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School name

: SMP N 2 Semarang


: English


: VII (Seven) / 1


: Personal Life


: Speaking

Time allocation

: 2 x 40 minutes

Standard Competence
1. Understanding the meaning of simple transactional and interpersonal conversation to interact
with the immediate environment.
Basic Competence
1.1 Responding to the meaning in conversation transactional (to get things done and
interpersonal (social) that uses a variety of very simple oral language accurately, fluently, and
thanks to interact with the immediate environment that involves speech acts: greeting people
who have / already known, introduced-kan self / others, and commanding or prohibiting.
1. Recognizing the form of introducing
2. Identifying the form of introducing
3. Differing formal and informal and informal introducing
4. Introducing self to others
Learning objectives
1. Students are able to recognize the form of introducing
2. Students are able to indentify the form of introducing
3. Students are able to differ formal and informal introducing
4. Students are able to introduce self to others

Teacher greets the students

Teacher leads the students to take a pray

Teacher checks the roll

Teacher reminds the students the previous material (greeting)

Main activity

Teacher provides the sample of introducing (formal and informal) and explain the time
when the students should use that introducing

Teacher brings one of his friends and showing to the students how to introduce self to

Teacher asseses the comprehension of the students about introducing


Students are asked to make a pair (if the the number of students is odd, he/she will pairs
with the teacher)

Each pair comes forward in front of the class to introduce self. (each round, the students
exchange the role)

Teacher revises the students performance

After that practicing is over, teacher accidentally chooses some of students to introduce
self (teacher checks the understanding of the students about introducing)

Teacher give a worksheet that consist of conversation about introducing, and the students
have to fill the blank of the conversations


Teacher lets the students to ask if there is something they dont get it

Teacher responds the questions of the students the material (introducing)


Teacher summarizes the material from the beginning of the class until the end of the class

Teacher assigns the students homework

Teacher lead the students to take a pray before leaving the class

Sources and media

1. One of the teachers friends
2. Worksheet

*credit: Ahmad Wava/12420065 PBI Universitas PGRI Semarang