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Specific Title:

S2TC Share both your travel and your cost


& (3)

S2TC is an application on Google android platform that allows

people to find other globetrotters who want to travel to the same
destination under a low budget and share their cost.

Project Aims:
The foremost aim of S2TC application is to provide a low budget
travel option to people who cannot afford the entire expenses of
tourist companies.
Another advantage of this application is that people can choose
with whom they want to travel and make a tour group
accordingly. In other words, it gives an opportunity to travelers
to meet new ones and share their interests.
By using S2TC, these travelers can choose to a tour package
using the apps web service that would suit their budget and
other interests.
Our last but not least aim is to enable individuals to use this app
on their android mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

With S2TC users can:

Join a group travelling to the same destination.
Meet people with similar interest.
Find a suitable package according to their budget through an
apps web service and use the package link in their group chat
to discuss it.
Travel the world while saving a lot of money.

Problem definition:
Tourism has become a global activity which not only gives joy to
the travelers, but also brings in a lot of income for the countries
that have been blessed with this natural beauty. Almighty Allah
made this world a beautiful place, a place that should be explored.
Someone once said, If you havent traveled the world, you have
read only one chapter of this book.

There are many people who would love to travel, and explore this
mysterious place. But unfortunately not everyone can afford all the
expenses these tourists companies charge. Their savings arent
enough to let them endeavor such fancy trips.

Target Audience:

This app is mainly focused on, but not limited to individuals with
low income.
This application can also be useful to explorer and adventurers.

Project Scope:
The project will analyze the requirements from an implementation
perspective and detail the solution to provide visibility into scope
for delivering the identified features. The scope identified as:
Analysis of ST2C application
o Functional Requirements (features)
o Analyzing source (Intrepid, Tucan Travel) to allow in helping
users to choose an appropriate tour package.
o Benefits and usage of web service to the travelers.
o Benefit and usage of tour plan (create or join) to the travelers.
Technical Design of S2TC application
o Android Graphical User Interface to display data to audience
o Application connectivity to Web service to choose a tour
o Application uses SQLite Database to store all user data and
other information.

S2TC application deployment

o Android mobile device
S2TC Rework (if required)
o Changes
o Error correction

1) Suggested solution:

Solution Plan:
The proposed solution is planned to divide in two major areas:
1. Graphical User Interface:
The Graphical User Interface for S2TC will be developed using
Google Android SDK (Software Development Kit) and Java
language. The SDK will help developing screens to display user
profiles and tour packages to audience/customer.
2. Backend Service:
After a lot of research on travel and tourism issues, we came over
with the solution to provide people with a friendly user GUI in which
they can have immediate information about the places they want
to visit along with the required expenditure.
In order to access and choose tour packages the explore tab will be
provided. Our apps web service is a collection of two travel guides
which include all the famous places throughout the world. It
provides travelers with all the information they require regarding
the place they want to visit, its history culture, and most
importantly the net cost for visiting this place including lodging and
The travelers can use the link of the required package from the
web service and create a tour group to invite fellow travelers to
join their journey and share the cost. Other than creating their own
group, users also have the option to join an existing tour group and
pay the divided price. Moreover the users joined groups will be
shown on his/her profile for him/her to have an easy access to their

Functional Requirements
We will be building primarily three Screens (i.e. tabs) and one Web
1. Splash Screen
2. Welcome Screen
3. Home (Tab1)
4. Join Group or Plan(Tab2)
5. Explore (Web Service) (Tab3)


Statement of Requirements



Splash Screen (Screen)






Home (Screen)



Join Group or Plan

Explore (Web Service)


User Requirement Specification

Splash Screen
This will display the initial screen with the Android logo and
project name.
This screen contains the login and registration of the apps users.
Home (Main Screen):

This screen is the main default screen which displays the user
profile and other information related to the user. This screen
contains three sub-tabs :
MyProfile shows the user status, profile picture and list of
added friends.
MyGroups shows the groups the user has joined
Notifications shows activities such as any other user has
joined or left the groups the user has joined.

Join Group or Plan(Screen):

The purpose of the screen is to provide users with the list of
existing groups in the desired destination (Asia, Africa, Europe,
South Africa, North America, South America, Australia)as well as
the option to create a new plan and invite other travelers.
Explore (Web Service):
This screen allows users to use the apps web service in order to
choose a tour package link from one of the two travel guide links
provided(Tucan Travel or Intrepid) and use it while creating the
group in the desired destination.

Software Required:
Eclipse Indigo (this will be used to develop Android application
and work with Android device/ Emulator)
XAMPP (this will be used to link the app through php script to
the XAMPPs MySql database which will store all users, groups,
and chat related data)
MS Excel (this has been used for project management)
MS Word (this has been used for all project related documents)
MS Visio (this has been used as a modeling tool)
Software Requirements:
Windows Operating System (typically Windows 7 or Windows 8)
Android Emulator (this comes with Android SDK Software
Development Kit)
Internet Connection (this will be used to connect to Intrepid and
Tucan travel)

Hardware Required:

Available Hard
Disk Space

Recommended: 1 gigahertz (GHz)
Minimum: 1GB
Recommended: 2GB
1 GB of available space required on
system drive
2 GB of available space required on
installation drive for the required

Windows 7 or Windows 8
CD-ROM Drive or
Not Required
Minimum: 800 X 600, 256 colours
Recommended: 1024 X 768, High Colour 32bit
Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing
Compatible Keyboard device

Hardware Requirements: N/A

Question 5

Following are the diagrams that show the operation of the


DFD or Data Flow Diagram

Flow Chart:

Use Case Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Question 6:
Future work
Every application needs to be improved according to the
requirements and demands. Following are the improvements that
are expected to be applied in future:

Travel with family/friends:

In future, this application will offer individuals a choice to travel

with their family/friends by giving an option to select the number of
people theyre going to travel with. This option will also appear on
persons profile so that other group members can see it.

Groups of people with same

Another improvement S2TC can have is to form a group of people
on the basis of nationalities or languages so that they can have a
same ideology and can create a good harmony between them.

Web Service:

In addition to mobiles app, S2TC can become the web service

which allows people to enjoy the facility from personal computers
as well.

Other operating systems:

Beside android support, this app will also be compatible with other
OS like IOS, Symbian, blackberry OS.

Why this is a priority:

Improvements usually apply according to the public demand or

their requirement. These improvements are important because in
designing an application, a designer must take publics demand on
high priority to make it successful.