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Tf <@UU ROBIN Cae uae —_ 2 = ar Panning institutes s\pring Design on ‘A wii in It's the inner values that matter. Innovative sliding and folding doors. We make the home a more beautiful, convenient and practical place to live in With our wide variety of innovative sliding and folding door solutions that turn cabinets into strong personalities: intelligent on the inside, attractive on the outside. Insist on Hettich Fittings while buying your furniture or getting it made. Hettich Fittings. Make your furniture work beautifully. ‘ Technik fiir Mébel Hettich Topline L Talented allrounder: ‘The variable sliding door system for countless design - options. == Feel of luxury for the living room. Topline 110 with Silent System Twice the sliding door fitting for cushioned and integrated automatic — closure, TopLine M ll From hinged door to sliding door: Sliding door _ system for overlay applications, SlideLine 66 Creating perfect shelf systems and book wall units WingLine The WingLine folding-door fitting gets furniture design moving. + More than 30 options ofsliding and folding door systems - from 10 kg upto 125 kg weight carrying capaci + Fast assembly for process efficiency + Offer easy accessto contents and guarantee instantappeal Hettich Inga Private Limited Head office: 302, Durie Hous, Opp. SAB TV, New Link Road ‘nds (West) Mamba ~ 400052 Ph. No. +91-72-2678 3269)3388/4069, Fas a9t-z2-2674 2267 Chen "eavite", Ground For, 47, Spur Tank Rood, ‘cept, Chena ~ 6000031 Fro. +81-44-3295.4717 Fav a91-44.4263 7227 Pane: 1, Puma arise, Near Hote! Woodland, 8. Rood, Sadh Vaswani Choc, Fone - 411 00 PNo. 0937371758, 2225008019, New Deis 6 Punctiuian Rad, New Deli - 110 001 PM 9-11-2058 0713, 2360 4603, Foes 48-2368 714 ott 3248925, Homeland 18, Ashutosh Mute ood Bhawani, Kokata- 700 020 Pholaseain3ini243 2228 Fag 49-33-3002 2228 Bangalore adcarHertage Chambers, 28, Cubton Road Shinjiapar, Bangalore - 860001 ra 99-80-2299 668 Fc ¥91-00.3292 5120 to provide the creative freedom you need Intine P Design takes centre-stage. SlideLine 56 Simple system for exacting demands. Grant 1230 Top-running sliding door fitting for fone sliding doo. Hyderabad: "SUi ish, 797A, Rood No. 36, Dobie His, iderabed~ £00 034 Pla, 91-40-2988 6994 Lucknow \Unrao Paz, ir Poor, B-, Ina Naga, Faizabas Ross, Lucnow - 26016 Phat» 9 522-4078889 Enquiry Customer Series: Toll re: 1800200 2008(ofhce hous) Exmalsustomer sewvies@inneticheom, sales-enguiy@ianetihcom