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Linn County OR
Volume 1485 page 345 to 1485 page 359
I, Heather Ann Edmunds am sane and of sound mind. I left Paul H. Kuebrich a letter
in his office, in the Arbartitions portion of his office I was appointing certain persons
to my Deed of Trust because they were attempting to Kill me. On 09/12/2013 at
1:15pm we had on office visit. I informed him I needed him to take the evidence
because persons were trying to take it from me before trial. He did not ask me more
and did allow me to leave everything at his office. I put a block on the contract at the
end of the Deed of Trust which allows for 9 to 10 other investors. I left a message
that Dr Stringham was suppose to be on the Husband part of the Deed of Trust. I
informed him I did not sign the warranty deed and nor did I communicate with the
Mers Title Clearing house to substitute trustee as Stephen or Steven H. Bauer. I
noted to him the names were inconsistant with the Notary and thus should make the
Title or Substitution for trustee null and void. The Trustee is not allowed to notarize
their own legal rights to a Title on a trust or any such legal document as there are no
witnesses to state or claim who in fact made the Identification of the the Person
Known on my Title as Steven H Bauer and Notarized as H. Steven Bauer. There is
nothing to state in the recorders office of Linn County of which legal documents
transpired in accordance with state and federal laws in conveyance of a property or
deed to show it legally complied. I noted to the recorders office there were no
security instruments in which to state there was money transferred from the buyer to
me, the seller. I also informed them, the address does not follow on suscession of the
same address from the prior transfer of property to the next. I noted to him, Bruce's
Warranty Deed was Vol 1789 page 209 and my Title is Vol 1789 page 631 and the
only legal reference in it is the title refers to the Deed of Trust 1485 page 345
14-10819. Trustee's special power to appoint to other trust
A. Unless the terms of the instrument expressly provide otherwise, a trustee who has
the discretion under the terms of a testamentary instrument or irrevocable inter
vivos agreement to make distributions, regardless of whether a standard is provided
in the instrument or agreement, for the benefit of a beneficiary of the trust may
exercise without prior court approval the trustee's discretion by appointing part or all
of the estate trust in favor of a trustee of another trust if the exercise of this
1. Does not reduce any fixed nondiscretionary income payment to a beneficiary.
2. Does not alter any nondiscretionary annuity or unitrust payment to a beneficiary.
3. Is in favor of the beneficiaries of the trust.
4. Results in any ascertainable standard applicable for distributions from the trust
being the same or more restrictive standard applicable for distributions from the
recipient trust when the trustee exercising the power described in this subsection is a
possible beneficiary under the standard.
5. Does not adversely affect the tax treatment of the trust, the trustee, the settlor or
the beneficiaries.
6. Does not violate the limitations on validity under sections 14-2901 and 14-2905.

B. This section applies to a trust governed by the laws of this state, including a trust
whose governing jurisdiction is transferred to this state.
C. The exercise of the power to invade the principal of a trust under subsection A of
this section is considered to be the exercise of a special power of appointment.
D. The trustee, in the trustee's sole discretion, before or after the exercise of the
trustee's discretion under this section, may request the court to approve the
E. The trustee may exercise the discretion to appoint all of the trust estate pursuant
to this section by restating the trust.

Heather A Stringham
Will have to sign once you contact me or I take the actions in court to get the
fappa so counsel is not stalked and harrassed. Well I sent you the signed one in e
mail from our verbal at your office and you had it and gave it to Keith Rourbough and
I fired him and got it back.
Take note of e mail serves because the ADA act and litagation and denial of my
attorney I made arrangements with and he accepted superceedes them re assigning
Keith Rorhnbough and for our purpose you need to call off and file a motion on no
more violations of attorney client priveleges and they are self serving. If you want
one then you order one for us and not by the state.

Personal service to Santiam Memorial per MC DA ect on May 15th 2015 To Susan Bawdwin

Forrest Reid Was served by mail this day. Cashier misplaced recept.

14-10819. Trustee's special power to appoint to other trust

In accordance with the exceptions to the normal course of serving parties with sabotage
of the appointed attorneys with exception to Paul Kuebrich I served the following
partieas noted below and have reciepts to prove the service was done.
US Supreme Court 1 Street NE
Washington DC 20543
With photocopies of proof of service
May 6th 2015
Keith Rohrbough
313 1st Ave
Albany OR 79321
January 7th
PERSONAL service
May 6th 2015
Postal Service
Marion County Circuit Court
PO Box 1749
Albany OR 97321
May 6th 2015
Copy OF Writ
Proof of service letter
May 6th 2015
Linn County DA
PO Box 100
Albany OR 97321
May 6th 2016
Postal and 05-523
061106 Demand
Solicitor General
of Oregon
Room 400
1162 Court St
Salem OR 97321
Postal Service
May 6th 2015
Marion County DA
PO Box 14500
Salem OR 97309
May 6th 2015
FAPPA noted
Cant Serve Dr Stringham

Her Majesty The Queen

Buckingham Palace
London England
Proof of Service
writ and mandamus
Dr Charles Stringham
260 Miller St S
Salem OR 97302
May 14 2015 Signature
May 15 th 2915 Personal Service notifications
connacted Police welfare check to see mail received
Paul Kuebrich
PO BOX 1557
Albany OR 97321
Mandamus copy of writ May 6th 2015 not suing you
notice I lost forrest reids receipt
May 14th 2015 and box with FAPPA
Enforce this retainer notifications