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Bowling for Columbines Assignment

1)How does Moore feel about American Violence?

Moore feel bad about American Violence because he lived that country America.
He feels fear anthologist and historian because he thinks many people and many country will
looked on them and people simply say that American were a violent nation and thats the truth is.
Hundreds of people killed without no reason especially those people who has no power and most
of all are those poor people. Moore agree that they were a violence nation because as they were
Americans its okay for them to kill people. He feels bad that he feels like killing people because
he was an American.

2)What does Moore think causes of American violence?

The causes of American Violence is that having the availability of guns and people using it
hunting and other purposes and some people had a power and its okay for them to use guns.
Another reason is people love to watch violent movies and crimes and it teach people to be
violence and it is the effect of people shooting with other people who has guns. More causes
where American are violence are poverty, bullying, racism and discriminations.

3)Do you agree with him?

Yes I am agree with Moore that American was a violence nation because thousands of people
are killed and died. Its not only once happened the gun shooting in America and this was a
level of violence compare to the level of violence in different country. I think that the violence in
America will never stop as long as theres guns in the public and its wisely accessible by
anywhere and anytime. People in America are they get use it using guns and its too hard to stop

those crazy people.

4) What persuasive technique does he use to persuade the audience?

- his documentary was really an emotional appeal because its about those people died and killed
using guns which turn to sympathy where the images are disgusting and really shocked which
make the viewers feel that way. For example Moore use the video at Columbine high school
where 12 students and 1 teacher killed.
-Humor was also use to lighten the mood of viewers and persuade people further. For example is
the cartoons where in narrated by bullets where black people and white people shooting each
other using the guns and its also makes the world less tense but still influence to the viewers
-he also use horrifying images or graphic images for the past 50 years of the result of American
violence in foreign lands and inside the country of America. The example was the images
happened in New York City of the 9/11 attacks that shocked the viewers.
-he also use statistics where in it truly leaves or shocked the audience because the statistics of
USA are about to 11,127 hundred deaths per year compare to Canada and to different countries.
-he also use ironic because entire issue at the movie was approached to sarcasm that make the
audience thinking by their own opinion that makes the movie more persuasive.
-he also use repetition that make the movie more persuasive, for example where Moore said,
Guns dont kill people, people kill people. And he also said, Guns dont kill people,
Americans kill people.
-he also use cause and effect where America was a violence country around the world and there
are so much causes where people crazy because of poverty, bullying, racism, and discrimination.
-he use rhetorical questions for example wherein he come to Canada for interviewing people of
what people think America and why some people are not locked out there doors at night before
going to bed.

-he use appeal to authority


-sentence variety