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June, 2015
Dear Partners in Jesus,
It is with great joy and with deep gratitude that we thank you for your prayers and your help. God
certainly answered! I did not have stomach trouble even once. This recent ministry trip stirred and
increased our faith, strongly, again. On March 17, the day before leaving Indiana for California, a godly
brother told me during a prayer meeting, Your trip will be full of Divine Appointments. I prayed and
fasted for its fulfillment, also when staying in Singapore for four days.
My first stop was on the island of Batam. From the seaport I went straight to the local hospital because the
wife of Pastor D was very sick (not sure what sickness). We prayed and pleaded with the Lord for mercy
(your prayers were with us). Amazing! The very next day she was so much better that the doctors sent
her home. PTL! A Divine Appointment?
Even before leaving U. S. soil, when in California, I met Mr. A (from Islamic faith). The Lord touched
him with the Gospel and he accepted Christ into his heart. Then the Lord led me to meet S.K., a U. S.
Navy veteran in his 40s. S.K. also responded and prayed the sinners prayer. PTL! God-given
Divine Appointments!

From Batam Island I flew to Pastor Gs ministry

place on Sumatra Island. As we were approaching his area he said, My bathroom facilities are
embarrassing. I smiled and replied, Dont
worry about that. (In the photo you can see
theres a wooden bar you have to go under, then
walk on 1 in. x 1 in. boards & hope you
dont fall in because the septic flows into the
water below.) Both G and his wife were former
students of ours, but we had not seen each other
for over 25 years. That night we laid our bodies
down on simple straw mats on the concrete
floor. At 2:00 am, two members of his congregation knocked at the door and asked, Can you
help us? Our sister is possessed by demons!
We dressed quickly and prayed together, then drove the two motorcycles into the night, PRAYING all the
way (about 45 minutes). The incoherent young woman was rambling. Jesus confronted the unclean spirits
as we called upon Him and rebuked them in His name. An hour later she was delivered, and she opened
her heart to make Him her Savior and Lord. PTL! We saw His victory, her healing, and her receiving
salvation. Riding the motorcycles back, we rejoiced and rejoiced, but we praised Him more because our
names are written in Heaven, meaning WE ARE HIS.


. PO Box 192, Wilmore, KY 40390 .

That afternoon, at a Good Friday service, when I extended an invitation to receive Jesus as Savior, 12 or
13 people welcomed Him. PTL! These victories happened despite Gs reservations concerning his
primitive bathroom facilities. Ha. These were Divine Appointments! In a future newsletter I will share
more Divine Appointments.
God laid it on my heart to pray for Mrs. L.E. in
Surabaya, E. Java, whom I had not seen for three or
four years. Her son, Pastor H.T., saw me and
exclaimed, What a surprise! Can you speak to my
congregation tonight? I thought, This is unusual!
I did not know they would have a church service that
Friday night! This was a Divine Appointment. That
night 14 people accepted Jesus as Savior! PTL!

Pastor H.T. is standing on the back right.

Mrs. L.E. is sitting in front

While in Malang, E. Java, our partners

(prayer team) asked me to join them to
cast our demons from a young boy, 11
years old. We prepared, we prayed (you
also were praying), and Jesus did it.
He was totally healed and the evil
spirits were cast out. In this picture on
the left, the boy and his grandmother
are sitting in front. His mother is
behind me, the rest are prayer team

Remember the young man in this picture below? (Y.M.) We have shared about him several times in
previous letters. Now he is a pastor on a far away Northeastern island of Morotai. Bearing the marks of
persecution on his body, he pastors a formerly persecuted and displaced community of 30 families.
Persecution did not stop Y.M. Your investment (we, along with other
Indonesian brothers/sisters put him through Bible college) is now
producing spiritual fruit.
Through Divine Appointments, HE brought at least 53 souls
to HIMSELF. We are very grateful to Him and to you.
May God so richly bless each one of you.
Please dont forward this email as it contains sensitive info.
(Yusuf) Herman & Connie


. PO Box 192, Wilmore, KY 40390 .