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(Revised February, 2015)

For New Applicants

Republic of the Philippines

In the Matter of the PETITION TO TAKE
B.E. No. ___________________-N
O.R. No. _____________________
Amt. Pd.: P___________________


Given Name

Middle Name

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COMES NOW the undersigned petitioner and to this Honorable Court respectfully states:
He/She is ____________(civil status), Filipino citizen, ____ years of age, having been
born on ____________________________ at ____________________________ to spouses
_________________________________ and ____________________________________, who
are citizens of the Philippines, and attaches for this purpose the original or certified true copy of
the petitioners birth certificate, marked as Annex _____;
[Notes:(1) If born outside of wedlock, state so: _________________________;(2) if not a natural-born
Filipino citizen, state how and when citizenship was acquired and attach pertinent documents:
__________________________________________; (3) if a married female, attach original or certified true copy
of marriage contract.]

He/She is a person of good moral character, and attaches for this purpose three (3)
testimonials, each executed by a member of the Philippine Bar, marked as Annexes __________;
He/She has not been charged with any act or omission punishable by law, rule or
regulation before a prosecutor, judge, public officer or administrative body of any crime or
offense involving moral turpitude; nor has he/she any pending case or charge;
[Note: Indicate any pending or dismissed civil, criminal or administrative case against you and attach
pertinent documents: ________________________]






school education in 19___ at the

___________________________________________(school); and completed his/her pre-law course at the
____________________________ (school) for ______ calendar years with a bachelors degree in
__________________________(course), major in ________________________ , and submits for
this purpose the original transcript of records, marked as Annex _______, and the Special Order
issued by the Commission on Higher Education(CHED), when applicable, marked as Annex
He/She regularly studied law for ______ calendar years (semestral/trimestral) and
satisfactorily completed all the requirements for the prescribed law course at
__________________________, a law school officially approved and recognized by CHED,
when applicable, and attaches for this purpose the original copy of his/her transcript of law
school records (bearing the corresponding certification of the Law Dean or School Registrar concerned and duly
authenticated with the schools official seal), marked as Annex ____; and the original copy of the LEB
certification, marked as Annex _____;
He/She has no derogatory record in law school where he/she graduated; and
attached for this purpose the original copy of the Certification of No Derogatory Record
executed by the Law Dean, marked as Annex ________;(Requirement in B.M. 1161)


This is the first time that he/she is taking the Bar Examinations;

He/She attaches herewith three (3) copies of his/her latest un-retouched
photograph (1x1), marked as Annexes ___________; and
He/She is related by consanguinity or affinity within the fourth civil degree to a
member of the Supreme Court or official of the Office of the Bar Confidant.
[Note; If related to any of the Justices or officials mentioned above, state name of said Justice or official
and his/her relationship:____________________________.]

WHEREFORE, petitioner respectfully prays that he/she be allowed to take the 20___ Bar
___________________________, Philippines, ___________________, 20 ____.

Signature over Printed Name

Thumbprint (Right Hand)

Address & Mobile/Telephone No. while Preparing
for and taking the Bar Examinations

Permanent Address


Republic of the Philippines]

] S.S.

I, _____________________________________, after being sworn in accordance with

law, depose and state; that I am the Petitioner in the foregoing petition; that I prepared the
petition; that the allegations contained therein are true of my own knowledge.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ________ day of ____________, 20___

at _________________________, affiant having exhibited his/her TIN; Passport; or any other
government issued I.D. No. _______________________ issued at ______________________
on _________________.

Notary Public
Doc. No._____________
Page No. ____________
Book No. ____________
Series of _____________


1. Petition will not be accepted under any of the following instances:
(a) If any of the blank herein is not properly filled;
[Note: Write N/A on lines which are not applicable.]
(b) If not accompanied by the required documents or papers, including proof of
payment of the Bar Examinations and other fees;
(c) If it does not strictly conform with the above form; and
(d) If filed beyond the deadline set by the Court.
2. A self-addressed and stamped letter envelope (long) must be attached to the petition
to be used in sending your Report of Rating in the Bar Examinations.