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The Marlow Review 05/28/2015

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Page 10 The Marlow Review, Thursday, May 28, 2015, Marlow, Oklahoma

Schools receive more than $1.4 million in technology grants

Students at 22 Oklahoma
schools will soon nd the latest
technology in their classrooms
thanks to more than $1.4 million
in grants from the Oklahoma
Educational Technology Trust
The mission of the Oklahoma
Educational Technology Trust
is to equip Oklahoma common
and CareerTech students with
the technology and technological skills necessary to compete
in the global marketplace. The
trust provides funds for equipment, infrastructure, leadership
and professional development
to implement and advance integration of technology into classroom instruction.
OETT grants help schools
acquire the newest educational
technologies, like tablets, interactive whiteboards and laptops, as well as train educators
on how to operate and integrate
these technologies into classroom learning.
Each of this years grantee
schools will receive $40,000
to purchase new technology

Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust awards 22 schools

equipment and $25,000 for professional teacher development

The 22 schools receiving
grants are:
Adas Washington Grade
Amber Pocasset Elementary School
Bartlesvilles Central Middle School
Bethany High School
Central High Elementary
Clintons Nance Elementary School
Deer Creek High School
Dewey Elementary School
Edmonds Westeld Elementary School
Fort Towson High School
Haworth Jr. High School
Hollis Middle School
Doyle Elementary School
McAlesters Will Rogers

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NEW TECH COMING: Central High Elementary School was one of

22 schools that received a grant from OETT allowing the school to
purchase new technology for classrooms as well as train teachers in
operation and integration. Members of CHS sta stand with a framed
copy of the grant.

Elementary School
Moores Fisher Elementary
Oklahoma Citys Santa Fe
South Charter School

Union City High School
Yukons Independence Elementary School
OETT is creating longterm change for the benet of
Oklahomas students, said Dr.

CHS FFA member earns wildlife prociency award

Connor Kern of the Central
High FFA Chapter earned thirdplace honors in the 2015 Oklahoma FFA Wildlife Production and
Management Prociency Award
area during the 89th Oklahoma
FFA Convention on April 29.
Kerns supervised agricultural
experience includes a vertically
integrated business in which he
raises quail from the eggs and
then markets to his customer
base. Through his business, Kern
received his Oklahoma State
Game Bird Breeders license.
Kern tends to the breeding
stock and collects eggs daily. He
partners with another business to
incubate his eggs. He then brings
the quail back to his house where
they are separated based on size
and age until they are ight ready.
Kern then is responsible for advertising and selling his quail.
In my opinion, my SAE is
very unique, and it requires me to
have many roles, responsibilities,
and management decisions when
tending to or selling my quail,
Kern said. When the quail rst
started to hatch, I learned you
couldnt always be successful.
The wildlife production and
management prociency award
is designed to recognize students
who are involved in a supervised
agricultural experience to improve the availability of sh and
wildlife through practices such as

Phil Berkenbile, OETT Board

of Trustees chair. A total of
229 Oklahoma schools have received OETT grants since they
were rst awarded in 2003, and
OETT grants have impacted
technology in the classrooms
of more than 92,000 students.
Additionally, more than 8,350
teachers, principals, superintendents and administrators have
received professional development training to assist students
with the new technology. These
educators have been trained
on the best practices of highachieving schools and integrating technology into classroom
OETT was established in
2001 as a result of an agreement
between then-attorney general
Drew Edmondson and AT&T
Oklahoma during the companys

Three ways to improve your

health this summer season

For the health conscious, theres no such thing as a summer vacation from making good nutritional choices and getting plenty of
exercise. But theres no reason to let a healthy lifestyle become
Here are three ways to let the summer season guide your routine:
Mix Up Movement: After months of indoor exercise, you
may be ready for a change of scenery. And summer is the ideal
time to take a break from the treadmill and incorporate different
types of movement and exercise into your lifestyle. So ditch the
gym this weekend and head for greener pastures. From row boating
to hiking, youll nd yourself activating different muscles than you
normally would by mixing things up.
Eat In-Season Produce: Take advantage of the summer harvest and plan meals around in-season produce. The USDA lists
apples, beets, bell peppers, kiwifruit, carrots, garlic, peaches, okra
and cherries, amongst many more fruits and vegetables that reach
their peak in the summer months. These items are a chock full of
vitamins and nutrients and taste their best in summer.
Summer Sun: Beyond the Vitamin D factor, a study published
in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology shows that sunlight
may lower blood pressure, which could reduce ones risk for heart
attack and stroke. Some researchers now say the benets of sunlight could outweigh cancer risks associated with exposure. Dont
forget to take the usual precautions, however. Wear sunglasses,
sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat to protect against harmful UV
radiation. (StatePoint)

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FIRST PLACE: Randy Gilbert of the Oklahoma FFA Foundation congratulates the winners of the Wildlife
Prociency area at the State FFA Convention. Connor Kern, the middle Of the three FFA members, is from
Central High FFA and was third as a freshman.

land and water habitat improvement, development of new land

and water habitat, trapping, or the
stocking of sh and wild game.
Wildlife ducks, geese, quail and
pheasants are eligible if used as
an income enterprise.
Kern said he plans to attend
college to earn a degree in animal


science with a minor in agribusiness. His long-term goals include

pursuing a career as either a marine biologist or a veterinarian.
He plans on using his prots from
his quail business to help pay for
college expenses.
The 15-year-old Central High
FFA member is the son of Spen-

cer Kern and Leslee Kern. His

agricultural education instructor
and FFA advisor is Ron Curry.
The Chickasaw Nation sponsors this award on the state
level by Steve and Merrie Lynn
Vaughan and. The national sponsor is the National FFA Foundation.

Velda Green

transition to a modern form of

regulation. As part of the agreement, AT&T contributed $30
million to OETT. The trust has
distributed almost $17.5 million
to date.
The Oklahoma Educational
Technology Trust continues to
provide cutting edge technology
and engaging learning opportunities for students in our state,
said Steve Hahn, president of
AT&T Oklahoma. AT&T is
proud to partner with OETT in
this endeavor to serve schools,
teachers and kids.
OETT is administered by
Communities Foundation of
Oklahoma and professional
development is coordinated
through the University of Oklahomas K20 Center. For additional information, visit www.

Legal Publications

(Published in The Marlow Review 2 times

on May 21st & 28th, 2015)
In accordance with 62 O.S. 2011, 354,
notice is hereby given that the Board of
Education of Independent School District
Number 3 of Stephens County, Oklahoma,
will receive bids by: sealed bid, facsimile
bid, electronic (Parity) bid or similar secure electronic bid on the 1st day of June,
2015, at 5:45 oclock p.m., at Science
Room 11, Science Building, Marlow Public
Schools, 510 West Main, Marlow, Oklahoma, for the sale of $935,000 of General
Obligation Building Bonds of said School
District, which Bonds will mature $935,000
annually in two (2) years from their date.
The bids will be opened and read and shall
be awarded at the rst Board of Education

meeting held after the bids are due.

Said Bonds shall be sold to the bidder bidding the lowest rate of interest the Bonds
shall bear and agreeing to pay par and accrued interest for the Bonds. Each bidder
shall submit with his bid a sum in cash,
cashiers or certied check, electronic
(wire) transfer or surety bond payable to
the Treasurer of the District, equal to two
(2%) percent of the amount of his bid. The
Board reserves the right to reject all bids.
WITNESS my ofcial hand and seal this
4th day of May, 2015.
Darren Alaniz
Clerk, Board of Education


Realtor 580-656-2922

land Pros real estate & auction co.
fax 580-255-2048


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