Curriculum Vitae

NOOR HUSSAIN SHAR (February 2010)
C/O Lutif Ali Shar P.O Pacca Chang, Taluka Faiz Ganj O300-3141516 Email:- Vision To create an enabling environment where individuals are empowered to work under self motivation, with a sense of ownership and feel themselves leaders in their specific capacities where organization and individuals both contribute in development of each other.

Personal Statement
Noor Hussain Shar has done his Master degree in Educational Leadership and Management form Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) Karachi in 2007 and an other Master degree in Economics. He has expertise and experience in Education, Research, Development Sector, Trainings and Budget Analysis. In education Noor has worked from classroom teaching to teacher training and lead different educational institutions and training programs. During teaching he has acquired considerable experience in curriculum enrichment and writing books on Geography General Knowledge and Language Learning for students of primary grades. As a researcher he has carried out multiple number of qualitative research studies and his papers have been published in Research journals and presented in national and international conferences. He has worked with development sector and has got a wide experience of the this sector starting from establishing Community Based Organization arranging awareness workshops for citizens on voter education, gender issues and community mobilization for ownership of public institutions. He has worked with different Non-Governmental Organizations, and institutions such as SAFWCO, IRC and SGA on different positions such as Program Officer Manager and Head. As a trainer he has organized and facilitated multiple numbers of workshops for Local Government personnel and community members. He has also written in local and national newspapers with focus on citizenship, democracy, and education. He is a member of Pakistan Association of Research in Education which has provided him with lot of opportunities of attending workshops and seminars on research. In the field of research Noor has conducted research on supervision, children¶s fears and hopes in rural Sindh. He is presently working as Manager Education and Literacy with Indus Resource Centre leading six different projects related with education and Reproductive health in education.

PRESENT JOB RESPONSIBILITIES y To contribute to the development and refinement of the vision of IRC¶s Education and Literacy Program y To write proposals for realizing the vision y To guide and supervise the core team of Education and Literacy y To ensure proper monitoring and documentation of all long-term and shortterm projects that are being implemented under education and Literacy section of IRC y To design and implement various interventions for improvement of quality and up gradation of IRC schools, y To design, plan and conduct need based training workshops for teachers and staff of Education and Literacy Section,


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To identify the research subjects, develop TOR for researchers, and occasionally conduct research to design the education advocacy agenda for IRC, To submit Timely and comprehensive reports for donors according to specifications, To write articles and case studies based on IRC¶s experience in education for IRC¶s publications and mainstream media,

y y Three days training workshop on formation roles and responsibilities of SMCs Conducted by Lead Paklistan One week Training on Budget Analysis and Social Auditing held at Kathmandu Nepal, arranged by Center for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA) India Two days training on Personal Management facilitated by Abbas Hussain Director Teachers Development Centre (TDC), Karachi Two days training on Gender Issues facilitated by Dr. Fouzia Saeed Two days training on Leadership in Reproductive Health AAHUNG & PARHAN

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y y y y y One year Mentoring Program for Primary School Teachers One week Short course designed and implemented for private school Teachers Teachers Training Program(a ten weeks training) designed and implemented for Pre service female teachers One day workshop on Responsibilities of local representatives with members of local government. 40 one day workshops for local bodies on monitoring and facilitating social work from the platform of SAFWCO

1. Sojhro Schools Project IRC- Developments in Literacy 2. Pre-service Teachers Training Program IRC- PPAF (two phases, ten weeks each) 3. Reproductive Health in Education IRC- Packard Foundation 4. Acceleration of Girls Education (AGE) IRC- UNICEF 5. Rural Based Community Schools (RBCS) Project IRC-SEF 6. IRC-House of Learning Project IRC-PPAF

M.Ed. The Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development Karachi, (2007 CORE COURSES 1. Monitoring & Evaluation 2. Effective Educational Leadership

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Strategic Planning & Development School as Learning Community Curriculum Teaching & Learning School Improvement Teacher Learning Educational Inquiry Qualitative Research Methods

SHORT COURSES y Certificate in Education (Mentoring Focus) Primary Education (AKUIED, Karachi)


Leadership and Management
One year+ as Senior Manager Education and Literacy, Indus Resource Centre Three years Project Director of a private intermediate college (2001-2004) Six months experience of working as a district team leader and Program Officer in a UNESCO funded project being implemented by SAWFCO a reputed NGO. One year working as Principal of Intermediate private college

Staff Development
One year mentoring and field support to thirty teachers in fourteen primary schools. (2004-2005). Three Years part-time, Master trainer fro private schools (2002-2004)

16 years in primary school (1989-2005) Two years in an evening High school (1999-2000) Three years in an evening intermediate college (2001-2004)


1.Member Pakistan Association for Research in Education (PARE) 2. Member AKU Alumni

3. Founder and Head Rural Educational and Socioeconomic Development Association


1.Advanced Research Skills particularly in
Educational Research (Qualitative Research) 2. Advanced user of computer MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. 3.Advanced Presentation Skills, Oral Presentations and Multimedia Presentations Fluent in Written and Spoken English, Urdu, and Sindhi 4. Advanced Budget Analysis skills


1. Establishing an Intermediate College in Rural Sindh District Khairpur (Royal city Arts and Science college Pacca Chang) 2. Establishing a Middle School In rural Sindh, District Khairpur (Hira Public School Bhangu Behan )


Qualitative Research in Educational Leadership and Management and research 1. Practices of Supervisors in Government Primary Schools in Karachi 2. Fears and Hopes of Children of Interior Sindh


January 2008. International Conference on School Effectiveness and Improvement. New Zealand; Auckland. Supervisory Roles and Responsibilities; Case of two Public Primary Schools in Karachi Pakistan. (Jointly written with Dr. Nilofar Vazir)

Vazir, N. & Hussain, N. (2008). Exploring current practices of supervisors in government primary schools in Karachi, Pakistan. Journal of Educational Research, 11(1), 3345. Shar, N. H. (2006, December 17) Making advancements in sciences. Dawn Education, p.21.

Shar, N. H. (1996). [Mahooliyati aloodgi ane un khan bachaow] Environmental pollution and remedies. Akhbar-e-Taleem, 12 (177-80) 35-40 Shar, N. H. (1998, January 01). [Pakistan man Choondan jee na par nizam jay tabdeeli jee zaroorat ahey]What is needed in Pakistan: Not elections but the change of system. Mehran, p.4. Shar, N. H. (1998, April 06). [Assan jay masalan jo hal kithan eendoo] From where shall the s olution of our problems come? Mehran, p.4. Shar, N. H. (1998, April 17). [Furendar ane furjandar tabkey jo wujud keen ayoo]The foundations of exploiting and exploited classes. Mehran, p.4. Shar, N. H. (1998. April 18). [Akhtiy aran jee markazeeat ane shahree rayasatoon] Centralization of powers and city states. Bakhtawar. P.2. Shar, N. H. (1998, April 22) [Pakistan jee jamhooriat ane awami numainda] Democracy of Pakistan and peoples representatives. Mehran, p.4. Shar, N. H. (1998, April 23). [Taleemi idara yan degren wiknan ja dukan] Educational Institutions or Degrees selling shops! Bakhtwar. P.4. Shar, N. H. (1998, May 05). [press pahinjoo kirdar ada karey] Media should play its part. Mehran. P.4. Shar, N. H. (1998, May 25). [Secular jamhooriat ja parday man dahshatgardee] Terrorism, behind the curtain of secular democracy. Mehran. P.4. Shar, N. H. (1998, July 20). [Taleem je tabahee jo zamanwar keer] Who is responsible for falling standards of education? Mehran, p.4. Shar, N. H. (1998). Geography and general knowledge for Class II. Ajaib Stores Sukkur.

REFERENCES 1). Sadiqa Salahuddin (Executive Director IRC) Email:-
1). Dr. Muhammad Memon (Director AKU-IED) Email;- 2).. Rana Hussain. Head of graduate programs at Email;- 3). Jan-e-Alam Khaki Professor Email:- AKU IED.