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i've tried to study high for my biochemistry exam & with an overall better performance than when he/she

well it took awhile for me to start reading the words is sober, or not "high".
in my book but then i started reading and just started what i was reading word for word in my
head i went to school the next day & ace'd the Improves-Concentration-39793.html
exam... i usually get a's so it wasn't out of the
ordinary or anything... i just wanted to experiment..
haha.. i liked how i started picturing it in my head i
dont usually get that creative.. but i dont want to rely Marijuana is the best thing in the world and it
was first discovered on the grave of the wisest
on it to study so... i stopped ;]
king on this earth ;KING SOLOMON
No no no you can not tell the kids that marijuana use
is bad not it is not bad i started smoking when i was
17 years and i passed my exams it made me very
smarter in college.It make me aware of myself and i
am always content with what i have i smoke weed
I have discovered that marijuana increases my everyday it never made me dump.It gives you
motivation, focus, energy level, creativity and so courage and you are able to calculate ones mind
many other positive things and emotions. Withoutvery well if you concentrate.
the use of marijuana I know I have a higher chance of
winding up unable to move forward and be a,
preparing for the future mother, finish school,
establish and maintain a career, or fully live out my
passion. I believe all of those things in turn will wind
up costing the great state of Texas a lot more by My living proof
denying me something that will increase my chances
I was always a 3.0 student with a 120 IQ. As a
for success and off any type of government and state
medical marijuana patient I am now a 4.0 student
with a 160 IQ. True story. I have documents to prove.
Its an enhancement drug. It makes the dumb dumber
and the smart smarter. It makes the lazy lazier and the motivated more motivated.
It matters a lot based on the potency of the herb and
the quantity. If I'm slightly buzzed off good herb, my
attention capabilities are normal, if not better. When
I'm very high off good herb, I find that it is very hard My
for me to draw focus to a single object or action, but
once I able to do so, I find that I have insane focus
disorder. These medications and diagnoses were
given to me at the ages of seven through sixteen.
For example, I have been writing MOCK political But none of the medications helped me with my
resolutions while sufficiently buzzed recently and hyperactivity, lack of concentration, disruptive
their quality is astounding. I just think out-of-the-boxbehavior, and depression. Any every different doctor
so much, that although I may not have composed a I saw seemed to have a different diagnosis. Which
coherent piece, it covers the topic very well. I come one of them was right? Who knows, ha!! So finally, at
back when I'm sober and tidy things up.
the age of seventeen, I gave up on all the doctors and started to self-medicate myself with alcohol. I
eventually became an alcoholic. It seemed to be the
weed-help-you-focus-or-make-youonly thing at the time to help me escape from my
problems and feel good. But the alcohol and my
disorder did not mix very well. When I drank I ended
up in trouble with the law quite regularly. I felt there
The statement was about a young adult who uses was no hope for me, and I was even suicidal. I spent
marijuana. He/She said that when under themany lonely days fighting the battles within myself,
influence of marijuana, that he/she has and uncanny but I was simply going nowhere. That is, until the day
amount of concentration. He/She is able to performI was introduced to the wonderful natural herb that
home maintenance, schoolwork, and yoga stretchingGods green earth produced for me to use as a

medicine (marihuana). What a prodigy! What a

beautiful organic plant! After that day, I began to use
marihuana consistently in acceptable doses to
therapeutically active drug for me. Ive been
accomplishing things I could never have done before
like: keep a job, relax, have long conversations, feel
good about myself, find inner peace, etc. I could go
on and on about all the positive energy that
marihuana gives me, as well as the absolute inner
calm that I know is necessary to my well being. I only
have one side effect, a dry mouth and throat
sometimes. That aint nothing that a nice cold glass
of water cant take care of. Im still not sure what my
real diagnosis is. But I sure know what the cure is!
Thats all that matters.

(3) Since it take more "puffs" of marijuana to

get relief than "puffs" of Proventil, it is easier
to titrate the dosage of marijuana. I find this
to be true even though the strength of
marijuana (and therefore the necessary dose)
environmental variation.
(4) Even when I smoke more marijuana than I
need to for asthma relief, it does not make my
heart race, give me headaches, or produce
excessive bronchial dilation. It does tend to
make me sleepy, which actually makes it
perfect for right before I go to bed, when I
consistently need to use Proventil to prevent
the asthma attack that inevitably starts as
soon as I lie down.

I discovered that marijuana relieves (and evenIndeed, marijuana led me to creative wellsprings
prevents) asthma quite by accident. For years, I
thought my reaction was idiosyncratic. Then I read within myself I had not visited in years. I began using
that some doctors were interested in performingvisual images as well as words to communicate. For
clinical trials using marijuana to treat asthma, and Ihours I sat in front of the computer playing with
realized that other people must have experiencedwords and images, enthralled, entertained, involved.
similar relief.
Alive. While undergoing treatment, instead of lying in
I find that smoked marijuana provides better relief of bed weak from nausea, I learned the intricacies of
asthma than prescription drugs for four reasons.
two major computer programs to better express my
(1) Marijuana seems to produce fastervisual-verbal creations. I also wrote, designed, and
symptomatic relief than Proventil , and speedself-published a book which became a New York
is important when youre having troubleTimes bestseller. (I say this not to brag, but to give
lie to the notion that "heavy" marijuana use leads to
(2) Marijuana seems to increase lung capacity mental rot. In my case, the rot was there long before
and produce deeper breathing than Proventil.I started using marijuana.)
(In fact, marijuana seems to enable me to
take deeper breaths than I can take even
when Im not having an asthma attack.) There
are a number of objective tests of lung
capacity that could be used to test this