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From the traditional point of view, the legitimately conceived war and fight

assuming whatever forms aims primarily to restore the Absolute State

(Status Absolutus) throughout the multiply stages of the primordial state, on
the other hand to protect all those values, which pertain to this state. In this
regard the primordial state appears as an order, equilibrium and harmony in
the symbols of the traditional doctrines, in one word peace, being realized and
attained in the consciousness and the Being. In so far as the human existence
is horizontally envisaged, this state can be solely attained at the centre of this
line. Therefore the primarily aim of war is that man - traversing in the
realization path integrates himself with this centre of the world - the home
of peace which is compatible to his own being. The attainment of this state is
prerequisite to realize the absolute centrality in a vertical transension, which
is the pinnacle of the immanently sustained relative centrality. It is thus an
imperial extension of that centrality realized in a given world - to all worlds.
It must be conceived a sturdily traditional perspective according to which
there is a war and battle everywhere in the manifested being i.e., in the cosmic
flux (samsara) and the central state deserves to be solely called a real and
luminous peace. From a solipsistic point of view it is the same as if to say
peace can be only realized in myself. Thereupon the one, who goes in the
realization path, is actually at war wherefore every peace in samsara is a
pseudo-peace and as Vegetius says rightly if you want peace prepare for war!
The aim of war is - throughout the attainment of centrality - to realize the
Absolute State on the other hand to protect values converging towards this

The adequate determination of the goal a priori theoretical

determination of the point of convergence presupposes intensive

gnoseological-gnostical praxis. The war, which lacks the theoretical
determination and the goal-setting whatsoever significant the qualities
employed is mere titanism. The war is solely legitimated by the primordial
centrality and the endeavour to restore the order, peace, equilibrium - its

jelents kvalitsok bevetsvel is folyjon mer titanizmus. A harcot

kizrlag a priordilis centralits s ennek epiphnija, a rend, az
egyensly s a harmnia helyrelltsra irnyul trekvs legitimlja.

Szemben a titanizmussal, a metafizikai centralits megvalstst clz harci

trekvs meglv vagy megszerzett jelents, flisteni, isteni kpessgek
segtsgvel a heroizmus.