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Keywords: Lectra VigiPrint , Plotter, Garment CAD

Title: Lectra VigiPrint Print Software Time Management for Garment CAD Plotter
Description : Lectra VigiPrint is marker printing software which is used in garment
CAD factory. The plotter have time management function operated by this print
print software.

Time Management For Plotter:

The Lectra VigiPrint print software is used for input and manage plotting file
sequence for a group of plotter and small laser cutters linked by an Ethernet
computer network system the plots being finished in background task. The Time
Management is a print software function, which can be used to print reports
containing information on the work carried out by each plotter. Autogarment is
store house of garment , textile and all apparel types of industrial print software.
This print software function is accessible at Master level only. For each plotter stated
on the computer network, the data concerning the plotting files made are
automatically saved in a plotting file follow-up file after each batch is finished.
For each of these plotter, the errors met during plotting file are automatically saved
in a errors follow-up file. Only the data concerning marker plotting file are saved
in the follow-up files.
Activating the Time Management:
The user can choose to activate or deactivate this function. When it is deactivated ,
the follow-up files are not created. To activate the function, use the parameter
Generation of time management, accessible in the Text parameters dialogue box.
When the Time Management button is activated which is displayed as a pressed-in
key, the follow-up files are created automatically by the print software.

Identification of the The follow up files :

A plotting file and an garment CAD file are created automatically daily for each
plotter, in a directory chosen by the user. In the Library parameters dialogue box,
the user indicates the storage directory of the plotting file management files
called as Plotting file parameter line and the storage directory of the garment CAD
management files also called as garment parameter line
The plotting file and garment CAD files can be stored in the same directory. In
the directories chosen by the user, the print software creates automatically as many
sub-directories as there are plotter stated on the computer network. These subdirectories have the same names as the plotter.
The plotting file follow-up file is created as soon as a plotting file is finished by a
plotter. This file will be finished automatically for the next plotting files made by the
same plotter on the same day. The garment CAD file is created as soon as an error
is met by a plotter. If other errors occur on the same plotter on the same day, the
file will be finished automatically.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman,

Garment Auto Machine Technologist,
Cell: +88 017 92 52 53 54