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Prueba de Inglés Quinto Basico a curso: Nota: I. Write the numbers the teacher says. @) h). b) D} — d—____ d K__ = e) i) Se m). 9). n) (7 points ) II. Replace the Personal Pronouns by Possessive Adjectives 1. Tlive in Tquique with (7) family 2. (they) pet is a dog 3. What's ( she ) name? 4, You always play with ( you ) friends 5. (he) car is blue. 6, Welove(we)_______English teacher! (6 points ) TIT. VERB TOBE . Complete with the correct affirmative form of Verb To Be i astudent They. my brothers Mark, in the supermarket now You. Chilean . Complete with the correct negative form of Verb To Be We. at home now She, f secretary The cat. in the box SS cul . Complete the questions with the correct form of Verb To Be you a doctor? He on holidays? Emy and Lucy sisters? Mary in the Mall? (6 points ) PONE OSWNE PAWNS > IV. Write the following dates in English. a) lunes 31 de Mayo b) miercoles 05 de Noviembre c) viernes 23 de Abril d) domingo 02 de Agosto (4 points ) V. Look at the picture of Ken's room, Complete the sentences using there is o there are, — 1, On the table, 0 [~ i a a ball under the table 3. a poster in Ken's room. In the poster | ____ four dolphins 4.On Ken's bed. a small cat (4 points ) VI. Read about Maria, then answer TRUE or FALSE Across Cultures Maria Santini ie is from Naples, in Italy. Her mother and father aren't from Naples. They're from Milan, in the north of Italy. Maria’s a mother is a housewife and her father isa dentist. Maria’s a student. Her brother and sister are teachers - they're English teachers! Their school is in a ‘small street near their house. Maria's favourite animal is Babylon, her dog, and her favourite filmstar is Keanu Reeves. Maria is from Ttaly ____ She's from Rome. Her mother and father are from Naples 4. Maria's father is a dentist | 5. Her brother and sister are English teachers 6. Her favourite animal is Keanu Reeves (6 points ) Grammar Write affirmative sentences. 1/from America. I'm from America, We/ students. They /fifteen. VIIL. His namne/lohn You/a chit. She/‘rom Australia Complete the sentences, Use ‘m aot, isn’t, aren’, He's au adult. He isn’t a child 1 We're from Bra 1 We... from Pottugal 2 They're sixteen. hey vightean. 3. Her name’s Christine Her name Chris, 4 Tima student, font an adult There a There six tables Write the questions in the correct order. Are you a student? fifteon 1 els 2 she Australia Is from? Are Croce trom they? Is Katy her? 5 teenay Ar (15 points ) Reading Read about Susie and Rick and complete the notes. ints at Rewoodd Susie and Rick Cook are st School Susie is fourteen years ole and shes in Yea 10. Her favourite subject is Computer studies and her favourite sports are athletics and ymnastics, Rick is thirteen years old and he is in Year 9 His favourite subject is French and his favourite sports are football and ice hockey k Cook Name Age Year at school Favourite subject Favourite sports (7 points )