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Virus protection- (run an update to

the virus definition file).

This is the virus folder on the desktop where we going to install it in our computer.

To install anti virus in your computer double click on the folder and this windows will

To run the anti virus double clicks on the setup.

Then this window will appear click next to processed the installation

Then this windows will appear (actually this package is out of date but still we are
going to install it) click continue.

Then this window wills are you agree to install this package or not if yes click accept.

Then it will run a short check up system status

Then this window will

appear which
installation type you
want. We are going to
select standard
because it install the
product in the
configuration. Then
click next.

Then this window will appear where you have to put the (user name. Company name
and license number of the product). Click next

Then this is your last stage of the installation of anti virus. Click finish to complete
the installation.

Now it starts installing

your package. So it will
take some time.

When the
installation is
complete this
will appear with
4|Page massage. Click
There is your anti virus icon on desktop.

Double click on the icon to open the package.

Open your package and go to schedule section to set it up.

To set it up the scheduler click on new schedule

Click ok to create new schedule so we can’t do it here in this package its only
available in professional package.

Defragment hard drive

This is how you can defragment your hard drive to make free space on your hard
drive first click start then all programs then accessories then system tools then disk

Then this window will appear which show all your drive and some option below now
choose which drive you want to defragment.

Select your drive then click defragment. For example now I select drive C for

After you select your drive then click degrament to start defragment the drive and you
can stop it or pause it but after it degrament your drive it will increase the free space
in your drive. It will take some time to defragment the drive.

This area explains

which colour is for

After the defragment is complete this little windows will appear which show that your
defragment is complete and if you want you can view the report or close it down.

If click view report then this windows will come up with report of your drive
defragment. You can save it or print it. This is how to do drive defragment.

How use Clean up:

This is how to clean up your disk if your disk is full of staff that you
don’t need it. You can use clean up tools.

After you select this disk clean up this window will appear which
calculated how much space it will able to free on C drive.

Then this window will appear

which show these are the
entire file that can be clean.
Select whatever you want to
clean then click ok to
processed the clean up.

Then this massage will show weather you want to start clean up or not.

Now it starts cleaning up the disk. When it finished cleaning up the disk it
will automatically close this window down.

How to create folder:
To create a folder first right clicks on the desktop then new then folder. Your folder will come
up on the screen soon after u click the folder.

This is how it’s going to be soon after you click folder then you have to give it a name for

your folder

Now give your folder a

name and it will look like

How to install firewall:

To install the firewall you can download it free or buy it from Internet and safe
it somewhere in your computer. The one I have just got it is safe in my
desktop now I am going to install it in my computer.
This is the firewall on my desktop.

Double click on the folder and it will open in a window with setup. To
processed the installation double click on the setup to installed it.

10 | P a g e
When you first start the installation this massage will come up and ask your
promotion of installing this software in your computer. Click yes to continue.

This is the first windows

soon you accept to
continue the installation
and it will ask your
promotion again if you
want to installed it then
click next.

Once you accept the installation then this windows will come up and ask your
promotion about the license agreement if yes accept it click yes.

Once you accept the license agreement then this window will come up and
ask you where you want to install this software. All the software usually install
in c drive so we are going to install this in c drive. Then click next.

11 | P a g e
Now the installation start
processing and it will take
some time.

After the installation complete then your computer will need to restart. Click
finish and your computer will restart automatic.

After you restart your computer it will show that. That your software has been
installed in your computer completely. It will also show on desktop tray.

12 | P a g e
Copy or delete files:
Now I am going to show how to copy your file or delete your files.
This is the file I want to copy from desktop to my document.

To copy first right click on the file then from the list select copy.

13 | P a g e
Once you copied your
file then go to my
document and past it.
To past right click on
the screen and select
past from the last.

As you past it then your file will appear in my document.

you file is in desktop and a copy of it in my document.

To delete your file right click on

the file that you want to delete it
then from the list select delete.
14 | P a g e
Once you click delete this massage will come up and ask your promotion.
Click yes to delete the file.

Now the file has been deleted from the desktop.

Install Service pack 2 patches for

windows XP:
To install service pack 2 patches for windows XP you a windows XP disk
and insert the disc in the CD ROM of the computer to processed the

After you insert the Windows XP disk then it will come up with a black screen
and then press any key to process.

After you have press any key then this blue screen will come up and it will
load the setup for windows XP.

15 | P a g e
Here the setup is loading.

Here it show the partition and you can delete and create new partition for

Here I delete the old partition

Here no partition left because I delete all of it.

Here it show how much space you got to partition again.

Here I am creating new partition and when you create partition it will show you
the amount of space you have in your hard disk and you partition it by putting
the amount down.

Here I put 10000MB for my first partition.

Here I create two partitions.

16 | P a g e
When you finish with partitioning then select the drive that you want to install
the windows in and you need to format the drive first.

Drive formatting:
Here I am formatting the drive to NTFC.

Here the drive has been formatting and it will take some time to format the


After the formatting finished then it will start installing the windows.

Here it start installing windows XP in the

Drive which you just formatted.

After the installation has been complete then it will restart the computer
automatic. Then it will take you to the next windows to complete the

17 | P a g e
If you take the disk during restart then it will ask you for the disk again to
process the installation.

Here it’s installing part of the windows

Then it will ask you for license agreement if you’re happy with the license
agreement then click I accept the agreement then click next to processed.

After you click next then it will start installing part of the windows.

After the part of the installing is complete then it will ask you if you wish to
create a user or not then click next.

Then it will ask you for the password if you want put your password then click

Then you have to set the time & date of the


18 | P a g e
Then it will start installing setting the windows.

Then it will automatically start the next part of installation.

Same here it will automatically start the part of installation.

After it completes all the installation then it will start windows automatically.

Now the windows has being to start.

Then it will show you a welcome massage.

19 | P a g e
Then it will give you the option to keep
Your computer safe if you want to protect
Your PC then clicks the green one.

Then it will ask you if you want to connect to the internet for now you can skip
this step.

Then it will ask you to register your windows with Microsoft you can do it later
also for now skip this step.

Then it will ask you if you wish to add

More users to your list. Then click next.
Then you will get the last massage which thanks you for installing windows

Then it will start your windows.

20 | P a g e
How to installing the printer:

To use the printer in your computer click on the star and then all lists
of all programmes coming up and you click on control pane after that
you will see an image of a printer and it will say underneath that image,
printer and scanner .

Once you click on file you will see it say open click on that, then it says
Printer Tasks. After you done that it will say add printer which then
you click on.

21 | P a g e

Once you click it on add printer this box appears which says at the top
welcome to add printer wizard and then select next to add printer wizard.

On these box there are 3 options and you go on to click on local printer
if that box is already ticked then you can go on to press next, then you
will have to connect the printer the way you do this is to remember the
name of your printer and find which port you are using and then click
on next.

22 | P a g e
To in stall the printer carry on next and you have some choices from the
list given. After that it will say keep existing driver which should be
already clicked on and then you click on next.

Type the name of your printer.

23 | P a g e
Once you have down all steps it will give an option which says if you
want to print a text page which you should click on no and then press
next. The wizard should show the settings you have said and say finish at
the end of the wizard.

After t all it should your printer on the printer

and faxes or scanner folder which means it has
been connected.

24 | P a g e
How use Scanner:

(1) To select scanner go into start and then

Control panel, click on scanner and

(2) It will say weather you want to add the scanner,

then you click on Add an imaging device.

(3) A option will come up it is a computer wizard,

then you click next.

25 | P a g e
(4) After that it will give a list to an option menu to
ask you which scanner you want to install click next.

(5) At the end when you have done every things and
it will ask you if you to connect the device to the
computer if is yes and then click next.

(6) Type in name of your scanner and then click next.

26 | P a g e
(7) Finally it will say completing the installation to your
scanner and if want to carry on click finish

(8) And you will see name of your scanner on the scanner and
camera devises folder. There you go finally every things
which was you worked step by step been finished for you.

(9) For a printer there are many properties as you can see above, the
printer always available to what ever times you want it. or from and
you can have.

27 | P a g e
10. For e.g. you can put the time from 9 am to 6 pm but you have many other
properties, which ever suits your needs and all you have to do after you done
that click on apply

11. On the scanner you can do the same but on other properties like events
you can take no action or take action when ever you choose. And on this
particular image it is set to take no action.

28 | P a g e
(12) To make your scanner automatically take action, all
you have to do on the properties is select the option “Start
this program:” and then select the appropriate option for
your scanner for example “Microsoft Scanner and Camera

Back up to CD:
First you have to insert a blank disc to write on it.

Every CD writer/DVD writer provided with special software which called burn in this
software you can write, easer or make cover for your disc. To open the software first
click on start then program and it will be in your program list.

29 | P a g e
This is the software from where we can burn to CDs. If you want to burn data then
click on data disc.

Then it will come up with this window. Click on the add data bottom to add your
data for burring to disc.

Then it will come up with all the data folder and other staff select the data you want to
burn on disc.

30 | P a g e
Here I select my data which called software.

Here my data has been added to the burring place and ready to burn on disc.

If you want to add more data you can add more data in case if you got space in your

31 | P a g e
After you have add all your data then click the red button to start burring on disc.

Then this massage will come up. If you are using different yes.

Here it starts burring on disc which will take some time to complete the burring. You
can stop it by clicking the red button again.

32 | P a g e
Now the burring is completed

Then close down the software after the burring completed and it will come up with
this massage if you want to safe or not click no.

33 | P a g e