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I had always wanted a hand phone. The first time I told my parents about it, they asked
me back What is your reason to had such a thing in this period ?. On that time, I am around
13 years old. I replied my friends had one. I wanted it too, so we can contact each other. My
parents were against my wish. I failed to respond to their questions with appropriate answers.
My face turned sad. Then, they persuaded me by telling that they will buy me one if I passed
the Malaysian Education Certificate (SPM) examination with flying colors. I agreed with that

5 years later, I faced the most terrifying examination in school level. To my surprise, I
do pass it excellently. My parents were both proud of me. I had forgotten about my wish. My
mother said you may request again your 5 years ago wish now. I was blurred about it and my
father patted my back and said you totally forget about it, arent you ?. I scratched my notitchy head and nodded. Your wish on having a hand phone. Now you may have one like your
friends. You deserved it as you had worked hard in your studies. , said my father. I was so

In the night, I do some survey on the best hand phone specification that I found in
Google using my fathers laptop. I compared the market prices and specifications which suitable
with what I favored. For about an hour, I finally decided that I wanted Sony Xperia Z3 as my first
hand phone in my life. It is powered by a Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 CPU processor with 3 GB
RAM. The device also has 16 or 32 GB internal storage added with microSD card up to 128 GB
and a 5.2-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen which is 1080 x 1920, 424 ppi display. It has a
20.7MP rear camera and supports Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, 3G and 4G LTE. It packs in a non-removable
Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery at 7.3mm device thickness and weight 163g, running on Android OS,
v4.4.4 KitKat. Not only that, it will not break if it had a contact with water. I was satisfied with
my decision.

A few days later, my wish was fulfilled. I got my Sony Xperia Z3. My father said that its
okay if the price is higher but the specification is awesome. I smiled and thank both of them.
Then, I had my first selfie with them using my own hand phone. Since that day, I make it very
useful to myself. I can wake up earlier than using alarm clock which I used to silent it by put it

under my pillow and it never snoozed itself until I wake up like the hand phone. It also helped
me to always in contact with my fellow tree family and friends by simple text messaging
application named Whatsapp. I also found a few my childhood friends using the application
called Facebook and We Chat. It also could notify me the praying time. For the entertainment, I
installed some games like Boom Beach and Pirate King. In my happy time with the hand phone,
my mother always remembering me of not to be very obsessed of that gadget, otherwise it will
kill my soul and physical through mental.

The days passed and the time has arrived. I had to continue my studies in diploma level.
Ive got the MSU University offer letter a few weeks ago. For some time I think deeply before
accept it. I also asked my parents and they allowed it. I also think is also the best choice as my
platform to go across the medical studies before a doctor title came before my name. Before
they leave me, my mother leaves a message that I should always call them whenever I am free,
and I really did it. My friends there always amazed with my Sony Xperia Z3. Since almost all of
them are selfie-ghost, my hand phone always become their victim to capture our moments

One day, a few of my classmates invited me to Kuala Lumpur. They planned to watch a
movie and went for a stroll around the Berjaya Times Square. I agreed with them since I had
almost a month stayed inside the campus for studying. About 8 am, we took the bus to the city
and headed to the mall. I was very excited until I did not realized that a man, or maybe a
woman pickpocketed me. During the time I wanted to take some pictures of our moments, I
found that my Sony Xperia Z3 was missing. We all were very shocked and I am the most
panicked one. Everything was there. My contacts, my time table, my documents, pictures and
many more were missing just like that. Then I remembered that I had a pattern lock screen
which can capture the person who tries to unlock my pattern and located the phone at the
same time.

I asked to borrow one of my friends his hand phone in order to check my Gmail. After a
moment later, I knew who the thief was. Its was a girl and she still in this mall according to the
geo information in my mail. My friends then asked me how I am going to capture her. After
been thinking for a while, Ive got an idea. I asked my friend if I he allowed me to download an
application used to trace our contact. He said, Do what you must. At this rate, we should try
the best and every idea that come up. I quickly installed the application and run it.

The application run and I traced my phone number. We all hurriedly went after her by
the application. She sure an amateur pickpocket thief, she even did not remove the SIM Card
out until we can trace her, my hearts monologues. About half an hour later, we approached
the target. We looked around and my eyes caught a suspicious girl. She was wearing a sweater
with hood covering her head. I went to her and greeted nicely. She looked a bit gloomy but I
still can see the nervous in her face. I asked her nicely of why she stole my hand phone. At first,
she denied that she did it. But then I showed her the mail which her face were captured when
she wanted to unlock the pattern of the lock screen. Her face went pale. I knew she felt she was
lost. So, I asked her my hand phone back.

It went unexpectedly. Suddenly, the girl screamed and attracted the people near us. I
know this is not good. I signaled my friends in case she would run away. They understand my
signal and prepared for it. The girl did run away when the people came approached me. Three
of my friends went after her and the other two defended me. The crowd thought that I am a
stalker or pervert that wanted to hurt her. They did not want listen to me so they brought me
to the malls guard station. I stayed there until my three other friend finally brought the girl.

After 10 minutes quarreled, the girl then accepted the fact she was the one who took
my hand phone. The guard asked me what I am going to do with her. I decided to let her go
without any summons. She looks unbelievable, so I repeated the same and went away. We all
then continue enjoying our times in Berjaya Times Square until evening. I told my parents about
this incident that night and they were very grateful that the hand phone and I were safe. It
looked funny to me but that is my parents attitude towards me. Furthermore, I really love my
hand phone so I will do anything for it since it is the first one from my parents and also the
symbol of my 5 years of hard work to get one.