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Exploring the world of the vocabulary (primary four)

Test 1 Section 1
1. Delighted (adjective): very pleased
E.g. She was delighted by the news of the wedding.

2. Worried (adjective):
unpleasant things that might

Unhappy because you are thinking about problems and

happen in the future

E.g. Doctors are worried about the possible spread of the disease.

3. Horrified (adjective):

very shocked

E.g. He was horrified when he discovered the conditions in which they lived.

4. Annoyed (adjective):


E.g. He was beginning to get very annoyed with me about my carelessness.

5. Irritating (adjective):

making you feel very annoyed

E.g. Speaking loudly in the library is an irritating habit.

6. Amusing (adjective):

funny and enjoyable

E.g. I didnt find the joke at all amusing.

7. Scary (adjective):


E.g. I dont want to watch that movie because it is so scary.

8. Funny (adjective):

Making you laugh; amusing

E.g. This joke is the funniest one Ive ever heard.

9. Monotonous (adjective):

not changing and therefore boring

E.g. This music became monotonous after a while.

10. Entertaining (adjective):

funny and enjoyable

E.g. I found the talk by our teacher both informative and entertaining.

11. Comical (adjective):

funny in strange and silly way

E.g. He looked so comical in that hat.

12. Desperately (adverb):extremely or very much

E.g. Im not desperately keen on football.

13. Impatiently (adverb): with no patience

E.g. We were waiting impatiently for the show to begin.

14. Continuously (adverb):

without a pause or interruption

E.g. You cant work continuously for six hours without a break.

15. Excitedly (adverb):

with happiness and enthusiasm

E.g. She ran excitedly down the hall to greet her cousins.

16. Disappointed (adjective):

unhappy; frustrated; unsatisfied

E.g. His parents were bitterly disappointed with/ in him.

17. Bashful (adjective):

embarrassed; shy

E.g. She gave a bashful smile as he complimented her on her work.

18. Jealous (adjective):

envious; unhappy and angry because someone has
something or someone you want
E.g. He had always been jealous of his brothers good looks.

19. Lonely (adjective):

unhappy because you are not with other people

E.g. She gets lonely no that all the kids have left home.

20. Proud (adjective):

delighted; happy; honoured; satisfied; arrogant; boastful

E.g. Were particularly proud of our companys environmental record.

21. Relaxed (adjective):

calm; carefree; cosy; comfortable; easy going

E.g. She seemed relaxed and in control of the situation.

22. Uneasy (adjective):

slightly worried or uncomfortable

E.g. I feel a bit uneasy about asking her to do me such a big favour.

24. Confused (adjective): unable to think clearly or to understand something; not clear and
therefore difficult to understand.
E.g. Your essay gets a bit confused halfway through when you introduce too many ideas at
25. Youthful (adjective):


At the time I admired his youthful enthusiasm.

26. Embarrassed (adjective):

feeling ashamed or shy

E.g. I was too embarrassed to admit that I was scared.

27. Straight (adjective):

unbending; honest

E.g. Shes get straight blonde hair.

Just be straight with her and tell her the truth.

28. Give a cold shoulder (Idiom):

them no attention

to be intentionally unfriendly to someone and give

E.g. I tried to pleasant to her but she gave me a cold shoulder.

1. Miserable (adjective):

very unhappy; unpleasant

E.g. We were cold, wet and thoroughly miserable.

2. Envious (adjective):

wishing you had what another person has

E.g. They were envious of his success.

3. Thrilled (adjective):

extremely pleased

E.g. I was thrilled that so many people turned up to the party.

4. Numb (adjective):

unable to feel, think or react in the normal way

E.g. He felt numb with shock.

5. Zany (adjective):

strange, surprising or uncontrolled in a humorous way

E.g. zany humour

6. Disgust (verb):

a strong feeling of dislike or disapproval for sb/ sth that you feel is

E.g. The idea fills me with disgust.

7. Upset (verb):

to make sb/yourself feel unhappy, anxious or annoyed

E.g. This decision is likely to upset a lot of people.

8. Queasy (verb):

feeling sick; wanting to vomit; slightly nervous or worried about something

E.g. Travelling by boat makes me queasy.

Now shed arrived she felt queasy inside.

9. Fair (adjective):

Acceptable and appropriate; treating everyone equally

E.g. Its not fair on the students to keep changing the timetable.

10. Coward (noun):

a person who is not brave or who does not have the courage

E.g. Im a real coward when it comes to going to the dentist.

11.Mean (adjective):

not willing to give or share things, especially money; stingy;

E.g. Shes always been mean with money.

12. frustrated (adjective): feeling annoyed and impatient because you cannot do or achieve
what you want
E.g. Its very easy to get frustrated in this job.
13. Confident (adjective): feeling sure about your own ability to do things and be successful
E.g. She was in a relaxed, confident mood.

14. Uncertain (adjective): feeling doubt about sth; not sure

E.g. Theyre both uncertain about what to do.

15. Doubtful (adjective): not sure; uncertain and feeling doubt

E.g. Rose was doubtful about the whole idea.

16. roughly (adverb):

approximately; not exactly

E.g. We live roughly halfway between here and the coast.

17. gash (noun/verb):


a long cut in the surface of sth, especially a persons skin; to make a

E.g. He gashed his hand on a sharp piece of rock.

18. slit (noun/verb):

with silt

sand, mud, etc. that is carried by flowing water; to block sth

E.g. Sand has silted up the river delta.

19. crowd (noun):

a large number of people gathered together

E.g. He pushed his way through the crowd.

20. legal (adjective):

E.g. my legal representatives

connected with law; allowed or required by the law

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