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The Five I Believes

i. The local church is the most
leadership-intensive enterprise in
ii. There is a spiritual gift of leadership
some people have it and some
iii. Most churches unintentionally
undermine the expression of the
leadership gift
iv. Most people love to be led
v. The local church is the hope of the
world, and its future rests primarily
in the hands of its leaders


The Functions of Leadership


What Precedes Vision?

The key to leadership: Gods heart and
a human heart being aligned perfectly
around what frustrates heaven and earth


Holy Discontent


What Cant You Stand?

Chances are God is wrecked about it


Observations about Holy Discontent


The Fundamental Sate of Leadership

Theory (Robert Quinn)


You Must Keep Hope Alive

It does not have to end like this!

As your leadership edge is sharpened, we believe the Holy Spirit is connecting with and
speaking to your heart. Therefore, these discussion questions are for you to use on your
own or with your team. Our hope is that these questions would be discussion starters that
would be used for Gods purposes in growing you and your team.
1. Bill Hybels challenged leaders to figure out what wrecks them. What wrecks You? For
two minutes, write down anything and everything that comes to your mind in the space
provided below. Dont stop to think about your answers just write.
What wrecks me

After two minutes, look at your list and circle the one you believe wrecks you the
most and might be your Holy Discontent. (If you cant narrow it down to one, narrow it
to two or three.) Note: If it is not clear what your Holy Discontent might be, begin our
journey towards discovering it through prayer. Ask God to begin to clarify what it is in
the weeks and months to come.

If everyone is comfortable, have each person share what they circles.

What practical steps can you take to stir your Holy Discontent in the coming weeks
and months?

2. In this session, Bill put forward that a firestorm experience or Popeye Moment needs to
occur in a leaders life in order for a vision to be birthed from their Holy Discontent.

Discuss with your team if and when youve ever had such an experience and the
vision it set in motion.

How has that vision impacted your church or ministry (if at all)?

3. Bill explained that when a leader leads from their Holy Discontent and has reached a
Popeye Moment, they begin to lead at a new level, called the Fundamental State of
Leadership Theory.

Review the list of characteristics. Which characteristics from the list have you seen
exhibited in your own leadership experience?
a. When a leader is gripped by a Holy Discontent, he or she often enters a different
state of mind
b. You surrender your ego, because the cause is more important than you having to
invent all the new ideas
c. You concentrate at higher levels and focus more intensely because the cause
demands it
d. You take risks you normally wouldnt take because you have to
e. Your creativity kicks up a notch
f. You engage team members at a higher level
g. Your sense of urgency ennobles your leadership

Which characteristic would you like to exhibit, but need Gods grace and help to do so? Write
it below.

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