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POP Design Template

Electro Mechanical
Mechanical Design
HVAC & Heat calculation:

Racks to be arranged in a Hot Aisle Cold Aisle scenario. (front to front and back to back)
Heat rejection per Rack should be equal to the amount of power. In this case, the power per rack
is 5KW therefore the heat dissipation per rack should be 5KW.
The Air supply from the CCU should be from under raised floor, and the return should be through
a duct fixed on top of the hot Aisle.
The cable tray arrangement should be enforced to have the data cable tray under the hot aisle at
high level near the raised floor and the power cable tray to be under the cold aisle fixed to the
ground slab away from the raised floor.
No cable tray to be fixed perpendicular to the Air flow unless its fixed after the last rack of all
rows on the far end from the air supply.
Heat rejection from the UPS is to be considered as 10% out of the total capacity .
Space Heat load calculation to be done in addition to points 1 & 2 to get the total cooling capacity
taking under consideration the walls & windows U values .
Active Equipment AC units to be Closed Control Units CCU which should be Dual Circuit (Both
DX) associated with Humidifiers , Dehumidifiers & Motorized Dampers which is integrated to
fire alarm system .
All Air conditioning Equipment to be associated with Mechanical Fire Dampers .
All Air conditioning equipment to be integrated to Fire alarm system .
Raised Floor perforated panels to be calculated by the AC contractor based on the maximum Air
Flow rate of the CCU taking under consideration the Air Flow velocity of such an industrial
application .
UPS , LV Room , CCU , Generator Room & any other facility room to be Air Conditioned by
Package Units installed out side the facility with 100% redundancy .
Air Conditioning units selection to be selected on the basis of 115F Ambient temperature , on
coil temperature 80 F Dry Bulb / 67 F Wet Bulb .
Space Environment inside the Active Telecom Equipment Room to be maintained from 17 To 23
C & 40 % To 60 % Relative Humidity .

Fire Fighting:

Fire fighting system is to be a fire suppression system of Inergin Gas.

The Design of the Fire Alarm system & the Fire Fighting system are to be done by the consultant.
No False-Ceiling with the Active Equipment Room or any Electro-Mechanical room .

General Mechanical:

The room shall not located adjacent to a bathroom, or any pantry, kitchen or any source of water.

Ethernet leak detection system to be provided in all the rooms & facilities which has any live equipment
or Electro-Mechanical Equipment .
No exposed PVC Conduit , Only exposed G.I conduit is allowed if necessary and approved by Du .

Electrical design

Power energy required for each rack of equipment shall be calculated on an average of 5KW per rack.
This is to be used for calculating the total power required.
UPS to be in A+B set up. Each UPS to feed different DBs.
Each DB is to be of 3Phase incomer.
Back up time for each UPS system is 1 Hr on full load.
Each POP is to be designed with two Generators redundancy. Run time to be designed for 72hrs.
DC rectifiers to be in A+B setup. Each system to have its separate DB.
Each Rack shall be fed by two 16A sockets and two single 13A sockets. Each of the 16A to be fed from a
different DB of a different UPS, same for the 13A sockets.
Distribution Boards feeding the Telecom equipment should not have any ELCB and each D.B should be
equipped with Earth Leak Detector ( Audio & Visual ) .
Cable tray position &dimension to be as shown and should be fit number of cables as per du guideline.
Adequate Light distribution , Exit Lighting & Emergency Lighting to be designed for the whole facility.
Consultant to prepare.

General Electrical requirements:

Dedicated Rooms for the following :

1. Active Equipment Room .
2. UPS & Battery Room .
3. Generator Room .
4. Fire Suppression System Room .
The room should not be located beside transformer room LV room or any EMI resources.
Raised floor height should be 600mm.

Environment control:
Details of Monitoring system to be provided at a later stage when the design has been finalized. Du will advice
on a case by case basis till design is finalized.