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The worlds most

successful business
aircraft. Ever.
The Beechcraft King Air is more than just a business icon. For generations,
the King Air 200 Series has delivered the means to go more places, with more people,
in more comfort, at less cost. It is little wonder that, today, King Air stands as the most
popular business aircraft in the world. All over the world. Whats more, the same things
that have made it the most popular in the past and present also make it the most
relevant and useful for the future. This hard-won reputationbased on performance,
quality and reliabilityis reflected in the enthusiastic loyalty of our owners. Most
of whom intend to make their next aircraft a King Air as well.


Cutting-Edge Aerodynamics

New Performance Benchmarks

Best-in-Class Glass

Room to Roam Comfortably

New winglets and lightweight composite

scimitar propellers improve takeoff
performance and payload capacity, and
provide increased range and speed.

The new ram air recovery system allows the

King Airs reliable turboprop engines to maintain
maximum performance in icing conditions and
improves performance in hot-and-high situations.

The Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics

suite delivers glass-cockpit safety, convenience
and an intuitive layout in a continually refined,
best-in-class flight deck.

Passengers enjoy a luxurious interior

and benefit from a square-oval crosssection that provides more room inside
than a conventional round fuselage.

Heres to getting it right the first time. And every time since.
Its iconic name defines an entire category of aircraft. Since the beginning,

of the safest and most reliable aircraft of all time. The King Air 250 takes the

the Beechcraft King Air has represented the pinnacle of its segment, with

legendary aircraft and delivers a host of significant improvements that enhance

performance, comfort and safety that make it the worlds most popular business

performance, range and payload with the addition of composite winglets, scimitar

turboprop. Its reputation for solid engineering and an unwavering commitment to

propellers and ram air recovery. Inside, upgrades to the flight deck and cabin

quality has earned the King Air nearly 50 years of market dominance, providing

give pilots and passengers even more reasons to call the proven, practical and

owners exacting performance and the security of knowing they are flying one

versatile King Air 250 the business turboprop aircraft of choice.


Access airports inaccessible to previous King Airs and strictly off limits to jets. The King Air 250 takes the proven and popular 200 Series to a new
level of performance. Composite winglets increase lift and reduce drag. Composite scimitar propellerscombined with ram air recoveryincrease range,
climbing speed and maximum cruise speed. Takeoff roll is reduced by 18 percent, with a takeoff distance of just 2,111 feet (643 m) at maximum takeoff
weight. Composite technology makes the King Air 250 more pilot-friendly than ever, with reduced vibration and lower lifetime maintenance costs.

More runways. Performance always. Better ways to rule.

310 knots maximum cruise speed

From short, municipal landing strips to the large, wide runways of big cities, the King Air 250 offers more

Twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-52 turboprop

engines with a combined output of 1,700 shp

performance, more capability and more versatility than any other aircraft in its class. The 250 is at home in any

Over 1,600 nautical mile maximum range

airports or unimproved runways, the King Air 250 will take you there. Safely. Comfortably. With ease.

environment. From the demanding requirements of the worlds most congested airspace to remote high-altitude

Takeoff distance 2,111 feet (643 m)


Go more places with more people, all at a lower cost. The King Air 250s improved takeoff and landing performance
provides access to many smaller airports around the world for you and your passengers. That means you can get even
closer to your ultimate destination. In addition, the King Air 250 will save you up to 30% on fuel costs compared to light
jets. Larger cabin, more comfort, greater versatility, lower costthats efficiency. Thats the King Air 250.

Start flawlessly performing on those long-range plans.





San Francisco




So Paulo

1 pilot, 4 passengers
85 percent probability winds
NBAA IFR reserves (w/100 nm alternate)
ISA conditions




The King Air 250 can carry four passengers nearly 1,200 nautical miles. When you consider the King Air 250s ability to land and take
off from short or unimproved runways and its high-altitude performance, it is clear that the 250 offers you unique opportunities. The 250
will take you places other aircraft cannot. Whether your mission is business or pleasure, the King Air 250 allows you to seize the day.


Fully integrated. Fully decked out.

Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21

Avionics Suite
Three-Screen Electronic Flight
Instrument System (EFIS)
Integrated Flight Information System
Engine Indicating System (EFIS)
Dual Air Data Computers and
Altitude Encoders
Dual Attitude Heading Reference
Systems (AHRS)
Flight Management System (FMS)
With Database Input Unit
MDC-3000 Maintenance
Diagnostic Computer

Simple and sophisticated. Fully integrated. The flight deck of the King Air 250 reflects pilot feedback generated during millions of flight
hours. The Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suitethe same systems found on jets costing much morecontributes to this King Airs
record of safety and reliability with advanced situational awareness features such as electronic charts and a graphical weather display.
These features, combined with an enhanced ground proximity warning system (TAWS+), wind shear alert and a traffic collision avoidance
system (TCAS I), allow you to fly safely in all types of weather conditions, day and night.


Enjoy comfort most passengers only dream about.


Leather club seating

Cabin windows with adjustable polarization
303-cubic-foot (8.58 cu m) interior is larger
than the nearest light-jet competitor
55 cubic feet (1.57 cu m) of aft stowage is
pressurized, heated and accessible in flight
Private aft lavatory

A square-oval cabin cross-section lets passengers

sit up straight in quintessential King Air comfort.

A cabin that surpasses the limits of other aircraft. The King Air 250s six passengers enjoy a luxurious, spacious environment made larger
by a square-oval cabin that provides more room than conventional round-profile cabins. The refined interior includes club-style leather seats
that recline and swivel. Sturdy integrated tables with power for laptops provide ample work and dining space. Dual-zone climate controls
and rotating, polarized sunshields keep everyone comfortable, while passengers enjoy a quiet ride thanks to advanced sound-damping
technology. A refreshment center and private aft lavatory make longer flights a pleasure.


Aircraft that set us apart. Support that goes even further.

Tip-to-Tail Warranty
Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer
Support, LLC: General aviations largest
technical and field support network
Available with SupportPlus

Owning the worlds most popular aircraft has its privileges. Among them, a global service and support
organization that is second to none. Our continuing investment in Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer
Supportthe largest and most accessible network of its kindis our investment in the success of your business
and your satisfaction as a Beechcraft owner. With the industrys most respected experts, state-of-the-art
facilities and providing of mobile response teams to remote destinations, we deliver daily on our promise.

Inquire about the Beechcraft King Air 250:

U.S. and the Americas +1.316.676.0800
Asia-Pacific +65.6423.0321
EMEA +44(0) 1244.523.803

Seating Confi guration



1 + 8 / 10

(Crew + Standard Pax/Max Pax)


Rockwell Collins
Pro Line 21
Track 17 ft 2 in (5.23 m)


Wingspan 57 ft 11 in (17.65 m)

Pratt & Whitney Canada



Power Rating

850 shp

634 kW


57 ft 11 in

17.65 m

Max Airplane Length

43 ft 10 in

13.36 m

Max Tail Height

14 ft 10 in

4.52 m


16 ft 8 in

5.08 m


4 ft 6 in

1.37 m

Baggage Capacity
Max Baggage Weight

4 ft 9 in

1.45 m

55.3 cu ft

1.6 cu m

550 lb

249 kg

Overall Length
43 ft 10 in (13.36 m)

Max Ramp Weight

12,590 lb

5,711 kg

Max Takeoff Weight

12,500 lb

5,670 kg

Max Zero Fuel Weight

11,000 lb

4,990 kg

Max Landing Weight

12,500 lb

5,670 kg

3,645 lb

1,653 kg

Basic Operating Weight

8,780 lb

3,982 kg

Max Payload

2,220 lb

1,007 kg

Useful Load

3,810 lb

1,728 kg

310 kt

574 km/h

Usable Fuel Capacity

18 ft 5 in (5.61 m)

Max Cruise Speed
Range: Max Payload

344 nm

637 km

Range: Full Fuel/Available Payload

1,582 nm

2,930 km

Range: 4 Passengers

1,184 nm

2,193 km

Range: Ferry

1,610 nm

2,982 km

Max Operating Altitude

35,000 ft

10,668 m

Takeoff Distance (MTOW)

2,111 ft

643 m

Landing Distance (MLW)

2,845 ft

867 m

Overall Height
14 ft 10 in (4.52 m)

14 ft 11 in (4.55 m)

Visit or contact a sales rep: U.S. and the Americas +1.316.676.0800 | Asia-Pacific +65.6423.0321 | EMEA +44(0) 1244.523.803

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