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Date stamp: 05-06-2015

Time stamp: 19-05-20
nerd culture as latest incarnation of western dualism (self.sorceryofthespectacl
submitted 2 months ago by native_pun
1. nerd culture for this post is defined as the fetishization of pop culture and
2. nerd culture has taken over. its the dominant american culture. see: comic boo
k movies are ubiquitous, graphic novels are hip, tv and binge-watching is sudden
ly cool. as for science, people routinely cite studies they read about online and
share fuck yeah science things on Facebook
3. nerd
t based

culture is the latest incarnation of capitalism/spectacle. its consumeris

- buy the complete comic book/dvd box set/card game/whatever - and its m
system is amoral and nonprescriptivist. science doesnt prescribe. it just
this is the perfect religion for capitalism as it doesnt interfere with a
(no marixist popes in science).

4. the fetishization of pop culture and science is a schizophrenic strategy for

attempting to reorder society and produce meaning in a world where religion and
statism are largely discredited. its schizophrenic in the sense that it bounces b
ack and forth between the opposites of absolute significance (science) and absol
ute insignificance (entertainment/fiction).
5. this strategy is a further evolution/incarnation of western dualism: not only
is their MIND and BODY (completely separate!) but now there is TRUTH (science)
and ENTERTAINMENT (pop culture).
6. this dualistic split bankrupts both and, on average, probably makes people sa
d and unhappy. science without a story is just numbers (meaningless) and enterta
inment without truth (using the term very loosely to signify the fact that we want
our stories to be real in some waybut not necessarily nonfictioni.e. if im a greek i
n 500 BC, i dont necessarily think athena is physically real but real in some oth
er sense that doesnt necessarily preclude physical manifestation) is just bubbleg
um (tasty but not nutritious).
7. this tendency was probably latent for most of the 20th century but religion c
lung on until the bitter end, stifling it.
8. Ultimately nerd culture, like all culture, is an attempt to solve/deal with t
he human condition (produce meaning). Unlike most cultures, however, which do it
with true stories (religion), nerd culture does it with true and stories. (probably t
he most important point)
9. Stories without truth are probably what produce the spectacle in the first pl
ace. in other words, a culture based around a greek/christian/buddhist/whatever
cosmology can exist on JUST those myths for seemingly centuries. modernity, on t
he other hand, needs 1000 movies, 1000 books, 1000 blogs a year. this is, really
interestingly i think, great for capitalism because spiritual hunger produces j
obs (journalism, hollywood, novelists, web developers, and on and on and on).
10. If religion was the opiate of the masses, entertainment is a fistful of NSAI

Ds taken to stop the headaches resulting from withdrawal. It takes away some of
the pain but ultimately causes stomach bleeding.