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A Learning Activities

Opening Activity
a Greeting
b Checking for the roll
c Delivering learning objectives and scope of the material
Main Activity

The teacher explain about narrative text.

The teacher give a text about the happy prince.

Closing Activity
a Students retell the story of the happy prince.
b Students explain about moral value in the story.
B Materials
Narrative Text
Narrative texts are a text type we use when we want to entertain or to instruct
(Pearson). According to Kistonto (2007) a narrative text is a type of spoken or written
text that tells a story of one character or more who face certain problematic situations.
Based on Rigby Heinemann (2004: 21), a narrative tells an imaginative story,
although some narrative may be based on fact. Narratives are written in many
different forms, like fable, legend, folktales, science fictions, romance, horror, etc.
and each form has distinctive characteristics. According to Rigby Heinmann (2002:
21), there are some features of narratives.
Purpose or social function of the text
The main purpose of narrative is to amuse, entertain and engage the reader in an
imaginative experience. Some narratives also have other purpose, e.g. they may seek
to explain a phenomenon (myths and legend) or to teach a lesson (fables). A narrative
story deals with complications or problematic events which lead to a crisis and in turn
finds a resolution.

The Happy Prince

Once, there was a statue of a prince. It was a statue with a ruby in his sword. It
was a statue with emerald eyes. It was a statue with golden clothes. One day, on the
way south a swallow stopped by the statue. He was tired and sleepy. So, he spent one
night on the statue. The next morning, the swallow saw something strange. The prince
was crying What the matter with you? The Prince said, I see a little boy sick in
bed. He has no mommy, he has no food. Can you take my ruby to the boy, please?.
The swallow felt sorry and he said, I will.
The swallow took the ruby. He flew to the boy and he dropped it on the boys
bed. The swallow felt great and he said, Get well soon.
The next morning, the Prince said, I see a young man was crying on a bench. He
was to be a painter. However, he has no money to buy the paint. Can you take my eye
to the young man, please?. The swallow had to leave soon, but he said, I will go.
He took emerald. He flew to the young man, and he left it by the young man
on the bench. The swallow felt great, and he said, Be a great painter.
The next day, the prince said, I see a little girl selling matches in the street.
However, she has no coat or shoes, she has no one to take care of her. Can you take
my other eye to the girl? It was getting cold. The swallow was late to leave but he
said, I will.
The swallow took the emerald. He flew to the match girl, and he left the
emerald in the girls basket. The swallow saw the girl smiling and he said, I am so
happy. The Prince had no eyes, anymore. The Swallow felt sorry for The Prince. So,
he said I cant leave you. Ill stay here with you. From that day on, The Swallow
became the eyes for The Prince. Every morning, The Swallow looked over the town.
When he saw someone who needed help, he told The Prince. He took part of the gold
from The Prince, and he gave it to those who were in need. A cold, cold water came.
Now, The Prince had nothing to share, and The Swallow died in peace underneath
The Prince. The people in town burie The Swallow, broke up the statue and put the
statue into the five. The Prince and The Swallow passed away. However, their
beautiful hearts got together in heaven. In the end they lived happily ever after.