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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 @ 6:30 PM
Meeting attendees: Mayor Doris Devey, Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Bookout, Councilperson Derrick
Battle, Councilperson Kathy Carter, Councilperson Teresa Philyaw, Councilperson Pep Rollins,
Robbie Rokovitz, Kelly Hundley, Melissa Chosewood, Jody Palmer, Jason James, Chief VandeZande,
Helene Fitzgerald, Matthew Momtahan, Martin Momtahan, Herb Haynes, Don Munnell, Bob
Bookout, Babecka Family, Tommy Payne, Aimee Holcombe, Sybil Williams, Shelby Williams, Otis
Williams, Braden Williams, Darren Allen, Leo Parker, Carmen Rollins, Anita Eberly, Kim Fonseca,
Jackie Jordan.
Public Hearing was held to consider a Zoning application by COBB SUBS INC. to rezone
approximately .814 acres from R-2 (Suburban Residential District) to B-2 (Highway Business
o Matthew Momtahan, counsel for applicant, spoke in support of the application.
Public Hearing was held to consider text amendments to the City of Hiram Zoning Ordinance,
Article VIII, Section M, (2) pertaining to package store for alcoholic beverages.
o No Public Comment.
Public Hearing was held to consider the Statement of Revenues and Expenditures for the Fiscal
Year commencing July 1, 2015 and ending on June 30, 2016 as the Citys annual operating
o No Public Comment.
The Mayor and Council recognized Jamie Babecka, Hiram resident, for her accomplishments
and awards in the Paulding County 4-H program.
The Mayor and Council recognized Shelby Williams, Austin Middle School, as the Georgia
Municipal Association winner of the If I Were a Mayor contest.
Adopted City of Hiram Ordinance 2015-02 approving the rezoning application by COBB SUBS
INC. to rezone approximately .814 acres from R-2 (Suburban Residential District) to B-2
(Highway Business District).
Approved the amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement between Paulding County and
City of Hiram regarding sewer services within the City of Hiram.
Approved the Contract for Paulding County to conduct the Municipal Elections of the City of
Hiram in November 2015 for the amount of $7850.00.
The Contract for Probation Services for the Hiram Municipal Court with Intertech was
presented, reviewed, considered, and approved.
Consideration of awarding the contract(s) for the Main Street Improvements project as
presented in the Stevenson & Palmer Engineering Award Notice to Baldwin Paving Company,
Inc. in the amount of $1,084,603.24 or Georgia Development Partners, LLC in the amount of
$1,343,061.55 (including additive alternative) was tabled until the June 23, 2015 meeting.
Approved the contribution of $100.00 to Safe Kids Paulding, coordinated by Officer Stephen
Johnston, for the purchase of crayons to be donated to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.
Ms. Kim Fonseca spoke during visitor business and requested permission to conduct a
basketball camp at the Citys Ben Hill Strickland Park; more information was requested of Ms.
Fonseca, to present at the June 23, 2015 meeting.
Mayor Doris A. Devey reviewed upcoming events: June 3, Camp Hornet Employee
Orientation; June 4, Camp Hornet participant orientation; June 12, Senior Luncheon at The
Events Place; June 20, Great Shredder Event; June 23, Work Session & Special Session; June
26-30, GMA Convention
The Regular Session was adjourned.
Melissa Chosewood
for the City Clerk