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1. First steps

1.1 Residence registration

1.2 Health insurance

1.3 Enrolling at HTW

1.4 Applying for the residence permit

1.5 Opening a bank account
2. The HTW Berlin

2.1 HTW locations overview

2.2 The libraries

2.3 The computer center

2.4 The foreign language center

2.5 Copy cards

2.6 Sports

2.7 Dining halls and cafeterias

2.8 The service pools

2.9 The student ID and the International
Student Identity Card (ISIC)
3. The MBA&E

3.1 Program spaces

3.2 The program office

3.3 Staff contact information
4. IT Systems of HTW

4.1 LSF

4.2 eCampus

4.3 Moodle

4.4 The HTW e-mail account

4.5 Internet via Notebook
5. FAQ


MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

Dear new student,
We are happy to welcome you onboard our postgraduate program Master of Business Administration and Engineering.
Upon arriving at Berlin, please pay special attention to chapter 1 of this handout. That chapter contains instructions on
the first steps that you will need to complete before you can
begin studying and enjoying student life in Berlin. It is important that you taken care of these steps timely! If you need
assistance, please contact the program office.
In chapter 2 you will find information on our host institution.
As an MBA&E student, you may use the all the offerings of the
HTW Berlin ranging from seminars, language classes and the
library to the university sports program. The dining facilities
and cafeterias are also described here.
Chapter 3 gives you an overview of our programs facilities. You
will also find our staffs contact information.
The HTW students have access to several IT systems provided
by the universitys IT center. These systems are introduced in
chapter 4. You will also find instructions on how to get started
on the various systems.
Finally, under chapter 5 we have collected frequently asked
questions, which we hope you will find useful. A large amount
of important information can also be found on the HTWs English language website:
For any further information, your program office will always be
available for your support and assistance in matters ranging
from formalities and study organization, to academic consultation and assistance in any personal issues you may encounter.
We wish you successful studies at the MBA&E and a pleasant
stay in Berlin!

On behalf of the program staff,

Yours sincerely,

Dirk Foerster-Trallo
MBA&E Program Manager

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

This chapter guides you through the
necessary formalities as a new student in
an international program. Please complete the steps in the order they are described here.
Download the
residence registration
& welcome money
form under:

The appointment system you can find it

on the Internet, although we highly recommend you to line up without an appointment to speed up the process due
to the fact that you need this document
for many other issues like a cell phone
contract, bank account, registering at
university, etc.
The city of Berlin also grants a welcome
money of 50 to all new students moving into the city from outside. In order
to get this fund, you must complete an
application form and have it stamped
while registering your residence at the
citizens office (Brgeramt).
Please see the emails sent to you by the
program, or visit the program office to
get the forms for your residence registration. Please have the following with you
when visiting the citizens office:

1.1 Residence registration

All German and international persons
moving to Berlin from outside will have
to register the address of their residence at the citizens office which is called
in German Brgeramt. You can visit any
of the many citizens offices in Berlin
below we are pointing you to the one
closest to our location.
The registration must be completed within 14 days from moving to Berlin!
The registration forms are provided to
you by email and/or as printouts by the
program office. The most convenient office for most of the MBA&E students to
visit is located on the second floor of Residence registration form
the shopping center Tierpark Center in
(Anmeldung bei der Meldebehrde)
the address:
Welcome money application form
Your passport and visa
Brgeramt 3
Your rental contract or the accommoOtto-Schmirgal-Strasse 7
dation confirmation from the MBA&E
10319 Berlin
Currently, you may visit this citizens office with or without appointment. If you
have no appointment right after entering
the offices waiting room, please use the
vendor on the wall to acquire a queue
number, then wait until your number will
be called up. Your service desk number is
displayed with the queue number on the
signboard. Note that you have to be there very early, at least 30 minutes before
the office opens so you have the chance
to get a number if you dont want to wait
for a few hours.

1.2 Health insurance

One of the first tasks after arrival is to
obtain a student health insurance policy.
Universities are required to ensure that
all students have a health insurance,
thus enrolment is not possible without
a valid insurance policy. The proof is always a confirmation from a German insurance provider (foreign documents are
not accepted).
An exception to the previous statements
are students over 30 years of age. These
are required to have a health insurance,
too, but are no longer eligible for the 4

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

standard student insurance. They may

also enroll at the HTW without a health
insurance certificate. If you are over 30
years of age, you may wish to opt for one
of the private health insurance funds,
which are significantly less expensive
than the public ones.
The state-regulated health insurance policy for students at any public health insurance company total cost is 78,50 Euros per month. Students below 30 years
of age are eligible too, although in this
case there are less expensive alternatives
available like private health insurances.
You are free to select your insurance
company, but the MBA&E currently cooperates with the public insurance provider AOK and TK. You may visit their office
on the HTW campus or contact our English speaking partner at AOK/TK to make
Make an online an appointment either at the university
appointment with or at the offices Treskowallee:

the Auslnderbehrde

Please have with you the following documents:

Passport + visa
(submit copies, show originals)
Health insurance certificate
(submit original)
MBA&E study contract
(submit original)
MBA&E study placement acceptance
(submit original)
You may visit the MBA&E office for any
printouts or copies. Copies can be made
using the copy card at any public copier
at the HTW. Please see the instructions

Office HG-034, main building of the
campus Treskowallee
(Treskowallee 8, 10318 Berlin)

1.4 Applying for the residence permit

Students from outside the EU are granted
a three-month study visa, which must be
extended into a proper residence permit
at the immigration office (Auslnderbehrde) in Berlin.
The conventional residence permit (adhesive label on passport) has been replaced by the electronic residence permit
(eAT) in credit card format as of 1st September 2011.
The electronic residence permit is equipped with a contact-free chip inside the
card in which biometric features (photograph and two fingerprints), any ancillary conditions, and your personal data
are saved. In addition, the chip can be
used as an electronic identity document
and an electronic signature.
It is extremely important that you make
an appointment at the Auslnderbehrde
for applying for the residence permit at
least 20 days before your visa expires.
Please see the online application booking system on the following website under Appointment (online):

+49 30 5019 2919

AOK Mondays, 11:00am 02:00pm
TK Tuesdays, 11:00am 02:00pm
If you come from another EU state or
wish to use a foreign international insurance policy, you will have to visit the
AOK/TK to gain a certificate that you are
waived from health insurance.
1.3 Enrolling at HTW
After obtaining your health insurance,
please visit the admissions office of our
student services to get enrolled at the
HTW and to get your student ID including the semester ticket.

Important! Have your passport at hand

while booking the appointment. Your 5

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

data must be identical to that provided

in your passport. You can get the form
you will need for the residence permit in
the MBA&E office or under:
The closest public transportation connections to the Auslnderbehrde are U9Amrumer Strasse and S-Westhafen. It is
located at:

You can choose any bank you wish. We

recommend you the Deutsche Bank or
the Berliner Sparkasse for their good
network of branch offices and ATMs.
(Deutsche Bank also partners with Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank, Postbank und
HypoVereinsbank whos ATMs you can use
for free.) Deutsche Bank also has online
banking in English, as well as a rather
good international presence.
In order to open a bank account, please
visit a bank of your preference with the
following documents:

Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24
13353 Berlin

Passport and visa or

residence permit
Residence registration from the
Please take the following with you to the
Student ID and an enrolment slip
from the HTW
Application form for the residence
Your passport
Two up to date biometric passport
Certificate of health insurance
coverage (letter of health insurance)
Certificate of matriculation
(student ID + an enrolment slip)
Residence registration certificate
from the Brgeramt
Proof of source of livelihood
(e.g., scholarship, bank statement,
study credit grant, letter from parents with their bank statement)
The residence permit fee of 110
Euros in cash

Always use the ATM
of your own bank (or
bank group) to withdraw cash, for other
banks will charge you
a fee of several Euros.

1.5 Opening a bank account

Unless you have opened a bank account
already during your visa application process, you should do so soon after arriving at Berlin. Taking care of daily activities is basically not possible without
a German bank account. For students, a
bank account is free of charge.
With the opening of a current account
(Girokonto), you will receive an EC card
(the German ATM and electronic cash
system) together with a PIN. Cash withdrawals and payments at shops are made
using these.

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin


The second chapter gives you information on the services and
facilities of the HTW Berlin.
2.1 HTW locations overview
The HTW Berlin has two main campuses that are directly
connected by the tram line 27. The campus Wilhelminenhof is
also served by the lines 63 and 67, and the campus Treskowallee by the lines M17 and 37. All these lines cross at the stop
Edisonstrasse/Wilhelminenhofstrasse. The HTW tram stops are
Rathenaustrasse/HTW (for Wilhelminenhof)
Treskowallee/HTW (for Treskowallee)
Campus Wilhelminenhof (WH)
Main entrance, buildings A-H:
Wilhelminenhofstrasse 75a
12459 Berlin
Business/industrial engineering,
technical, design and miscellaneous
study programs
Peter-Behrens-building (PBH)
Ostendtrasse 1
12459 Berlin
MBA&E and other studies
TGS building
Ostendtrasse 25
12459 Berlin
Language institute
IT center
Campus Treskowallee (TA)
Main entrance, buildings 1-11:
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin
Economics, business administration,
finance, law, taxation, and miscellaneous study programs
University management and central

From the city, Wilhelminenhof campus can also be reached by

the S-Bahn station S-Schneweide (from there, trams 63 and
67 to the campus). Campus Treskowallee can be reached by the
metro line U5, station U-Tierpark (from there, a 5-minute walk
or trams M17, 27 or 37 to the campus).
Berlin has one of the worlds most convenient and functional
public transportation systems. The semester ticket attached to
your student ID provides you free use of all public transportation. Please use the Berlin public transportation (BVG) journey
planner to see how to get anywhere in the city:
The most important locations on Treskowallee for the MBA&E
students are the business simulation (M3 Special Topics in BA)
spaces in the north end of the Main Building, second floor,
room HG-227 and
the admissions office in the main building, room HG-34, left
from the Treskowallee entrance

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

Campus Wilhelminenhof (WH)

Design Department 5
Information, AStA, FSR, Halls 1-4,
Caf Kopfbau
Department 1, 2, 4
Department 2, Halls 5-7
Department 2
Department 1, 2
Library, Mensa, Cafeteria,
Department 1
Research- & further education center
Department 4, MBA&E
Technology- and founders center,
language institute

Campus Treskowallee (TA)


Main building
University management and central
Beach volleyball
Little gym
Project center
Founders center

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

2.2 The libraries

The library system of the HTW consists of
the central library (with 2 reading halls)
at Treskowallee (main building), and the
campus library at Wilhelminenhof (building G). For the moment being, you will
need to acquire a separate library card
in addition to your student ID. You can
gain this simply by visiting one of the
libraries with the following documents:
Student ID, Passport, Residence registration certificate from the Brgeramt.
The library homepage can be found at
the address:
Importantly, the Berlin universities operate a centrally coordinated system of libraries. Using your HTW student ID, you
may gain access to all of Berlins university libraries. Especially the large universities, the Humboldt University, the Free
University and the Technical University,
have very large collections on basically
any field of science. If you cannot find
specific works in the HTW library, you
may look for the in those other libraries.
The links to the above mentioned libraries:

The Computer Center is located on the

Wilhelminenhof campus in the TGS building, please see the campus map above.
Help center offices are located at Wilhelminenhof in building G, room 125a; and
at Treskowallee in the Mensa Building,
room 200.
2.4 The foreign language center
In addition to the German classes offered by the MBA&E program you can get
in touch with the Foreign Language Center for any questions concerning training
in foreign languages.
The Foreign Language Center offers courses in eight different languages:
Courses through the advanced foreign
language level (GER C1/C2) in English,
French, Russian, Spanish and German
as a foreign language
Basic level courses in Italian, Japanese
and Swedish

The Foreign Language Center also offers

intensive holiday courses that can be accredited if they are completed with an
examination. For self-study purposes, a
wealth of textbooks, reference books,
audio, television and video technology,
and two multimedia PCs equipped with
software for language exercises are
lable to you at the Media Center.
You can nd the Foreign Language Center
on the Wilhelminenhof campus, TGS buil2.3 The computer center
The Computer Center offers all students ding, see campus map above.
and staff of the HTW a comprehensive
range of services in the area of IT such
Computer workstations/internet caf
(incl. the use of scanners and printers) 2.5 Copy cards
Copy cards are available and recharge Access to online services and the
able in buildings C (at room 047) and G
campus network also via WLAN
Home drives and individual homepages (lobby) on the campus Wilhelminenhof.
The copy cards can be used to copy at
Student email
Access to discounted software products all public copy machines within the HTW,
User manuals for software, programming and to print at the computer center and
any other network printers. There are
languages and operating systems
public copiers on the campus in all buil A wide range of information on the
dings. The public copier in the Peter-Behonline help center
Service hotline and personal consultation rens-House is located in room 4033a.
MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

2.6 Sports
If you want to meet new people and stay
fit and healthy, the university sports
program is a great way to go. You can
sign up for the gym and a large variety
of sport for a very small fee. There are separate sports offerings for each semester
and semester break. A bank account is
needed for the registration.
Note: Please dont

laminate your student

ID or semester ticket.
2.7 Dining halls and cafeterias
The public organization Studentenwerk
Berlin operates dining halls and cafeterias at both locations of the HTW Berlin.
To pay at these locations, you will need
the Mensa Card. This cash card can be
acquired for a small fee at any cash counter, and recharged at the automatic machines in the lobbies of the dining halls.
The Mensa card can also be used at any
Studentenwerk location (at other universities) across Berlin.
The Wilhelminenhof main dining hall is
located in the G building, along with a
coffee shop. Another caf will be opened
in building B. Website:
When paying at the Mensa cafeterias you
have screens on top of every dish displaying 3 different prices, the one on the
left is the price for students (presenting
a valid student ID). The price is not depending on the amount of food of each
dish that you take, but on the number of
different dishes you choose.
In the Peter Behrens house, where the
MBA&E is located, there is a cafeteria
operated by the Stephanuswerk. The
Mensa Card is not accepted here (cash

lost-and-found office, as well as a variety

of services for the HTW staff.
You will mainly have to use this service
only if you wish to send documents to
the staff, or if you have lost something.
2.9 The student ID and the International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
You will gain your student ID while enrolling at the admissions office. The student ID is the main document to prove
your student status. No photo is attached
and thus it must always be accompanied
by an official photo ID (passport).
At the initial enrolment you will have
to visit the admissions office. For each
following semester you will receive the
student ID by mail.
In addition to your personal data and
matriculation number (Matrikelnummer),
you will find your IT systems user name
and an activation code on the student
ID. To activate your IT account, please visit the website
to input your user name and activation
code. For further information, please see
chapter 4 below.
In addition to the student ID, you can
apply for the international student identity card (ISIC). This card is very useful
since it is accepted worldwide and substitutes your passport in Berlin public
transportation (ticket controls).
The ISIC card is applied through the HTW
student organization AStA, located in
the basement of the Treskowallee campus main building. To apply for the ISIC
card, please have with you:
A biometric passport photo
Copy of your student ID
(show original)
Copy of your passport
(show original)
12 Euro ISIC fee (The application
form is available at the AStA office)

Please make an appointment by email at:

2.8 The service pools
The service pools, located in the Treskowallee Administrative Building and the
Wilhelminenhof building B, offer general
support services such as internal mail, a
MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

The third chapter will inform you on the MBA&E program facilities and staff. The program office located in the Peter Behrens
House (PBH), office PBH-5029, at the Wilhelminenhof campus
at the address Ostendstrae 1, 12459 Berlin is your main contact point throughout the program.
3.1 Program spaces
In addition to the program office, the programs lecture and
project rooms are located in the first floor of the Peter Behrens
House. The room numbers are PBH-1112, PBH-1113 and PBH1115. Some classes will take place outside of those spaces:
Any classes (as needed) could take place in other lecture halls
and computer labs in the PBH.
The class M3 Special Topics in Business Administration will be
located in the business simulation spaces in the main building
(Hauptgebude) on the campus Treskowallee, room HG-227
3.2 The program office
The program office is located in the Peter Behrens House, 1st
floor, Room 1110. Consultancy hours will be provided closer to
the semester start. For taking care of any personal or significant matters, we recommend you to make a separate appointment.
In addition to assisting with any daily questions regarding your
studies and life in Berlin, the program office is at your disposal
in a broad .variety of other areas such as study performance management, career
related questions,
and degree and
study formalities.

The MBA&E mailing

address is as follows:

MBA&E Office
Ostendstrasse 1
D-12459 Berlin
+49 30 5019 2411


MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

3.3 Staff contact information

Please find the MBA&E staffs contact information in the table below. Professors
consultancy hours can be found by searching the HTW Berlin website.
Prof. Dr. Ingo Classen
030 5019-2260
TA-VG 825

Dr. Bryan Temple

+44 141 331 3549
Dr. Rainer Vogel

Prof. Dr. Soeren Dressler

030 5019-2888
Sandra Dressler
Prof. Dr. Robert Finke
030 5019-2258
Dirk Foerster-Trallo
030 5019-2411
Antti Kapanen
030 5019-2411
Prof. Dr. Martin Pohlmann
030 5019-2391
Prof. Dr. Sven Prueser
030 5019-3291
Mr. Andreas Reinhard, MBA
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rudolph
030 5019-2407

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

To get started with the HTW IT systems, the first step is to activate your HTW user account. This is done by inputting your user
name and activation code (both are found on your student ID)
on the following website:
IMPORTANT: Please record the password you enter on this page
in a secure location.
IMPORTANT: Please attend the information systems workshop
provided by the MBA&E shortly after the studies have begun.
The following subchapters provide you with an introduction to
the various information systems of the HTW Berlin. Please see
an overview and the links below:
The study management system: course catalogue, personal
data & schedule, staff schedules, grade transcript, etc.
An eLearning platform: course management and content distribution
An alternative, open source eLearning platform some lecturers
may opt to use.
Student email
Access to your HTW student email address. Please either use
the HTW email address or set a redirect to your private address
in order to not miss any important communication.
Wireless LAN
The WLAN internet connection is available everywhere on the
NOTE: Please activate your Students HTW e-mail account as
soon as possible; you will be receiving important news on HTW
events, grades, updates and many other important matters.

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

missing, please contact the MBA&E office.

4.1 LSF (Lehre Studium Forschung)
The LSF is a studies management system Aktueller Leistungsstand und Semesterbethat offers you the following functions: scheinigungen: Here you will be able to
view your completed modules along with
the grades, and download grade tran Viewing appointments on your
scripts as PDF files.
personal study plan
Rckmeldestatus: Here you can view your
Browsing the whole HTW course
current enrolment status.
catalogue and book classes*
Bescheinigungen: Here you can download
Viewing the schedules of any staff
various files, forms and templates. The
selection depends on your current status.
Viewing room availability
Belegbersicht: This option gives you an
Downloading your grade transcripts
overview of your course registrations, in Viewing your enrolment status
cluding links to the module details.
Viewing your currently recorded
Veranstaltungsliste (PDF): Here you can
mailing address
download a PDF list of your registered
The MBA&E students are automatically modules for the current semester.
registered onto their relevant classes. Adresse anzeigen: This option will display
Any additional classes, in which you the address and contact data stored in
would like to get enrolled, should be the HTW database.
booked through LSF.
4.1.2. Common functions
Logging in
After entering the above-mentioned URL, Vorlesungsverzeichnis: Here you can find
you will see the LSF login page. You can the complete catalogue of modules ofchange the language here, but we recom- fered at the HTW Berlin. You can browse
mend that you use the German version them by department or institution and
due to an incomplete translation at the search for them by clicking on Suche
nach Veranstaltungen in the lower left
time of writing.
Your user name is the one printed on corner, you can also book additional
your first student ID: sXXXXXX
Your password is the one you have set on Vorlesungsplne: This option will show
you schedules by study program.
the start page.
Heutige Veranstaltungen: Here you can
Overview of the functions
With the following information, you will view all lectures, seminars, etc. taking
be able to use the most important fun- place on a certain date (default is the
ctions and view the most important in- current date).
Ausfallende Veranstaltungen: Here you
will find courses with currently cancelled
4.1.1 Personal functions
Persnlicher Stundenplan: Here you can Dozentenplne: Here you can search for
find your personalized schedule for personal schedules of our professors and
the week or semester in question. You lecturers.
should be automatically registered for Raumplne: Here you can search for schethe MBA&E modules and should see the dules for certain rooms and facilities.
appointments in your schedule. You can
modify the view on the multifunction 4.2 eCampus
The eCampus login information is idenbox in the middle.
Info ber angemeldete Prfungen: You tical to that of the LSF (user name
can find the list of the examinations you sXXXXXX, personal password set on the
are taking in the current semester. You start page).
should find all classes you are taking in Again, you can change the language at
the current semester here. If classes are login, but we recommend using the GerMBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

man version.
As the first step after logging in, you
should book your courses on the eCampus. Please follow these instructions to
accomplish this:
1. Click on Katalog Wintersemester
2. Open the folder FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften II
3. Open the folder Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (M) (611)
(You may click on the course name
to see the course information.)
4. Click on the shopping cart symbol
on the right to book the course
by clicking Buchen)
5. Repeat this for each class you are
Now you can click on Startseite to return to the eCampus main view. Here,
you will now see all your booked courses
in the meine Lehrveranstaltungen box
on the right. Please click on a course and
click OK when prompted to start the
course in order to enter the course space.
In the course space you can see the following options for each class:
Startseite/Home: News, links to the lecturer and the participants, schedule
Termine/Dates: List of specific appointments for this course.
Teilnehmer/Participants: List of participants with links to their profiles.
is the most important function of the
course space: discussion forum and file
archive. You will find all materials and
information uploaded by the lecturer or
other participants here.
Beschreibung/description: Displays the
module description sheet

The lecturers will inform you if they wish

to use Moodle instead of eCampus, and
send you the links to register to the classes.
You may create a Moodle account by
entering your information into the following form:
Detailed user instructions for Moodle will
be delivered in separate emails, as well
as in a Moodle workshop.
4.4 The HTW email account
Your HTW account is coupled with a university email address. Please either use
this address or set a redirect into your
private email address.
Your default email address consists of
your username and the HTW domain
name in the format You can access your email either
by webmail or using email client software. Please see the instructions under:
The email settings including aliases and
redirect can be changed on the following
web page (only available in German):

You can log in here using the default user

name and password (user name sXXXXXX,
personal password set on the start page).
The most important options are:
Create an email alias: Click on weitere
Adresse to open the box neue Adresse einrichten. Here, enter your preferred
email address into the two fields; the se4.3 Moodle
cond field must be included in your last
Moodle is an eLearning platform alter- name. The recommended alias is firstnative to the eCampus. Moodle courses name.lastname@... Click Speichern to
can be used as flexible platforms to dis- save.
tribute materials, communicate, collect
feedback, and to carry out tests.
MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

Set an email redirect (only if you do not

wish to use the HTW email account):
Click after E-Mail-Weiterleitung to
open the box for the address to which
you would like to have your emails forwarded. Please enter your private email
address here. The checkbox E-Mail nach
Weiterleitung Verwerfen will delete the
email in the HTW mailbox after forwarding, if activated. Click Speichern to
Note: Some email alias problems have
been experienced with double last names
generally used among Spanish speaking
cultures. If you have problems setting up
your email alias, please email the IT help
center with the details:
4.5 Internet via Notebook
Within all of the HTW premises, you have
access to an Internet connection on your
notebook either via a wireless or a cable
LAN. Please see the instructions for setting up either connection at:


MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

5. FAQ
In this chapter, we are collecting the questions asked most often by our students.
The categories are organized in an alphabetic order. This chapter will be extended as
further questions arise.
Degree details
Which degree will I be gaining?
You will graduate with the degree Master of Business Administration and

Engineering, which is a European postgraduate degree according to the

Bologna Process
Is the degree accredited?
Yes, the degree is accredited by the ACQUIN:

I will be living outside of Berlin when I graduate. Can

the degree be mailed to me?
Yes. Please make sure that your current mailing address is recorded in our da tabase.
An official is asking for attestation of the degree. Can you help?
The admissions office of the HTW Berlin will help with an attestation. Please

contact the program office to be

forwarded to the right person.
Will my study specialization be written on the degree or transcripts?
Yes, your specialization will be mentioned on the transcript/the diploma sup
plement, but not on the degree certificate.
I have personal plans that overlap with an excursion. What should I do?
Excursions in the MBA&E are not mandatory, although they are highly recom
mended. In any case, please let the program office know if you will not

be able to attend an excursion. Only this way we will be able to book the

correct amount of tickets and accommodation.
How much money do I need on excursions?
Travel and accommodation are paid for by the program. You will need money

mostly for food and any leisure activities. Occasionally you may have to pay

for taxis or other expenses that will be compensated to you after returning

to Berlin.
Is it possible to bring a friend to an excursion?
Any cancelled seats will first be offered to previous semesters MBA&E stu
dents and alumni. If there is free space without additional cost, the program

office may give you the permission to invite a friend or a family member. It

may be possible to join some company visits on your own expense.
What are the destinations of our excursions?
Excursions are planned separately for each semester. The plan will be com
municated to the students as early as possible.

MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

My employer wants me to confirm that an internship is mandatory.
An internship in the MBA&E is voluntary, so we cannot provide such a con
firmation. We may however write the employer a letter stating that we faci
litate and support a voluntary internship.
The working days on my visa are insufficient for the internship I am planning.
It is possible to apply for an extension to the 90 working day limit of your

student visa. The program office may provide you consultation and the
Can I expect to be paid for an internship?
We generally advise against taking uncompensated internships, since this

shows that the employer is not taking you seriously. A usual compensation

for is 700 1500 Euros per month.
My German is not very strong. Can I intern in English?
Especially large companies enable English language internships. While Ger
man is definitely an asset, finding a placement is certainly possible without

knowing the language.
I cant find an internship.
Experience shows that MBA&E students are very well positioned in the in
dustry and usually find the internships and positions they look for. Success
ful application may however be time consuming and require some persistence.

The program office would be happy to review with you your application do
cuments and advise you on the process.
Must I register for an internship at the university?
Letting the program office know by email is sufficient.
Can I write my Master thesis while interning?
We always recommend to discuss these questions with the company. Often it

is possible to combine the internship with a thesis. Sometimes, the company

wishes you to complete an internship first and write the thesis subsequently.

You may also write the thesis on a separate topic while interning, but this

will result in a very high workload and is generally not recommended.
Is my foreign drivers license valid in Germany?
There is no single answer. EU drivers licenses are generally valid, while only

some non-EU licenses are valid. In addition, some licenses may be conver
ted into a German license, sometimes with a driving and theory exam. Doing

some internet research on your drivers license as the first step is recommen
ded. The automobile organization ADAC has also useful information on their

website in German (
Specialization groups
I wish to change my specialization group. What should I do?
The specialization group can be changed in case there are free seats in the

other group(s). Please contact the program office for details.
I wish to take classes from another specialization group as additional

studies. Is this possible?
If there are available seats, it is possible for you to take additional classes.

Please consult with the program office for details.
I wish to switch an individual class of my specialization. Is this possible?
It is fundamentally possible, however not generally recommended, to switch

specialization groups. If you for example have significant knowledge in a
MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin

certain area, you may omit that class to gain more value of your studies.
Please consult with the program office for details.

Services outside the HTW

Which mobile phone provider do you recommend?
As a study program we have no formal recommendation, but based on stu
dent feedback, the O2 student package appears to be a good option. You can

find an O2 shop at the Tierpark Center shopping mall at U station Tierpark.

The offers by various providers change often.
Which bank do you recommend?
We would recommend you to use one of the large banks, for example Deut
sche Bank, Berliner Sparkasse or Commerzbank.
Which health insurance do you recommend?
While private insurances may be cheaper, we recommend the regular insuran
ce from a public provider such as the AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse) or

the TK (Techniker Krankenkasse).
Id like to take further German classes. Which schools do you recommend?
You may first see whether suitable classes are available at the HTW foreign

language center:

These are free of charge and close to the campus. Further low-cost classes are

available at the public institution Volkshochschule:

(In German:

Finally, there are numerous private language schools which are somewhat

more expensive but offer a great variety of classes. Our students have made

good experiences with the Hartnackschule:
Student visa, residence permit and working permit
I have extended my studies and now my residence permit is running out.

What can I do?
Just like the first time after arrival, please make an appointment at the

Auslnderbehrde to extend your residence permit. The program office will

issue a personal study plan, based on which the Auslnderbehrde may

evaluate your application for the residence permit.
May I stay in Germany after graduation to look for work?
Yes, this is possible and even desirable. After you graduate, you are first

granted an 18-month job searching visa which may then be converted into a

working permit after a suitable job has been found.
Can I travel to other EU countries with my student visa/residence permit?
The residence permit issued in Germany is valid for travel in the Schengen

area (
Studies general questions and problems
I am experiencing problems in the module XYZ. Can you help me?
In the first place, please contact the lecturer of the module in question to

discuss your problem in detail. The program office will generally not override

any decisions made by the lecturers.
It is difficult to work in a team with persons ABC. Please ask the lecturer
to put me into another team.
An important part of being a management professional is being able to work


MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin



with different people, often in an environment that contains both personal

and professional conflicts. Part of the learning process is to solve the conflicts within the team in order to deliver a quality product in the end. If
problems persist, the program office will offer you mediation. Please make an
appointment with the whole team.
I find my grading unfair.
Please contact the lecturer to explain your disagreement with the grade. The
lecturers use structured grading schemes and will be able to rationalize the
made grading decisions. If you are after careful consideration still convinced
that you have not received the grade you deserve, you may file in a formal
complaint to the departments examinations board. You may then be re-examined by a third party, i.e. another professor in the area. So far, however, no
such cases have occurred in the MBA&E.
I have lost my HTW account password.
Please visit the program office we will help you regain access to your account via the IT help center.

Working beside the studies

I wish to work part-time during the studies. Can I do that?
Certainly, but please keep your workload under control, considering that as

the examinations period at the end of the semester approaches, you will need

more time for your studies. A regular student visa allows foreign students to

work 120 full days per calendar year.
How much salary can I expect?
Salaries companies pay (for study related jobs) usually vary between 7 and

15 Euros per hour. Universities have a regulated compensation of 10,85 Euros

per hour.
What kind of jobs do you recommend?
We recommend you in the first place to find a job that will support your

learning of the MBA&E contents. You may of course consider any jobs ranging

from restaurants to call centers in order to generate additional income.


MBA&E Program // HTW Berlin