool, and for test preparational paper study guides
and sixth graders had an
Most current programs
opportunity to create a
being used help students
digital book reports.
memorize information in
The possibilities of techorder to prepare students
nology integration into the
for standardized test,
classroom are literally endThompson said.
less. There are thousands
However, programs and
of apps and web-based
devices that support techprograms already available
nology integration into all
and more are being created
subject areas are growing
each day, Thompson said.
and developing at a very
Oklahoma Educational
fast rate.
Technology Trust is adminThe goal at Fisher is to
istered by Communities
use this new technology to
Foundation of Oklahoma
enhance the current teach- and professional develing standards, especially in
opment is coordinated
the areas of science and so- through the University of
cial studies, in order to offer Oklahomas K20 Center.
students learning experiFor more information, visit
ences that involving analyz-

Be kind like Je
By Wanda Billbe


The jails developed a

program for people who
committed crimes and
instead of more jail time,
they work off the hours
for different departments with the city.The
program is called Work
Release. Most of the jobs
they are assigned to do
are menial jobs like cleaning offices, landscape
work and working at the
local shelters cleaning out
the kennels.
One great aspect of this
program is to provide job
training these men and
women can use when
they are released. It gives
them something to put on
their job applications for
past work experience.
These people work hard
and have great attitudes.
They are happy to be out
of jail and interacting with
the public again.
The other day, one of
the work release women
at our facility came up
to me crying. She was
upset because one of our
employees was treating
her badly. Like a sub-level
person ordering her
and the rest of the work
release people around like
animals and talking down
to them.
The first thing I did
was give her a hug. She
looked at me like I was
from Mars, but I didnt
care. I wanted her to
know that not everyone
sees them as lower class
citizens. After listening to
her for a few minutes, I
suggested that she speak
with our manager. I was
certain he did not know
this type of behavior was
being displayed by our

Thirty minute
came out of the
ers office smilin
change from th
drooped should
the overall appe
a beaten animal
displayed earlie
ing was schedul
following week
manager and th
release people.
Jesus gave the
example of forg
those who have
wrong. Remem
chaeus? He was
lector, cheated e
and was consid
criminal. Of cou
know the song:
us was a wee lit
and a wee little
he; he climbed u
sycamore tree, t
for to see. And
Savior passed th
He looked up in
and said; Zacch
come down, for
to your house fo
Jesus knew Z
did bad things,
loved him anyw
forgave his sins
had tea with him
wonderful exam
of us to follow.
What a better
this would be if
us followed His
by being kind to
whom little kin
been shown.
Im going to m
conscious effort
each and every
the work releas
know they are d
good job and re
I will acknowled
more and pass o
of smiles. Some
could all use a l
of no matter wh

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