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Shooters & Slammers

½ tot Sambuka,
½ tot Cape velvet
dash of Grenadine.
Pour first the Sambuka, then Cape Velvet, Slowly add
the Grenadine to mix in swirls with the Cape Velvet.

Adios Mother Fucker

1 tot Tequila,
1 tot Kalhua.
It really doesn’t taste all that bad.

½ tot After Shock
½ tot Red Heart Rum.
This one IS bad!!

Anti Freeze
1 and ½ tot Vodka
½ tot Lime Cordial,
Splash of Sprite.
Use a bigger glass if necessary.

B 52
1 tot Kalhua,
1 tot Cape Velvet.
An old favorite!!

B 53
1 tot Kalhua,
1 tot Sambuka.
You can use Black, Blue or Red, depending on your mood.

1/3 tot Blue Sambuca,
1/3 tot Coco Rico,
1/3 tot Cape Velvet.
Layer in a shot glass. If you need more just double the amount
of each and pour into a double shot glass.

Black Shock Dynamo.

1 tot Black Sambuca,
1 tot After Shock,
Mix together and shoot, not for sissies.

Blow Job
½ tot Kalhua,
½ tot Cape Velvet,
topped with whipped cream.
An all round favorite, and the only shooter any barman
serves in great quantities to hungry women.
Blue flame
1 tot Peppermint Liqueur at the bottom topped with,
1 tot Southern Comfort.
Light the Southern Comfort and blow the flame out before you shoot.
Death Wish
½ tot Tequila,
½ tot Drambuie,
½ tot Peppermint Liqueur.

Ghetto Blaster
¼ Tequila,
¼ ouzo,
¼ Kalhua,
¼ Whisky.
A real Bastard.

Jack Hammer
1 tot Jack Daniels,
1 tot PO10cy.

Liquid Cocaine
½ tot Jagermeiser,
½ tot Bicardi Rum.

Liquid Tar
½ tot Jagermeiser,
½ tot Black Sambuca.

Life in hell
1 tot Tequila,
½ tot Tabasco sauce,
One thin slice Jalapeno Chili Pepper.
Before you shoot it down, chew the slice of Jalapeno and shoot
before the mouth burns to much. Burns like hell anyway.

Mexican Asshole
1 tot Tequila,
½ tot Tabasco Sauce,
1 drop Worcestershire sauce.
More well known than “Life in Hell” but just as bad.!!

Sambuca slider
1 & ½ tot Sambuca,
½ tot Vodka,
top with whipped cream.

Slippery Nipple
½ tot Black Sambuca,
(Or you could use Nordic Ice Butterscotch)and
½ tot Cape Velvet.

Snake Bike
2/3 tot Tequila,
1/3 tot Lime Cordial.

½ tot Peppermint Liqueur,
½ tot Cape Velvet.
You can also top it with whipped cream if you like.
Shock Zone
Take a double Schnapps glass and fill half with After Shock Cinnamon.
Top up with Stroh Rum.
Don’t say I did not warn you!!

Bloody Mary
1 ½ Vodka,
3 tot’s Tomato juice,
4 drops lemon juice,
½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce,
3 drops Tabasco sauce,
Ad salt and pepper to taste.

Blue Margarita
1 ½ tots Tequila,
1 tot Blue Curacao,
1 tot lime juice,
shake with ice and strain into a salt rimmed glass.

Black Widow
1 tot Red heart Rum,
1 ½ tot Southern Comfort,
Fill glass with Schweppes dry lemon and ice.

Disco Chiller
1 ½ tot Vodca,
1 tot Blue Sambuca,
fill glass with lemonade.
Pour over crushed ice and put everything into a blender and make a frozen drink.

Dry Martini
2 tots Gin or Vodca,
1 tot dry Vermouth,
pour into cocktail glass and garnish with lemon slice or an olive.

Durban Poison
1 tot Mainstay Cane,
1 tot peppermint Liqueur,
mix and pour over crushed ice.

1 tot Red Sambuca,
2 tots dry Vermouth.
Serve over crushed ice.

Harvey Wallbanger
1 tot Vodca,
½ tot Galliano,
4 tots Orange juice.
Float the Galliano on top.

Ice Bear
2 tots Vodca,
2 tots Blue Sambuca,
pour over crushed ice and top up with Sprite
Ice Breaker
1 tot Red Heart Rum,
½ tot Gin,
2 tots lemon juice,
2 tots orange juice,
½ tot Cape Velvet cream.
Mix together and pour over crushed ice.

1 ½ tot Tequila,
½ tot Triple Sec,
fill with lemon juice
and serve in a salt rimmed glass.

Miami Ice
½ tot Vodca,
½ tot Archers,
½ tot Gin,
½ tot Bicardi White rum,
1 tot Apple Sours.
Mix it all together and pour over crushed ice and a little Appletizer to taste.

100% Extasy
1 tot Vodca
1 tot Cape Velvet
poured over crushed ice.

2 tots Vodca,
5 tots orange juice.
Add ice cubes to taste.

Tequila Sunrise
2 tots Tequila,
4 tots orange juice,
add ice and pour a little Grenadine into the glass to settle at the bottom.

½ bottle of lemon Hooch,
1 tot Vodca,
serve in a salt rimmed glass,
add a little Grenadine to settle at the bottom.

Toxic Waste
1 tot Vodca,
½ tot Southern Comfort,
½ tot Blue Curacao,
equal amounts of orange and pineapple juice.
Shake the whole mixture to turn into a toxic green color, and pour over crushed ice.

Rusty Navel
1 tot Drambuie,
1 tot Whiskey,
pour over crushed ice in salt rimmed cocktail glass.