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SAP Netweaver Developer Studio

The SAP Netweaver Developer Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for most
of the Java part of SAP technology, mainly building business web applications, but also creating
SAP Enterprise Portal projects and SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. The official
abbreviation Developer Studio is used seldom whereas NWDS is common, but unofficial.
The Developer Studio is based on Eclipse, contains several plug-ins and provides a range of
toolsets for SAP technology such as for example
1. The Web Dynpro design time tools, e.g. the application modeler for visual definition of
relations between the parts of a Web Dynpro application.
2. The Java Dictionary, which offers convenient definition of data types including
enumeration, metadata and value range restrictions, which may be used in Web Dynpro
applications or to create a database table in the system database used in J2EE
3. Graphical tools for the development of JEE applications.
4. LiveCycle Designer for WYSIWYG-near creation of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.
5. Tooling for Business Process Management and Business Rules Management (since
Netweaver CE 7.1 EHP 1).
6. Tooling for the provisioning, consumption, discovery and configuration of web services.
The Developer Studio is integrated into the SAP Java development infrastructure, which is a
central system providing several platform services and synchronizes all local Developer Studios.
The SAP Netweaver Developer Studio introduces SAP's own environment for developing Javabased, multiple-layered business applications.
By offering a single point of entry for all Java development tools and an integration point for all
SAP infrastructure components, the SAP Netweaver Developer Studio (subsequently abbreviated
to Developer Studio) supports you in composing and developing applications. Moreover, it is
based on a defined software logistics process. Application developers do not need to switch
between different development environments for the presentation and business logic. Instead,
they can develop, build, deploy, and execute applications centrally from the Developer Studio.
The SAP Netweaver Developer Studio offers full support when you develop large-scale Java
projects, irrespective of whether you use SAP technologies, like Web Dynpro and Java
Dictionary, or standard technologies, like Java SE, Java EE and XML.
The Developer Studio is based on Eclipse 3.4, an open source product, whose open architecture
provides a suitable platform for incorporating specific functions. The Developer
Studio integrates a wider range of functions, available using the plug-ins in the existing platform.
The Developer Studio implicitly includes all the standard components and features of the Eclipse
Workbench. It extends them with a range of tools and utilities bundled in the appropriate SAP
perspectives for the task at hand.
Features of the Developer Studio

A robust, fully-integrated development infrastructure, essential in particular for extensive

Java projects and for large teams of developers. Thus, the Developer Studio provides a highly
productive environment, which covers the whole life cycle for Java projects.

Reduces the complexity of solutions and increases reusability by providing close support
for the component model. All the development objects in a project can be identified by means
of a development component.
Provides a complete set of development tools for all aspects of Java business application
development (such as user interfaces, e-business logic, and Java persistence), and also
supports standard technologies as well as SAP technologies.
Increases productivity by providing wizards and a variety of graphical editing tools. In
particular, developers can count on significantly reducing development costs when composing
views and processes.
Offers a highly flexible development process. The Developer Studio can also be used as a
local development environment and provides an optional connection to the SAP
NetWeaver Developer Infrastructure, a defined software logistics process offering change
management and production for projects and solutions.