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What is the objective behind establishing the office of

Banking Mohtasib Pakistan?

As part of good governance within the financial sector, the
government wants to ensure that public complaints against
scheduled banks are investigated through an independent
body which is impartial and offersfree and prompt service.
Is the Banking Mohtasib independent?
Yes. We are an independentinstitution established under law.
What types of complaints does the Banking Mohtasib
deal with?
We can entertain complaintsrelating to banking malpractices,
arbitrary and discriminatory actions, violation of banking laws
and regulations and operational inefficiency. Additionally, in
the case of public sector banks, we can entertain complaints
relating to corruption, maladministrationand inordinate delays
in providing a service.
Whatthe Banking Mohtasib cannot do:
We can not entertain complaints relating to a bank's loan
mark-up policies or pricing of products and services (schedule
of charges) and any other policy matter. We do not have the
power to direct any bank to grant loans and advances.
We can not consider any matter which is sub-judice or has
been decided upon by a court of law, or would more
appropriately be dealt with by a court of law.
We can not accept complaints of bank employees pertaining
to their terms of service.
Who can lodge a complaint with the Banking Mohtasib?
Small businesseswith annual turnover not exceeding Rs 100
million and individuals having a dispute with a bank. Also
banks may lodge complaints against each other.
Is there a ceiling o n the compensation that can be claimed
underthe Banking Mohtasib Scheme?
In the first phase of its operation, we will entertain only those
complaints where compensation claimed does not exceed Rs
1 million, irrespectiveof the value of the underlyingtransaction
from which the dispute has arisen.
For example, an exporter who has forwarded an export bill
valued at Rs 5 million through a bank on collection basis may
have a claim for financial loss of Rs 1 million or less. Such a
complaint can be lodged with us. If the financial loss was to
exceed Rs 1 million, the complaint would fall outside our
What do I need t o do before approaching the Banking
Before lodging a complaint with us, you should write to the
concerned bank that you intend to file complaint with the
Banking Mohtasib unless the matter is resolved satisfactorily.
If you do not receive a satisfactory response within 3 months,
you may lodge a complaint with us within the next 3 months.


How far back will you go i n entertaining complaints?

We will entertain all pending complaints and those complaints
rejected or declined by banks on or after Julyl, 2004. Should
you wish to refer rejected complaints to us, you may send us
all related correspondence along with the Complaint Form
without the need to give 3 months notice to the concerned
bank. However, in the case of pending complaints, you will
need to follow the steps mentioned above.
As a complainant, do Ihave t o pay?
No. Our services are free of cost.
Do Ineed a lawyer?
No. In dealing with us, it is not necessary for you to engage a
Can I lodge my complaint at any office of the Banking
You may lodge your complaint on the prescribed complaint
form at any office but the complaint handling process is
centralized at the Karachi Secretariat.
Will I have t o travel t o Karachi in connection with m y
No. If we need to meet with you, we will arrange meetings at
our office nearest to you.
How long will it take t o investigatea complaint?
We will endeavor to resolve most complaints within 2 months.
However, depending on complexity, some complaints could
take longer to resolve.
Will you hold formal "hearings"?
We will try to avoid formal "hearingsn.Our endeavor will be to
resolve disputes through a friendly and amicable process.
However, some situations may require a tripartite across the
table dialogue which you will be requested to attend. We will
try and hold such dialogue at our office nearest to your
Is the decision of the Banking Mohtasib binding o n
A bank can appeal to the State Bank of Pakistan against our
order. Any order not appealed against within 30 days, or any
order passed by the State Bank of Pakistan in appeal, shall
become binding on the bank.
Whom can I appeal t o against the order o f the Banking
If you are not satisfied with our decision you have the right to
appeal to the State Bank of Pakistan within a period of 30
days. However, if you choose not to go into appeal or do not
accept the decision of the State Bank of Pakistan, you have
the rightto go to a court of law.
By seeking the assistance of the Banking Mohtasib, do I
lose my right t o go t o a court of law?
No. You always retain the right to go to a court of law.