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1)Planning the best summer holidays ever.(how to plan a nice summer holiday)?

2)Good teaschers are likely made up of a combination of hundreds of qualities that allow them to
do teir job effectively.Describe essential qualities of a good teacher.
3)Describe ways and qualities of a good political leader of a country.
4)Do you think that the goverments of richer countries-nations should take more responsibility for
helping the porer nations ? if so in what way?
5)What is an event that happened in your life that you do not have an explanation for to this day?
(something dangerous)
6)Describe something that your parents have already done to make your life easier.Being proud of
your parentsmeans that....(relationships b/w parents and children)
7)internet in our life Teaching methods Many educational institutions , libraries..use Learn the Net
to help their students Discuss
8)Human evil..People can do wrong and cause harm while their goal is to seek after the good ,
even when there is an obvious iherent self harm in action.Discuss
9)Zoos Animals in captivity.suffer physically and mentally as their complex social, behavioural and
physical needs cannot be met in unnatural.Emphasize the importance of the humaN-ANIMAL
10)Students usually must prove through examinations that they are qualified..
11)Describe a place you enjiyed visitingWhere this place was?who you went there with?what you
did there and explain why you enjoyed visiting that place?
12)Management styles & what makes an effective teacher?Strict and indulgent
teachers(environment where there are no demands or a specific rules?
13)Can you remember the first song in which you knowingly recognised a swear word?
14)Saving money
15)Almost every restaurant has at least one vegan dishDo you agree?
16)Do big companies give to charities?Why a company should support a charity?
17)Give reasons to donate to a charity.Why people give money to a charity?money or food that is
given to people who are poor or ill so that they can live .
18)Greece is the place where wonderful experiences never end. Discuss which is the best place a
visitor in Greece can go
19)There are times when you need to take a risk to be true to who you are.Why?Discuss Why
taking risks comes with great rewards?
20)If you had the power to change any t.v show what would it be?What would you change and
21)Describe something unexpected that happened to you in the pastDo you have a funny strory
about something that happened or a scary thing ?
22)Often a weak student cannot understand the lesson because he has not understood the
previous lessons in previous classesDo you thin that teachers should deal with good students or
weak(students with difficulties)How to handle with weak students in the class
23)Is honesty important in everyday life?onesty is one of the most important and beneficial habits
a person can have
24)Descibe your city you live in
25)Alcohol,Drugs and Youth One reason some teens decide to start smoking, drinking alcohol or
using other drugs is because they think "everyone is doing it.Discuss

1)Should athletes be role models for children?

2)Describe a significant historical figure who changed the world.
3)Do you think company tax books should be replaced by tablets and why?
4)Do you think high school should be obligatory for everyone?
5)Should children study at university after they finish school?
6) ?
8) e-books vs conventional books
11. (insect)
14. .


1)Advertising and how it affects people's lives.