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Reviews VIRTUOUS Good Citizen

The book is an inspiration towards the feeling and patriotism in today's time.
Dr. Ramji Tiwari, Principal, Girls College, Haryana
A book with remembrance of patriots of both contemporary times as well as the freedom
fighters. An introduction into our contribution towards the development of the mother land.
Anita Sharma, Assistant Editor, Amity University Press, Noida
A must read for parents, teachers and children to understand the meaning of patriotism.
Nirali Bishnoi, Lecturer, ICFAI, Ganganagar, Gujarat
Love for country and countrymen
A subject which has lost its truth, sense, and importance will be revised by this introduction.
Elucidating the patriots of past and next.
Ashish Panda, Section Officer, Govt. of India
Enjoyed reading the book, some photographs of freedom fighters are rare. The book took me
to self introspection.
Mamta Tripathy, Psychologist, Vancouver, Canada
What is patriotism? And how I can be a patriot? This book answers these questions for a child
and me too.
M.L. Arya, Gorakhpur Doordarshan Kendra, U.P.
The book let me rethink my contribution towards the society and to the motherland.
Veena Raju, Software Professional , Palakkad, Kerala
Rhetoric of social service is all around but this book has introduced some of the pioneers who
has contributed for nation building selflessly.
Laxmidhar Behra, Lecturer, NCERT
After going through the book I could know that patriotism is not only protecting the nation from
external aggression but also putting in our effort to strengthen it from inside.
Bibhuti Parida, Engineer, NTPC, Noida
A book with a new perspective towards patriotism.
Sheen, B.Tech. Student, Skyline College, Noida
The book will be an inspiration for our children to identify acts of patriotism.
Osho, Student, Class XI, Guru Harkishan Public School, Delhi
Patriotism is redefined in modern times and this book introduced a few contemporary patriots.
Bismoy, Student, Class V, Cambridge School , Noida



Bijnan Sutar
New Delhi Cover & Layout

Rituraj Sharma
About the series : Good Citizen Author Introduction

This Lt. Cdr. K.V. Singh (Retd.) was commissioned officer, and was in
series is an endeavour to the West Bengal Civil Service (Executive) as Deputy Collector
and Magistrate before joining the services. He is widely
discuss the contemporary issues in travelled within the country and abroad.
global perspective on patriotism, secularism, He has authored five books (Quiz India, Our National Flag,
Colorful World of Flags, Our Coins & The Indian Tricolour) and
honesty, terrorism, protection of child rights, unity and
compiled two (An Insight into World Religion and rites and
compassion. A reading material which will pave the way rituals of Hindus and Muslims of Undivided India) besides
towards better understanding of the above mentioned topics contributing, articles, stories and poems to National dailies and
other periodicals.
with present-day personalities and examples who have contributed
K.V. Singh He has also been an anchor and participant in numerous
to these fields. television programmes.

It will be a handbook for parents, teachers, students and educators to

understand the above mentioned feelings in their new dimensions.

Today's Patriotism is not only defending the country but also to abide by
its laws and support in its growth. Likewise secularism is not only
toleration but also mutual respect and bonding for each other. Honesty
is not only telling truth and loyalty but also about objecting to An alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication,
corruption and nepotism. And terrorism is a threat which enervates New Delhi. Shri Bijnan Sutar was working as a journalist for
prominent newspapers.
from inside and how our young minds can cope with this.
An experienced editor of children books was also associated
with publication of very popular series called Nehru Bal
We hope that the “Good Citizen” series of books will Pustakalaya of National Book Trust India. Currently he is
inspire the readers to contemplate and indulge to working with NCERT, New Delhi.

make our country a better place.