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Name : Endah Kartika Sari

Student Card No : UP13010219
Level : High Intermediate 4
Faculty of Pharmacy
Pancasila University


Praise be to Allah, God who has been giving His blessing and mercy
to complete this essay entitle How to Reduce Air Pollution. This essay is
submitted to fulfill one of the requirements in accomplishing the High
Intermediate level in LIA.
In finishing this essay, I would like to thank to my lecturer, Mr. Yo
who has given his best guidance for this essay. I also would to thank to
anyone that can not be mentioned directly or indirectly who has helped in
completing this essay.
I realize this essay is far from perfect so I appreciate opinion and
suggestion for the improvement of this essay. Hopefully this essay can be
useful for the reader. Thank you.

December, 18th 2013


One of the most important to live is pure air, but nowadays many
countries around the world face the problem about air pollution. Air
pollution can lead us into many diseases such as asthma, bronchitis,
influenza etc. Air pollution can also make global warming and can damage
the ozone layer. If the ozone layer is damaged, the UV-ray can reach the
earth and we can get skin cancer. We have to really concern about air
pollution and we have to do something so that the air pollution will not
become worse. In my opinion, there are three ways to reduce air pollution.
First, people have to reduce the use of vehicles. People should change
from travelling by their own car or motorcycle to travelling by public
transportation such as bus, train, or taxi. If their house is close to their
school or office they can go to school and work by bicycle or by foot. It
also can make body healthier. I think, the government should have the law
which allows their citizen to own their vehicle in limited amount. For
example, in one family should be allowed to have only one car and one
motorcycle. Therefore, when we can cut the amount of cars and
motorcycles on the street, the amount of CO2 also decrease and we can
save our air.
Second, the factory has to process the factorys waste and gases well. The
factory can make a place to recycle factorys wastes and gases, so the
factorys waste and gases are safe to the environment. The factory must
control the factorys waste like in the end of pipe there is equipment
installed, to capture pollutants before they are release into air. A common
example is a baghouse, where dust in the air is forced through filters
before release to the outdoor. The government also has to punish the
factory which can make air pollution. The factory which can make air
pollution must be fined and the fine can be used to the conservation of
the forest.
Third, plant trees. Trees can improve our air quality by filtering harmful
dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.
Trees can give oxygen that we need to breathe. Trees also can provide
shade in the summer. To reduce the air pollution, everyone has one tree in
their house example one family plant one tree in their backyard. The
government can make some garden in town. The government also have to

do forest conservation because the forest plays an important role in

environment to produce fresh air to the earth.

In brief, air pollution is harm for living creature especially for human
because air pollution can lead us into many diseases and make global
warming. To reduce air pollution we can do many simple things like
travelling by public transportation, go to school by bicycle or plant trees in
our backyard. So, show your action for the better air.