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(Please note Assignment No. 1 will be assigned shortly)
1) Assignment 2 requires you to write an executive summary. You are required to
write an executive summary (in English and a translation in Bahasa Melayu) about
the topic assigned to you individually. The topics assigned are related to the
International Organizations.
2) Before you start to do the assignment you must read the text book: Kelley-Kate S.
Pease, International Organization 5th Edition in its entirety carefully.
3) I have assigned a particular for each of you. These topics are from the textbook
and if you do your homework you will be able gain some mastery of the subject. It
would also help in your revision later on. Moreover, some of the topics will form your
examination questions both during the Intensive and your final examination.
4) Additionally, you are advised to do some research on the topic assigned so that
you can to present new perspectives, and or example of issues raised in the topic
assigned to you. Clearly, better grades are for those who give appropriate examples
and present additional information other that what are available in the text book.
5) As mentioned earlier, each of you have been assigned a specific topic each. You
are required to upload them in the Forum in which your name and topic appears. For
example: You name is Andrew Wayne and your topic is Iraq-Iran War. And assuming
your name is in Group 1 you would have to open The Forum Named Group 1 and
upload your executive summary at the appropriate space. This is just like what you
did during your JKP 101 assignment in 2010.
You will see a window - and you need to click
A new window will open up as shown below: Step 1 Under the window Subject
you need to write the title of your topic assigned to you. Step 2
You need to post or paste your assignment (executive summary) here. Make sure
you write the title of the assignment assigned to you. Step 3
After you have entered your executive summary you have to click the window
"Post of Forum": Only by doing this will your assignment be saved only the will
your assignment is displayed in the forum.
6) Each of you would have to do a topic specially assigned to you. You are not
allowed to do an assignment already allocated to you classmate. If you do an
assignment not assigned to you will qualify to get GRADE F.

7) You are advised to do additional research and give appropriate example and
clarification of the topic assigned to you. By doing so you will be eligible for Grade A
or B. 9) You are required to upload an English version of the assignment and
translations of the said assignment as well. A copy of this executive summary must
be attached to your group assignment (Assignment 1) and send to the PPPJJ office
(date will be announced in due course).
8) The executive assignment should be about 500 to 1000 words. 13) The last day
for uploading your assignment is 31 December 2014. Any assignment uploaded
after this date will not be Graded and the student will be eligible to get Grade F.