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I want to score 160+ on the SSC CGL Tier I. How do I prep for the GS in four
considering my quants + reasoning good and eng above avg..

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Ankesh JaiswalAnkesh Jaiswal
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Dishant KumarDishant Kumar, CSS 2013
6 upvotes by Jayasimha Nanubala, Aditi Bansal, Mahendra Kumar, (more)
Let's divide general studies into two parts:

Static and Dynamic.

Out of 50 question, around 40 comes from this portion of GS.
As per my understanding following is the order of weightage of questions
Polity > Science and technology > Economics > History = Geography > Absolutely
vague questions.

To Study Polity, I suggest you to read Laxmikanth. Make a table of important

Articles, Amendment acts, importance of every word in preamble, history of
constituent assembly, features borrowed from other constitutions etc. It means
should have a sound knowledge of polity.

Science and Technology: Go through the NCERT of 9 and 10 class. Do read

selectively for Biology from Class 11 and 12. Read previous years questions also.
Then take the help of internet. Read extensively about Global warming, pollution

Economics: This subject is not my strength. I know only basics of it. Apart from
NCERTs, the single best source of economics is Mrunal Archive: Economy Theory &
Current Affairs articles

History: Like polity you should do selectively reading only. Ancient history is
important. Harrapan civilization, Jainism and Buddhism, and history of Ashoka.
Medieval is not that important. You should know dates and reasons of important
battles only. Order of Delhi Sultunate. Mughal rulers.
Modern history is important. You should know about revolt of 1857, formation of INC
and Muslim league and important sessions, Gandhiji's struggle, events prior to
independence etc.
About the book. If you can find "Old NCERTs" of class 9 and 10, it would be more
than sufficient. If you can't then just buy newer version and read from Arihant's
magbook or pratiyogita darpan's special issue.

Geography: Again no substitute for old NCERT. or follow same books like in History.

First thing first. Newspaper is important. Make sure you read completely everyday
and make notes.
Follow this thread General Knowledge - PaGaLGuY
Follow these two websites. Lead the Competition and General Knowledge Today - GK
& Current Affairs for IAS, UPSC, PCS, IBPS & SSC Exams
Make this Google News your homepage.

Good Luck.
You can also read. Dishant Kumar's answer to What should be the strategy to crack
SSC CGL? Which section should one give priority?

Written 12 Feb. 688 views. Asked to answer by Jayasimha Nanubala.


Tushar SewaiwarTushar Sewaiwar, homeostatic introvert
1 upvote by Jayasimha Nanubala.
To score 160+ in SSC CGL you will need lots of practice. While the general
awareness part is sort of "Do it only if you know it" I would recommend you to read
news paper on a daily basis and refer any magazine related to current affairs.
Coming to quant apt and reasoning you will have to practice and train your mind so
that you can perform calculations fast since this part is all about speed. Same
applies for English.
During these four months practice as many mock papers as you can and keep a
note of how much time it takes for you to complete each paper.
(If you can arrange solve test papers for CAT from TIME it will be helpful for quant
apt section )

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