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Imagine that you are a Mongolian teenager who is living during the 4th Ice Age.

Many families
including yours were forced to migrate in order to survive. Please do the following:
1. Describe ONE major challenge that your family may have faced during your migration to the
Caribbean and give ONE reason why this was a challenge.
2. Describe ONE major success that your family achieved during your journey or when you arrived in
the Caribbean and why you feel this was a success.
You will also be awarded a mark for commenting on at least one of your classmates' posting. Please
remember to make courteous comments.
Done so far

Security from wild animals

Transportation of Goods
Extreme cold and zero degree temperatures.
Cannibalistic behaviours from other anxious humans
Finding a safe, comfortable and warm place to sleep at dark hours and starting a fire
State mind not when our journey will end or when when we will get to rest
Adaptation to the climate as we moved from Mongolia to the Caribbean
Condition of our health during the trip (contracting illnesses)
FOOD meat scarce and vegetables cant grow
Susceptibility to diseases from the transition (new food bringing allergies).
Secure land space in order to construct a dwelling area for our family to rest
Forced migration this due to the fact that i would have been an Arawaks/Tainos (running from

Availability of food
Crossing the bearing straight a death wish (frost bite and eating those who died)
Adapting their minds to now calling the Caribbean home (new relationships)
Fun Fact: Did you know that the people of Israel faced similar physical constraints like that of
the Mongolians? They traveled forty years form Egypt to Canaan the land promised to them
by God . During an Ice Age large land masses are completely masked by ice. I would
imagine that there were no vegetative products in site, which would mean most foods needed
for a balanced diet would not be available . On crossing the Bering Strait the only means of
food consumption accessible to my family and I were the animals that survived the Ice Age
such as birds, bears and mammonths, just to name a few. These animals only provide a
quota of the nutrients needed by humans. Fun Facts: Did you know that wholly mammoths,
like other red meat animals provided Vitamins A,B,D and K ? This small share of energy
gained form an animal based diet can merely keep the body in motion for long periods of
time. After a few years of a constricted diet such as this, the body begins to experience

differing deficiencies such as a calcium deficit causing thinness of the bones or a severe

protein deficit.
Migrate to such a great distance
(Hard Terrain) Walking along narrow, slippery ice covered cliff edges overlooking sharp,
jagged rocks which may cause injury to someone hindering the migration time because of

some injury sustained

The animals that migrated would have been hard to be distinguished in terms of ownership


Food security fertile soil and

Better Living Conditions
Warm Atmosphere
Surviving the strenuous journey from Mongolia to the Caribbean
Unlimited supplies of materials such as: wood/lumber as well as coconut branches, which
enable use to build our shelter which enabled use to rest safely, comfortably and there was

warm breeze blowing in from the Caribbean Sea

Mother and father will be able to get jobs and provide a proper shelter that they were not able

to provide in Mongolia
Find a lot of herbal treatment
Better Climate
Adaptation of the culture.
Exploited thoroughly the fertile soil
Inheriting good survival techniques (defense and Offense)
Growth of Crops
Develop medicines which could help cure frost bite
Urged families and tribes to place disputes, squabbles aside and appreciate to the full extent

the seriousness of this situation

Opportunity to recreate our lives
Gain and even greater understanding of each other and family ties would of grown stronger,
New skills discovered
Establish farms to continue rearing animals in security