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Step by step BonitaLife Example

Install BonitaBPM Studio. (version 6.0.1)

o Download from website ( the installer.
P.ej.: BonitaBPMCommunity-6.0.1-x86_64.exe
o Double clicking over the file will fire up the installer

Create a process and build the file to install on the server.

o Execute the BonitaBPM Studio.
o Create a process example (Vacations Request):
o Vacation Request two human tasks
Travel Dates
o Build the .bar archive for the server
o Server Build select process and Target Path
o Will create the archive: Vacations

The process should look like this:

The travel dates form (Select Travel Dates Human task

Pageflow Travel_Dates edit:

The Expenses form (Select Expenses task

Expenses Edit):




Now exit the program because we are going to install the BonitaBPM Server in
the same machina and uses the same ports (8080).

Install the BonitaBPM Server (version 6.0.1):

o Download from Bonita website ( the necesary
o P.ej:
o Unzip the file in the hard disk
o Goto folder <bonita_server>/bin & execute:
o Startup.bat (or .sh depending on the operating system)
o Wait for message: INFO: Server startup in xxxxx ms
o The Server BonitaBPM is up and running on port 8080
o From the navigagor goto the URL: http://localhost:8080/bonita
o Insert user (install/install) needed for the first installation.
o Create user: admin/bpm First Name: Administrador, Last Name: Bonita
o In configuration User rights
o Add to Users mapping of the Administrador the user admin
o Administrator more Add a User
o Add to the Users mapping of the User the user admin..
o User more Add a User
Install Liferay Portal (Liferay 6.1.1.CE GA2)
o Download from Liferays website ( the necesary bundle.
o P.ej:
o Unzip the file to the hard disk.
o Change tomcats default ports (because we are already using them on the server)
o Go to folder <liferay_portal>/tomcat-7.0.27/conf
Modify file server.xml
Where says 8005 change for 8006
Where says 8080 change for 8081
Where saiy 8443 change for 8444 (there are two places)
Where says 8009 change for 8010
o Delete folder contents of <liferay_portal>/data
o Delete folder contents of <liferay_portal>tomcat-7.0.27/work
o Delete folder contents of <liferay_portal>tomcat-7.0.27/temp
o Delete folder <liferay_portal>tomcat-7.0.27/webapps/resources-importer-web
o Delete folder <liferay_portal>tomcat-7.0.27/webapps/welcome-theme
o Stara Liferay portal executing <liferay_portal>tomcat-7.0.27/bin/startup.bat (or
.sh depending on the operating system)
o Wait for the messaje: INFO: Server startup in xxxxx ms.
o From the browser, go to URL: http://localhost:8081 and follow instructions.

o Log into Liferay portal and from the control panel, install BonitaLifes plugin.
o Go to portal settings Autentication Bonita
o Select Syncronice Bonita Users & Groups with Liferay..
o Bonita Server Url: http://localhost:8080
o Bonita User admin. Name: admin.
o Bonita User Admin Password: bpm
o Bonita User Creation Default Role: user
o Press <Test configuration> (should appear Session ok!!)
o Logout from Liferay and Login again
o This will create the mirror user in Bonita from Liferay user.
o Create two new pages (Tasks / Processes & Cases)
o Add to the first one the User Tasks Management plugin under Bonita
Integration category
o Will say it does not find any. Dont worry.
o Add to the second one the Cases and Processes Management plugin under
Bonita Integration category
o Will say it does not find any. Dont worry.
Install the designed process (Vacations in the BonitaBPM engine.
Get into Bonita portal again (http://localhost:8080/bonita) with the user
Change profile to Administrator (upper right part)
In Apps management Apps select Instal new apps
Browse for our file (Vacations
Press install
At the Entity mapping press Users(0) , and add user Test Test (or the one
you have used in Liferay)
Press button Enable.
We already can use Cases and Processes Management portlet, press Refres
and manage the process. The same with the User Tasks Management.