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Oblivion v4.0.

6f Made by Zynastor
Updates available at
For Starcraft/Brood War 1.16.1
Release date: May 2nd, 2010

- In-Game
Ctrl + F8
Ctrl + F9
Ctrl + F10
Ctrl + F12
~ / Alt
Ctrl + ~ / Alt
Ctrl + Delete
Ctrl + Insert
Ctrl + LMC

Toggle lag defender on/off. (Removes lag box screen)

Toggle auto command repeat. (/fr command for faster repeat)
Carry out last build command on selected worker. (Useful for UMS)
Add/Remove unit for auto queue/upgrade.
Remove all units for auto queue/upgrade.
Toggle global auto queue on/off.
Toggle global auto upgrade on/off.
Toggle subunit auto queue on/off. (Carriers & Reavers)
Toggle five-state stat hack forwards.
Toggle five-state stat hack backwards.
Select all units of the same type that are currently selected. (Excludes workers)
Same as above but is used for workers and loaded transports/overlords.
Toggle in-game message log.
Change page for message log.
Pause/Resume game.
Toggle three-state maphack forwards.
Toggle three-state maphack backwards.
(Left Mouse Click on "Idle" text) Select idle worker.
Hold key when building to keep cursor set and ready to go again.

- In-Game

Kill selected workers.

Load selected units into transports/overlords.
Display how much workers each player has mining minerals.
Display the stack count of current selected. (How many stacked minerals, I wonder?)

- In-Game + Lobby
/mh [num]
Set maphack state. (1=off, 2=lite, 3=full)
Toggle maphack target clicks on/off. (Default off)
Toggle reveal invisible on/off. (Default on)
Toggle selection hack on/off.
Toggle faster repeat on/off.
Toggle show APM counter on/off.
Toggle worker auto mine on/off.
Toggle auto mine gas on/off.
Toggle nuclear missile alert on/off.
Toggle auto unally on/off. (Default off)
Show a list of players. (Player id - Race | Slot id - IP)
- Lobby
/swap [id] [id]

Swap one player with another. (Must be game host)

- Channel
/ff [name]
/profile [name]
/spoof [name]

Toggle friend follow on/off.

Enable friend follow and follow target player.
View a players profile.
Spoof a custom name. (Supports color)

/spoof [num]
/sn [num]
/dn [num]

Spoof a saved name from list. (1 to 5)

Save spoof name to list. (1 to 5)
Delete spoof name from list. (1 to 5)
List saved spoof names.
Restore current spoof name to original name.
Display current spoof name.
Toggle auto respoof on/off. (Default on)

- Global

Whisper back to last whispered person.

Other features

Host identifier for lobby. (Host has red download status)

Auto refresher for hosted game. (Game is refreshed every 6 seconds)
Slot unlocker for lobby. (Remove computer player(s). and go them yourself)
Start a game without any opponents.
Stay in game even after being defeated.
Show map download status at all times.
Save screenshots as bitmap's rather than PCX.
In-game system and elapsed timers.
Selection hack with mass select hotkey. (Select upto 252 units)
Maphack with safe clicks and state hack.
Name spoofer with temp ip ban protection.
Ally alert with auto unally/unvision.
Nuclear missile alert with map ping on nuke attempt. (Not launch)
Rally point changer hack detection. (Alerts once)
Ping ghost on 'Nuclear launch detected'.
In-game message log that holds upto 32 messages.
Chat logger for channel, lobby and in-game.
Automatically re-queue units. (Auto queue)
Automatically re-queue upgrades. (Auto upgrade)
Automatically create a worker on map begin.
Automatically mine minerals on map begin and on unit create.
Automatically mine gas on refinery completion.
Automatically gain lobby ops. (Host hack)
Alliance menu player names are in ally status color.
Color player name notifications. (Pause/Leave/Latency change)
Lag screen box timer always set to 1 second. (Safe quick drop)
On-screen map max counter. (Shows at 400 and under)
On-screen worker idle detection.
On-screen APM counter.
Show enemy minimap pings.
Minimap pings are in player color. (Yellow is unknown/default)

Build anywhere on most terrain with lights off.

Remove warning messages. (Unit unplaceable)
Auto join home channel on login.
Sprite crash protection. (Protects against invalid sprites)
Subunit crash protection.
Anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
Alert and protection against astat flooding exploit.
Protection against gamelist crash hack.
Protection against lobby crash hack and alert.
Auto-hide leaderboard when stats hack is on.
Bypass anti-hack protection when connecting to

Name Spoofer Codes


Light Green.
Dark Grey. (Later text cannot be changed)
New line.
Center justify.
Right justify.

Detailed information
Protection Against astat Flooding Exploit
When a player joins a game their stats are automatically displayed for you with a /astat server command, so the
exploit works by a player forcing you to do many /astat server commands on them within 1 second, causing you to
get a temp IP ban from My protection will fix this, still allow stats of players to show and alert you if
the exploit was used.
Selection Hack
Allows you to group and select up to 252 units or buildings of the same type and displays an on-screen unit counter
when selecting over 12 units or 1 building. Use the mass select hotkey ~ / Alt to select all units of the same type
that you have currently selected.
This maphack includes safe clicks (client-sided clicks), reveal invisible (cloaked, burrowed, mines, etc), show
hallucinations, state hack (view pylon power radius, unit content, upgrades, researches, summonings, energy,
build queue) and has three different modes which are full, lite and off, these modes can be toggled using the /mh
command or the hotkeys Insert or Ctrl + Insert. However it is still possible for maphack to be detected through
invisible target clicks (right clicks), so this feature has been disabled by default and can be toggled on with the
/tclicks command.
Name Spoofer
Comes with temp ip ban protection and will allow you to spoof a name of your choice that is 24 characters or less,
use the command /spoof in a channel followed by the name you want. To add color to your name use the escape
sequence character ' \ ' followed by a color code found under Name Spoofer Codes. It is important to know when
spoofing a name if you win or lose it will result in a disconnect on your record, this is no bug and cannot be fixed.

Heres an example on how to add color to your name, "/spoof \RZyna\Bstor" this will show your name as

Version 4.0.6f
- Fixed and improved lobby crash hack protection.
Version 4.0.6e
- Added protection against lobby crash hack and alert.
Version 4.0.6d
- Added protection against gamelist crash hack. Protection against lobby crash hack.
Version 4.0.6c
- Fixed Shift key feature for when building with Terran.
Version 4.0.6b
- Fixed a bug with APM counter.
Version 4.0.6
- Added Shift key feature for when building.
- Added on-screen APM counter.
- Added all players APM counter to stat hack.
- Added stack counter command. ( /s )
- Improved anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
- Fixed load command to work with zerg overlord hero.
Version 4.0.5c
- Improved anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
Version 4.0.5b
- Improved anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
Version 4.0.5
- Added show hallucinated units to maphack.
- Added reveal invisible to maphack.
- Added friend follow.
- Improved anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
Version 4.0.4
- Added alert and protection against astat flooding exploit.
- Added auto command repeat with faster repeat.
- Added player profile viewing command.
- Added whisper back command.
Version 4.0.3c
- Fixed a crash bug with auto-mine caused from delay.
Version 4.0.3b
- Fixed a bug that was causing drops on certain maps.
Version 4.0.3
- Added anti-hacker map fix. (Protection against EUD triggers)
- Added delay to auto-mine and auto-create worker on map begin.

Version 4.0.2b
- Updated warden protection.
Version 4.0.2
- Added chat logger for channel, lobby and in-game.
- Added rally point changer hack detection.
- Added configuration option for subunit auto queue.
- Changed lobby auto refresher time from 5 to 6 seconds.
Version 4.0.1
- Added mass transport load command.
- Fixed a crash bug with automine on map begin.
Version 4.0.0
- New version of Oblivion.

Contact and Credits

707 - Helping convert and test.
Palomino - Various source code.
PizzaPan - From Game-Deception for PEB module hiding.
Require help or want to report a bug with Oblivion?
Contact Zynastor at or goto
Copyright 2010 by Zynastor. All rights reserved.
Starcraft/Brood War Copyright by Blizzard Entertainment.