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1616 Northwest 183rd Street  Edmond, OK 73012

405.550. 4382 

Proven to Guide Performance Improvement Plans and Actions; Track Record Achieving
Strong Gains in the Areas of Profitability, Revenue, Efficiency, Cost Control, and Client

Core Competencies:
 Strong research and quantitative analysis skills fuel the ability to identify
- Process / Work Design operational and financial deficiencies, implement sustainable corrective
- Finance / Accounting actions, and drive long-term strategic planning.
- Metric Development
 Managed multimillion-dollar operations and project budgets, utilizing
- P&L Management understanding of cost structure and analytics to optimize fiscal resources
- Team Leadership and drive on-time, within-budget project completion.
- Project Planning  Relationship builder with savvy interpersonal skills and the ability to forge
- Instruction/Mentoring partnerships with clients, vendors, staff, and unionized employees.

YRC LOGISTICS – Oklahoma City, OK
Service Center Manager, 2007-Present
Logistics Engineer, September 2009-Present

Recently assigned to the Logistics Engineering team to coincide with my current role as a Service
Center Manager. Additional responsibilities include evaluating existing and potential client accounts to
perform pricing analysis, work flow structures, and creating storage and distribution models.

Quickly analyzed financials and operations to identify deficiencies, redundancies, and opportunities to
control costs and improve revenue, profitability, and retention; increased revenue 18%, bolstered
net income by 209%, held expense growth to 11%, and achieved a 99.63% customer service
index. Selected to travel to underperforming sites to lead turnaround initiatives. Perform on- and off-
site research, review key performance data, and work closely with terminal teams to identify
operational, service, and financial flaws. Create executable corrective action plans to yield desired
results. HIGHLIGHTS:

Cost Containment &  Increased net income more than 2-fold and revenue to $3M;
Cash Flow reduced operating ratio from 95% to 84% at home terminal, far surpassing
Optimization goal of 93%, through continuous analysis and operations improvement.

 Renegotiated a highly restrictive leasing agreement and identified

and corrected $1.5M in billing errors; reduced operating ratio at one site
15% to break-even status within 3 weeks of placement in troubled location.

Planning & Process  Researched, planned and designed new pricing models to capture
Design/Management true cost associated with the business creating more realistic and
competitive bids while reduced lead time.

 Created a business case to bridge the gap between our national

sales team and the local field offices whereby a new inside sales team
would conduct sales calls to generate local leads tapping a market that was

Efficiency &  Restructured routes to optimize efficiency, revamped freight

Quality Improvement handling procedures, and retrained personnel to drive SOP compliance.
Leveraged natural attrition to build top-performing, dedicated teams.

 Allocated resources effectively to ensure achievement of quality

goals; implemented QA practices to guide center-wide sorting and packing
~ Continued ~

SBC / AT&T – Oklahoma City, OK, 2000-2007

Manager – Outside Plant Planning (06-07); Manager – Engineering Implementation (05-06) &
Traffic Planner (04); Manager – Local Field Operations (02-04); Business Results Analyst

Progressed rapidly, launching career as an Intern and completing program 2 weeks prior to 6-week
deadline, resulting in permanent job offer. Continually accepted increased accountabilities focused in
the areas of business and financial analysis, efficiency improvement, cost containment, and
infrastructure development.

Managed all planning, analysis, and technical design associated with capital funds projects to deliver
cutting-edge technologies; directed $2.25M in projects, managing or overseeing the project
lifecycle from order intake through site review, budgeting, proposal design, project
activation, procurement, vendor relations, installation, and turn-up.
As Manager of Engineering Implementation, analyzed data to trigger bidding opportunities in addition
to leading internal infrastructure development projects; cut errors and increased productivity by
streamlining processes and designing easy-to-order equipment packages. Created RFPs,
solicited and managed vendors, administered project budgets, and ensured achievement of stated
As Traffic Planner, conducted detailed analysis to design efficient, high-capacity routes; removed 80%
of discontinued equipment from the network within 6 months, greatly enhancing
performance and speed. Oversaw the introduction of new network fiber equipment, meeting all
deadlines and budgets.
As Manager of Local Field Operations, supervised a 20-member union staff while seeking opportunities
to reduce overhead and maximize efficiencies; reduced staff by 20%, cut overtime 70%, and
streamlined inventory levels, eliminating 30% of select parts.

Infrastructure  Planned and managed a $5M telecommunications project within

Improvement the Network Engineering Project Management Methodology, creating the
infrastructure to support DSL demand and rapid ramp-up objectives.

 Achieved capital equipment savings of $700K+ by recommending

the reallocation of company-owned equipment not being utilized.

Business Analysis &  Conducted thorough business and site analysis to identify
Requirements customers’ existing and future needs, designing technology
Definition infrastructures to link the Central Office (CO) to the customer’s site.

 Initiated projects based on customer orders, identification of

system deficiencies, and planning for capital expenditures and growth.

Efficiency  Dramatically streamlined operations and inventory, implementing

Improvement & a central parts repository to reduce required on-hand stock levels; virtually
Cost Savings eliminated the need for overtime through strategic resource allocation.

Revenue Generation  Oversaw a multi-state volunteer sales drive, resulting in $140K in

revenue, 175% above target.
Additional Experience
Adjunct Finance Professor – Southern Nazarene University, 2008-2009
Readiness Instructor – Oklahoma Air National Guard, 1997-2000
Tactical Aircraft Mechanic – United States Air Force, 1993-1997
* Two-Time Air Force Achievement Medal Recipient



Computer Skill Summary: MS Office Suite, MS Project, Oracle; SAP; SAS; Quality Control Charts; AS400;
Business Objects; STARS; Kronos; TIRKS; Dashboard; POS; Granite; Crystal Reports; RDMS