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Sumit Singh Roy, B. Com, ACA

Date of Birth


Sumit Singh Roy

July 17, 1968
Bachelor of Commerce, A.C.A
Flat No. 101, Nitya Enclave
House No. 8-3-1100, Srinagar Colony
Hyderabad 500 073
Mobile no. 0091 9866151266
HSBC Electronic Data Processing India (Pvt) Ltd.
Unit No. 02 01, 2nd Floor, Block 1, Cyber Pearl,
Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500 081
Ph No. 0091 40 39872634 (Dir), 0091 40 39874722
Email: Personal

Executive Summary
In my career since 1992 I have worked with Tata Tea, Coca Cola, American Express and currently with the
HSBC group as Vice President GSC Finance. I am a finance professional with end to end experience in
Finance and related functions. In my career with these companies I have covered almost all facets of

Internal Audit
Corporate Finance & Accounting
Plant Finance
Banking Operations
Various finance projects viz. process mapping and re-engineering of departments, data scrub and
laying down internal controls for departments, moving finance functions to off shore locations, setting
up finance departments in other countries.
Consolidation and financial reporting for different legal entities in spanning different countries.

During my career I was assigned to five different International assignments spanning US, UK, Sri Lanka,
Malaysia. I have experience in working in different environments and work cultures.
I am currently looking after financial reporting of six different legal entities in five different countries for
the Global Resourcing division of HSBC. I am also involved in two different projects which have cross
border ramifications

Work Experience
Joined HSBC GSCs India (HSBC Electronic Data Processing India (Pvt.) Ltd.) as Assistant Vice President
Finance and worked in the following roles:
Reporting to
Head of Finance for GSCs India
Job Profile
April 2002 to January 2003
Worked in the Finance Department and had revamped the entire accounting system, designed cost centre
reports, streamlined fixed assets accounting and installed new fixed assets software: Was initially awarded the responsibility of preparing Annual Accounts for the year ended March 31,
2002 and getting it audited in compliance with the Indian Companies Act.
Was responsible Fixed Assets Project of installing a software, which will give end-to-end solutions for
Fixed Assets Tracking, Accounting, Coding and control of physical movements. This included tracking
the physical existence of assets, matching values of the same with the books of accounts, recording

them appropriately in the Fixed Assets Management Systems, codification of the Assets and laying
down proper accounting and control procedures for Capital Expenditure.
Post Implementation review of Capital and Non-Recurring Revenue Expenditure and analysis of
variances for projects.
Had driven all reconciliation of Balance Sheet items and clean up of Trial Balance.
Prepared the first standardised Chart of Accounts for General Ledger of HDPI and factored them into
the Accounting Software.
Designed the first set of Cost Centres and report generation methodology.
Prepared the first draft of the Charging policy for GSCs India.
Handled all Insurance related matters.
Managed fund flows.
Was entrusted with the responsibility of creating Purchasing department for the entity and revisiting all
February 2003 to June 2004
Got nominated as a finance project resource from February, 2003: Worked on Data Scrub Project in relation to regulatory reporting for deposits and commercial loans at
HSBC USA, Buffalo New York. This project is a fall out of an inspection report given by the Federal
Reserve Bank Examiners and was to tighten controls for accurate Regulatory Reporting.
Six month secondment to Group Head quarters at London, Canary Wharf to Group Finance
Department. Worked on Project Finance office of the future, a departmental re-engineering project
coupled with identification of functions that can be processed from off shore centers.
Head of team for moving Management Reporting back end function from Group CFOs office to India.
Temporary secondment to Colombo for setting up Finance and Purchasing Department for new site at
One month stint at Group Head Quarters at London for scoping out and creating Terms of Reference
for a Business Finance Departmental re-engineering project.
Perceptions of Key achievement
Was successful in all the initiatives in Finance Department
All Projects were successfully completed within the laid down project timings.
July 2004 onwards
Reporting to
CFO Global Resourcing
Job Profile
Promoted to Vice President GSC Finance from July 2004 reporting to CFO GRCs with responsibilities over
Finance functions at the GSCs in India, China, Malaysia, Philippines and Sri Lanka comprising of six legal
entities. The key functions are as follows:
Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and Profit Estimates (PE):
Consolidation and review of the AOP and Quarterly Profit Estimates and submission to the Group
Headquarters after ensuring that the financial targets are met as per the business case and they are
in line with the over all Group Financial targets.
Analysing the AOP and Profit Estimates to identify the areas of costs control and reduction to
achieve the financial targets.
Undertaking the benchmarking exercise to compare the financial performance of each entity and
creating atmosphere of sharing of best practices.
Capital structure and Funding Decisions:
Reviewing the liquidity position of each entity by analyzing the cash flow and assess the funding
Deciding on the nature of funding and liaison with the Group headquarters Planning and Tax
department to obtain the necessary approvals and funds.
Pricing and Financial analysis:
Preparation of pricing models for new entities to ensure that they are in line with Transfer Pricing
Revisit the existing pricing models in light of their sustainability and ability to meet Transfer
pricing guidelines.
Analysis of business proposals and working out NPV and payback before submission to the CFO
for approval and onward submission to the Group Headquarters.

Business case Review:

Review and sign off of business cases (Project Appraisal) for onward submission to Group
Post Implementation reports of projects undertaken.
Monthly Management Information (MI):
Preparation of monthly MI for the CFO and for onward submission to COO.
Currently handling the following projects: ERP Installation in six different legal entities in five different countries.
Creation of Special purpose vehicle at UK to cater to revised charging methodology by the Global
Service Centers.
Two month secondment to Malaysia (HSBC Electronic Data Processing Malaysia Sdn Bhd) for
studying cost structure and identifying opportunities of cost savings and turning around the entity.
Additional responsibility was to restructure the finance department.
The above is not an exhaustive list and various other Finance and operational functions are
discharged by the GSC Finance Team.
Perceptions of key achievement
Designed Financial reporting formats which was very compact and informative and was strongly
appreciated by Group Headquarters at London.
Created a robust system of obtaining information from the various entities and reporting it to Group
Head Quarters.
Period September 00 to April 02
Joined American Express Bank as Manager Centralised services
Reporting to
Director & Head Centralised Services
Job Profile
An integral part of the team for Centralisation of operations nationally and internationally with additional
operational responsibilities. (Centralisation in the perspective of American Express bank means migrating
similar activities from different locations and centralising them in one location to create Centres of
excellence and take advantage of economies of scale and reduced costs due to higher volumes.)
Managed the Centralising Project for Vendor payments functions from all the Indian Branches to
Chennai and thereafter continued heading the Centralised Vendor Payments Department. This included
designing of software and image base for processing of payments.
Played a lead role in a Centralising project for the Cheque Collection Function from all Indian
Branches to Chennai and integrating it with the Cash Management function and thereafter continued
heading the Cash Management Section. This project included tying up with correspondent banks and
designing of software for managing the entire operation.
Played lead role in Unit costing project. This envisaged installation of a Cam software for calculation
of cost of services provided by Operations to National and International lines of Business.
Expenditure Budgeting, Analysis of expenditure, Budgetory control and Cost Centre wise reporting for
Operations Division.
Perceptions of Key achievement
Successful completion of all projects within the stipulated cost, time & resources.
Made Process changes leading to reduced turn around time and increased efficiency in Cash
Period August 99 to September 00
Joined Coca Cola as Working Capital Manager at Chennai Plant.
Was initially nominated as the Finance representative in the Brown Field Project Team that envisaged
taking over an existing bottling Plant and technically upgrading it to meet Coke Standards and
commencing regular production. (Project cost INR 2,000 million.)
The responsibilities post completion of the project was active management of the working capital
requirements of the Plant; Key responsibilities are summarized below:

Monitoring daily collections and daily deposit of the same into the collection account

Ensuring that adequate liquid funds are available for carrying on the operations
Responsible for timely and accurate preparation of actual and forecast cash flows and for timely
Monitoring and control of account receivables, credit authorization, Party balance reconciliation,
follow up for outstanding receivables and delinquent accounts.
Monitoring of Inter Unit transactions
Inventory Control Raw materials & Finished Goods
Physical control of all current assets
Responsible for all cash/bank payments & other cashier activities
Responsible for all indirect taxation matters
Insurance related matters
Providing input for preparation of Annual Business Plan
Perceptions of Key achievement
Was able to discharge the project responsibilities successfully
Has been able to meet tight reporting schedules right from the beginning inspite of being alien to Soft
Drink Industry and US(GAAP)
Successfully instituted Coke policies and procedures in the taken over bottling plant.
Successfully coordinated the completion of a Sales Analysis Software Project.
Period September 92 to July 99
Joined Tata Tea Limted in September 92 and continued working there till July 99
Company profile:
Tata Tea Limited is the largest Integrated Tea Company in the world having
approximately 24000 hectares of Area under Tea and producing about 50
million Kgs. of Tea p.a. It has activities spanning Tea cultivation, production,
packeting, selling, Exports, R & D & Instant Tea, Spices Export, Insurance
Agency, Shipping Agency (currently organized into a separate Co.), Mushroom
Cultivation & export and various other business activities with a turnover of
INR 20 billion p.a. Tata tea after taking over Tetley Plc. of UK, has become a
major player in the global Tea marketing scenario.

Career in Tata Tea Ltd

Joined Tata Tea Limited as Junior Officer Internal Audit in September 92 and was promoted to Senior
Officer Internal Audit in January 94.
Reporting to
Chief Internal Auditor
Job Profile/Title
Internal Auditor Was responsible for conducting Internal Audit of various units of the Company across
Internal Audit of 53 Tea Estates in North India and South India (on a rotation basis).
Internal Audit of Packeting Centres situated in various parts of India.
Internal Audit of Insurance Agency Operations.
Internal Audit of Shipping Agency Operations(currently organized into a separate Company)
Internal Audit of Instant Tea Division
Designing of MIS for Head Office reporting.
Interface with Central Audit Committee.
Project Work
- Played active part in three different takeover projects (takeover of Tea Estates) as member of the
takeover team (this included determination of purchase consideration, future profit estimates etc.
- Played active part in a takeover project in which a medium sized Coffee trading marketing
company was taken over by purchasing shares from the open market.
Perceptions of key achievements
Was given independent charge of audits although not commensurate with grade.
Active role in successful takeover of three Tea Estates and one Coffee trading and marketing company.
Transferred to Corporate Finance Department from September 97 onwards as Senior Officer Corporate
Finance and was promoted to Deputy Manager Corporate Finance with effect from September 98.
Reporting to
General Manager Finance

Job Profile/Title
Overall control and preparation of Head Office Accounts.
Capital Expenditure In charge of Capital Expenditure from analysis of Capital Proposals (Internal
Rate of Return/Pay Back Period/NPV analysis), preparation of board notes for Consolidated Capital
Sanction, Issuing out actual sanctions at Division level and accounting for all Capital expenditure.
Consolidation of Annual Accounts and preparation of Accounts in accordance with Schedule VI format
of Indian Companies Act.
Accounting treatment of Exchange loss on External Commercial Borrowings.
Generating Statutory Documentation for External Commercial Borrowings
Control and Remittance of Agency commission payable to overseas Agents
Managing Export Benefits
Monthly and Quarterly performance reporting
Active Interface with Tax Auditors and providing inputs for Filing of Income Tax Return.
Perceptions of key achievements
Successful performance in the very first Annual Closing/Statutory Audit/Tax Audit faced
Name: Rahul Kar
Designation: Dy GM Corporate Finance
Company name: Tata Tea Ltd
Address: 1, Bishop Lefroy Road, Kol -20
Residence phone : +913324664684
Mobile number: +919830030506
Personal email:
Name: Mr. Suraj Ratan Mundhra.
Designation: Chairman & Managing Director.
Company name: Allied Resins and Chemicals Ltd.,
Address: 13, Camac Street. Calcutta - 700 017
Residence phone +913324799452/6937
Mobile number: +919811226188
Personal email:
Official email :
Name: Sanjiv Agarwal
Designation:Vice President - Projects & Planning
Company name:HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt ltd
Address: 439, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Rajagriya, Colombo
Residence phone : +94-11-2867771
Mobile number : +94-0777590502
Personal email:
Official email
Other Interests :
Sd/Sumit Singh Roy

Reading, Photography, Cooking.